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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Blockchain development company

Innowise reinforces businesses with world-class blockchain solutions. We draw upon the profound knowledge of blockchain to automate, secure and accelerate operations. Our team assists businesses at each step of upgrading their processes with the most innovative technologies.

Get your blockchain project forged by high-class
IT professionals

ICO support
We leverage our knowledge of blockchain technologies to assist you on every step of launching your blockchain project, from creating a whitepaper and a promotional landing to developing the token itself and assisting in getting it listed and distributed.
DAO development
With the help of our vast experience in blockchain development, we will develop a platform with horizontal authority distribution to secure democratic and manipulation-resistant approach to operating an organization.
Blockchain security
Our expert software engineers will implement blockchain technologies to secure an array of services, from file transfer and storage to transaction processing and access rights distribution.
NFT-related services
Innowise’s talents will leverage their broad knowledge of technologies and trends related to non-fungible tokens to support your business during creating and distributing your NFTs, from developing smart contracts to creating unique marketplaces.
Smart contract development
By utilizing blockchain, our team will develop self-executable digital protocols serving your needs. This way of utilizing blockchain is most suitable for supporting automated payments, crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, auctions, and more.
We harness profound expertise in blockchain technologies to develop a unique crypto coin/token working on either public or private blockchain and serving as a basis for an array of solutions from cryptocurrency payment systems to security applications.
Custom blockchain solutions development
Innowise’s highly skilled tech talents will develop any blockchain solution, whether it’s a decentralized application, public or private blockchain. Our vast expertise will help you utilize all the advantages of this technology using any platform.

Blockchain solutions we build

Utilize blockchain smart contracts to max out the efficiency, speed, and security of transaction-based processes. Our talented blockchain developers build and test custom decentralized solutions automating data transactions and eliminating paperwork to reduce the costs and improve the security of the processes.

Innowise combines the efficiency of smart contracts with a user-friendly interface resulting in the creation of a decentralized peer-to-peer network. It doesn’t have a point of failure presented by the hosting server, which means eradicating downtime and operational restrictions.

Our software engineers and blockchain specialists leverage the power of blockchain to create an ecosystem serving businesses of various fields and scales. Such ecosystems include a consensus algorithm and shared ledgers along with a node application and are far more beneficial if compared to traditional ones thanks to increased transparency, security, and resistance to malicious manipulations.

Whether the plan is to create a centralized or decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange, Innowise will cover everything from designing the UI to implementing niche features alongside the world’s best security and KYC practices.

Our business analysts and consultants leverage their comprehensive expertise to assess the potential value of the tokens you are planning to issue. We will analyze the market and unique features of your token to pick the right technology, utilization way, and supply volume for your cryptocurrency.

Decentralized file transfer platforms

Our engineers will utilize the InterPlanetary File System and the Hypercore protocol to build a blockchain-based distributed file transfer platform allowing to share files of any type and volume among platform users swiftly and securely.

Whether it’s a custodial or a non-custodial wallet, it must be secure, functional, and user-friendly. Innowise’s expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and application development is a winning condition when it comes to developing an excellent cryptocurrency wallet for any platform in no time.

Blockchain-based security solutions

Blockchain platforms are a perfect pick for enforcing both digital and physical security, offering a wide range of implementation ways. Innowise’s software developers will build any security system, from access distribution to data transfer encryption. The major benefit of these systems is that they’re almost impossible to hack.

ICO/IEO/IDO development

When launching a new blockchain-based project, the initial token offering is the most important stage for raising enough money to achieve the goal. With Innowise’s specialists’ help, any business will be able to maintain the full-pledged process of launching the project, from creating a roadmap and a whitepaper to developing and publicly releasing the tokens on any platform.

Hire world-class blockchain developers

At Innowise, we bring our 5+ years of experience in blockchain development to build easily scalable, bug-free, and feature-rich blockchain applications of various types. Our blockchain talents are capable of anything from generating custom smart contracts and enhancing existing solutions to creating a blockchain platform from scratch.

Innowise’s blockchain maestros use Solana to create well-optimized scalable blockchain solutions, decentralized applications, and smart contracts.

To build tailored decentralized applications and smart contracts for the Ethereum network, our blockchain development professionals utilize the Solidity programming language.

We create custom blockchain frameworks precisely serving particular business needs using Hyperledger. This allows us to forge any blockchain-based application and implement it into any business process.

ARK blockchain developers

Innowise’s professional blockchain developers build fully custom interoperable blockchains utilizing the ARK protocol.

Algorand blockchain developers

Our blockchain professionals develop scalable, fast, and secure blockchain products using the Algorand protocol, giving businesses access to this feature-rich and innovative technology.

Avalanche blockchain developers

With the help of Avalanche, Innowise forges an array of swift, cost-effective, and eco-friendly blockchain solutions, from Solidity-compatible dApps to deploying custom blockchains.

Boost your business with our custom blockchain solutions

Our NFT services

Allowing owners to claim the possession of any physical or digital asset, non-fungible tokens are a hot topic nowadays. As one of the leaders in blockchain development, Innowise maintains a wide range of NFT-related services.


Asset design

Our 2D & 3D design talents will create unique assets that could be used in any digital world or an accurate digital replica of existing physical assets. These designs can be subsequently minted as an NFT token.


NFT tokens minting

Creating, or minting, NFT tokens is a complicated procedure requiring some technical expertise. Our blockchain specialists will handle the whole process, from developing a smart contract to creating an NFT token on the Ethereum blockchain.


Escrow/arbitrage solutions development

Putting an NFT token on an auction requires a solution capable of maintaining all the bidders’ tokens in a secure and automated manner. Innowise’s blockchain talents will develop smart contracts suitable for gathering the offerings from bidders and returning tokens to participants as well as transferring the assets to auction winners upon the conclusion of the auction.

