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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

2+ million registered users and 9 thousand daily requests through customer portal development

Innowise has developed and implemented key system services that allow users to interact directly with public services.


Public services
Client since

Our client represents the mayor’s office of a prominent European city.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Transforming government services through custom web portal development

Cities today face a wide range of complex issues that can be difficult to resolve efficiently. From facilities in disrepair to broken street lights, these issues can have a significant impact on citizen trust in local government if left unaddressed. Meanwhile, the government struggles to keep up with the increasing number of citizens’ inquiries.

In an effort to tackle a similar issue, our client implemented a tool that allows citizens to report issues on different public topics, including the maintenance of urban facilities (transport, housing, and public services, hospitals, pharmacies, roads, courtyards, schools, etc.) and control the quality of the problem resolution by the government departments.

Our client approached Innowise with a request to develop the key modules and features for this system, including application services, analytical tools, and integration with third-party systems. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we were able to provide custom web portal development services that ensured seamless functionality of the platform and catered to the requirements of both citizens and authorities.

Solution: Citizen services web portal development for seamless user experience

Innowise was responsible for the development and seamless integration of the portal's core services into the existing solution.

Centralized dashboard

Our development team has successfully implemented a centralized control panel designed to facilitate the work of moderators and improve the overall efficiency of inquiry handling. The system is intelligently designed to distribute incoming inquiries to different departments based on a predefined matrix, ensuring that each inquiry is handled by the appropriate authority.

One of the primary advantages of this system is its ability to minimize the possibility of duplication of work and miscommunication between moderators. By streamlining the processing of inquiries and ensuring that each inquiry is routed to the appropriate department, the system significantly reduces the workload and eliminates confusion.

To ensure the utmost security of the system, we have incorporated various access controls and data protection policies. This is particularly crucial as the system contains confidential data related to our clients. The implementation of these measures guarantees that the system is secure and that the privacy of our clients is protected at all times.

Request distributor

We have developed a request distributor that is responsible for creating the matrices used to distribute requests from a centralized dashboard. This system empowers moderators and executives to define specific topics for resident requests, enabling users to specify the details of their inquiries during submission. In this way, the process ensures that all inquiries are routed to the appropriate individuals or departments for prompt processing.

Map linking

As part of the custom web portal development, our team has created a valuable feature for moderator and authority accounts that allows linking inquiries to specific locations on maps. This ensures that the responsible parties are directed to the right location, especially in high-priority situations where time is of the essence. Additionally, if a user makes an error or is unfamiliar with the area, there is an option to correct the referenced location. This feature enhances the accuracy and efficiency of our platform, enabling swift and effective action when it matters most.

Advanced email service

We have developed an internal email service that is a powerful tool for moderators to respond to user requests from a centralized dashboard, saving them time and energy. The email integration assumes that moderators can respond to multiple requests at the same time and track their responses in one place.

With this feature, all requests are handled efficiently and communication is consistent, positively impacting the user experience.

Authorization service for moderators

Ensuring the safety and security of users is a top priority for any online platform. With this in mind, we have implemented an authorization service for moderators. To gain access to the system, moderators must register and provide their contact information, which helps to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the platform. Additionally, this approach holds moderators accountable for their actions within the system.

Beyond preventing unauthorized access, this service also fosters collaboration among moderators. By allowing them to access the same system, moderators can work together to manage user requests more efficiently. This promotes consistency in decision-making and messaging among the moderation team, ultimately increasing the team’s overall effectiveness.

Monitoring service

We have implemented a monitoring service to address critical and strategic issues more swiftly. When such incidents occur, they are readdressed to higher-level officials, such as the Deputy Mayor, who can provide immediate assistance and support to address the situation.
Overall, the implementation of the monitoring service is a crucial aspect of emergency management, which enables city officials to take swift action in response to urgent situations and ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

Analytical tools

Our team has integrated state-of-the-art analytical tools, which deliver highly dependable insights. These insights empower government departments to recognize patterns and trends in reported issues, enabling them to make well-informed decisions on resource allocation to address the most pressing problems. By prioritizing these issues and addressing them in a timely and effective manner, the government can demonstrate its commitment to addressing citizens’ needs and concerns. This, in turn, can enhance public trust and confidence in public services and ultimately improve the quality of life in the city.

Third-party integration

The application’s potential to resolve city problems, enhance public services, and provide valuable insights to government departments is amplified through its ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems. For instance, real-time data from data vendors can be leveraged by the app to identify and prioritize city issues, empowering government departments to proactively address these issues instead of merely reacting to them. Additionally, integration with external CRMs streamlines the process of resolving reported issues, enabling government departments to manage and track them more efficiently. By embracing these integrations, the application can operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately benefiting the city and its citizens.


Programming languages
PHP 7, JavaScript
Frameworks and tools
Yii 2 Framework, VueJS
PostgreSQL, Redis
Web server
BPM system
Sphinx 3, RabbitMQ, RH (RHEL, CentOS)


Our client enlisted our front-end and back-end development expertise for citizen services web portal, and we embarked on the project with an intensive research phase. We delved into comprehending the project objectives, identifying the target audience, and assessing the competition. Then we moved on to the design phase where we worked on developing the project architecture. We also held several workshops with the client to gather requirements to better understand their expectations.

We followed the Kanban methodology to maximize productivity and minimize potential bottlenecks during the web portal development process. We used Jira, the industry-leading project management tool, to simplify task management by providing a centralized platform to manage tasks, track progress, and maintain transparency.

Regular Zoom meetings with our team members kept us connected and enabled us to swiftly address any roadblocks that arose during the project’s lifecycle. Additionally, we utilized Telegram as a communication channel with our client, ensuring that we promptly responded to their inquiries, concerns, and feedback.


Project Manager
Business Analyst
Back-End Developers
Front-End Developers
QA Specialists
Database Developers

Results: Reduced request processing time and saved 1,000 hours of human resources.

Innowise has delivered a high-quality product that comprises key system features, services, and seamless integration with third-party systems. Our client received fully functional system that interacts effectively with their existing solution and can seamlessly integrate with it.

We helped the client to optimize the processing of citizens’ requests which eliminated the unnecessary paperwork and saved human resources. Timely responses and clear deadlines for issue resolution have improved user satisfaction and trust in the authorities.

The citizen services web portal’s implementation provided residents with a convenient way to track the status of their applications and receive prompt responses with photo evidence once the issue was resolved. This led to faster processing times of applications, typically taking only 1-2 days, significantly quicker than before.

Having a high number of registered users ( 2+ million) and daily requests (9 thousand) is a testament to the system’s ability to meet citizens’ needs and expectations.

Project duration
  • March 2020 - Ongoing
registered users
daily inquiries

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