Our blockchain technology stack





Most popular blockchain platforms


The world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin Core, the technology it’s based on, are no strangers to Innowise’s blockchain developers. Our software engineers will build a solution based on the Bitcoin blockchain technology perfectly matching your business needs.


Being the world’s second most popular blockchain, Ethereum offers not only the Ether cryptocurrency but also a platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts, unlike Bitcoin. This feature opens an array of opportunities to utilize the Ethereum blockchain for business purposes.


Started by the Linux Foundation and receiving contributions from IBM, SAP Ariba, and Intel, Hyperledger offers an array of blockchain frameworks and tools with numerous implementation ways. Our blockchain developers are well-versed in Hyperledger and its frameworks and tools.

Expertly-matched blockchain developers

To deliver the best blockchain solutions possible, we bring together world-class software engineers, product and project managers, designers, and business consultants in a team tailored to match project objectives perfectly. Our team of + IT professionals consists primarily of middle+ level specialists (75% of our team) and has completed over projects for + clients from various business areas.

Leading IT experts in consulting, strategy, and operations utilizing their vast experience in business-IT alignment.

World-class software engineers bringing state-of-the-art solutions in a timely manner.

Project managers

Project managers have vast experience in coordinating the development of solutions for the client’s field.


Talented QA engineers performing manual and automated testing and implementing other applicable quality assurance techniques.

Have a blockchain project on your mind?

Let our world-class talents handle it.

How we develop blockchain solutions

We start working on the project by defining all the requirements, user roles and initially deciding on the technologies to be implemented.
We build a mock-up of the future product representing its presumed look, user experience, user journey, features, and define the release plan.
We identify the detailed specs for the development, estimate cost and required time, agree on the launch plan and assign our specialists to the project.
Our blockchain talents forge the project and perform quality assurance to prove its excellence. All the processes and metrics can be tracked with a preferable project management tool.
After the project is successfully launched, Innowise supports it and rolls out constant updates, from scaling it to introducing new features and technologies.

Blockchain development cost

As a top-tier blockchain development services provider, Innowise aims at rendering world-class services at a reasonable cost. At Innowise, we maintain full-pledged blockchain development services and supply our clients with all the required specialists based on the project type and complexity.
This includes:

Business analysts
Back-end developers
Project manager
Front-end developers
Software architect
Quality assurance professionals
UI/UX designers
DevOps engineers

The overall project cost is affected by the team composition and size depending on the project type, complexity, duration, chosen blockchain platform and collateral tools and services, and other variables.

Business analysts
Project manager
Software architect
UI/UX designers
Back-end developers
Front-end developers
Quality assurance professionals
DevOps engineers

The software development outsourcing model is a cost-effective and easy to manage alternative to in-house development departments. While you focus on the core business activities, we take responsibility of the full development process.

Revolutionize your business with blockchain

Learn how to make the most of blockchain technologies and help your business evolve.

Why choose Innowise as a blockchain development company?

When searching for blockchain developers, our clients seek talents standing out for their excellence, innovativeness, and responsibility. As one of the leading blockchain providers, Innowise is a perfect pick even for the most challenging projects.

+ years of experience

Our talented software engineers have been building state-of-the-art solutions since 2007. With such thorough experience, our professionals dispatch top-notch blockchain applications of various scales, from setting up the whole blockchain infrastructure to designing its separate elements.

High-quality services

We meticulously control the quality of our projects at every stage. Our QA specialists jump in during the discovery phase to develop and further conduct the quality assurance resulting in the final product having no issues.

Proficiency in cryptography

Innowise’s blockchain development talents are remarkably skilled at implementing data protection techniques including hashing algorithms, encryption, and digital signatures (Diffie-Hellmann, DES, RSA, AES, ECC, TLS, SSL, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, MD5, etc.).

Working with Innowise

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Innowise collaborated with the client as an instrumental part of their team, constantly finding efficient solutions to the challenges that arose. The resources were very helpful and communicative, and they demonstrated an impressive determination and eagerness to solve problems.

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Benjamin Reif Founder & CEO Sawayo
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Innowise is a reliable tech partner, working as a part of our team. They are hard- working professionals, bringing strong expertise and dedication to everything they develop.

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Jeff Mallett CEO Web3 Pro
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Innowise is one of the best partners the client works with. They always provide developers that meet the client’s specific language and experience-level requirements.

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Polina Shuruba Partner Manager XPRT MINDS


A blockchain developer’s activities include designing the overall architecture of blockchain systems, forging smart contracts and web applications, and creating and optimizing blockchain protocols.

The final cost of a blockchain project depends on an array of variables, such as project complexity and duration, developers’ skill set, level of expertise, FTEs, third-party and platform fees, and more. Reach out to us with your idea to get your project estimated.

Nowadays creating your own cryptocurrency has much more potential to bring profit if compared to the market in the past. You can not only monetize your services with the help of a cryptocurrency but also make support cheaper with the help of the crypto community.

Non-fungible tokens are the blockchain assets presenting unique identification codes and metadata. They are utilized as authenticity certificates or statements of possession of a physical or digital asset. For example, NFTs are used in the metaverse to prove that a particular item belongs to a particular user.

Need other services?

NFT development
We leverage the power of blockchain technology to deliver state-of-the-art NFT solutions
AR/VR development
As a leading VR development company, we deliver highly-immersive AR/VR software along with consulting and solution support services
Leveraging the recent technological advances, our artificial intelligence development company delivers cutting-edge software powered by ML algorithms.
Cloud development
We develop cloud-based apps, transfer client-server software to the cloud, and support cloud applications
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality.

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