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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Robotics engineering

As one of the best robotics companies, Innowise empowers businesses with effective solutions for automating and increasing the efficiency of routine or skill-demanding real-world tasks. Our robotics engineering services cover the full cycle of creating a product, starting from the initial architecture and ending with assembling and fine-tuning the right hardware and software.

Innovate. Outsmart. Outplay.

Our robotics engineers will help you cover almost any task with robots.

Hardware design services

According to the robot’s tasks, our specialists will design the hardware build of the machine from scratch, including processor, controllers, sensors, etc.

PCB design

Innowise’s robotics engineers design and implement custom printed circuit boards to swiftly provide clients with cost-efficient PoC and MVP solutions.

FPGA design services

Innowise’s experts create custom FPGA boards programmed for controlling particular processes and performing highly specialized actions.

Embedded development

For embedded systems, our robotics engineers develop custom software and APIs to make interacting with the system more efficient and swift.

Firmware development services

To make the hardware work as intended, Innowise’s specialists develop custom firmware that aims at effectively solving set tasks.

Engineering product design

Our professional team designs the solutions in a way that would meet both business and functional requirements of end users and project stakeholders.

Our custom Robotics engineering solutions

We leverage our in-depth expertise to create the most effective solutions at reasonable prices. Innowise’s robotics engineering team has participated in dozens of projects, which resulted in the creation of an array of successful products.

Feasibility assessment

Drone development

Our specialists develop drones from scratch, starting with picking the most suitable hardware build and ending with custom firmware and apps for easy control and stable connection between the machine and its operator.

Migration strategy

Swarm robotics

When it comes to synchronizing and coordinating large numbers of robots, Innowise has delivered several solutions for manufacturing, security, and logistics domains that include up to 100 robots working simultaneously.

Design of apps

Firmware for microcontrollers

In more than 50% of our projects, the default firmware for microcontrollers can’t unleash the full potential of the robot’s task-solving capabilities. To address this, our robotics engineers develop custom firmware.

Documentation and policies

Microprocessors and processors

When creating a robotics product, our specialists pick the best-fit processing hardware with robust performance while being reasonably priced. Moreover, we suggest customizing the hardware to achieve even better results.

Documentation and policies

Control boards for robotic systems

Depending on the robot’s purpose, our robotics engineers design and implement one of the control systems (manual control, wireless control, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous) on both the software and hardware sides.

Documentation and policies

Development of conveyor systems

For manufacturing and logistics companies, our team orchestrates a wide range of robots that together create effective conveyor systems capable of increasing the overall efficiency of the processes by 2-5 times.

Increased efficiency and streamlined processes.

Innowise’s robotics engineers will develop a perfect solution for your business

Our robotics software development expertise

Innowise is one of the leading robotic engineering companies. Our experience allows us to create solutions that show outstanding performance while being reasonably priced. Our expertise in robotics engineering makes our specialist a perfect fit for a project of any scale, complexity, and stage. From developing embedded software solutions to providing RPA consultancy services, we got your project covered from all sides.

Consulting and assessing

Consider consulting services before launching a project. By gathering information about the desired product, our robotics engineers become able to clearly understand the requirements, pick the best technologies, and provide you with the most accurate assessment of duration and price.

Technical support

During the development and after the product is launched, our team constantly provides clients with support regarding any technical or non-technical questions. This includes troubleshooting, creating and managing a knowledge base on the client’s premises, and onboarding the client’s team members.

Training and workshops

Another vital aspect of implementing a robotics solution is making sure the staff knows how to operate it. For these purposes, Innowise develops custom training programs and workshops during which our clients and their team members learn about the product, its capabilities, interfaces, etc.

Integrating and customizing

To make the communication between existing systems and the robotics solution seamless and effective, our robotics engineers utilize existing or develop custom tools that connect new devices with the client’s infrastructure and expand the capabilities of both.

Maintenance and support

After the product is launched, our robotics engineers remain in touch with the client to make sure everything is working fine. In case of changes in the perspective or new ideas, we are always ready to jump back in and implement new features or extend existing ones.

Dedicated robotics engineers

Innowise’s specialists enforce projects with their expertise in robotics by developing a vast array of solution-related artifacts, from circuit designs to complex machines, including technical documentation, custom software, and maintenance instructions.

Why choose Innowise as a robotics development company?

Business mindset

We don’t just complete projects, we fulfill the needs of our client’s business. We excel at that by providing consulting services, using a cost-effective approach to development, and not being afraid to suggest our ideas.

Experts only

Our team is 75% senior or middle-level developers. Their level of expertise across various business and technological domains allows us to deliver world-class solutions regardless of where our clients come from.

We are flexible

Our major aim is your success. To make this happen at the most acceptable terms, we are as flexible as possible when it comes to the development timelines and team composition.

Robotics is one of the most promising technological domains businesses can put an eye on. The ability of robots to streamline and automate routine processes while being mistake-proof is the advantage most are seeking for.

Dmitry Nazarevich

CTO at Innowise

How much do robotics solutions cost?

As a leading robotics engineering company, we provide high-quality services in a cost-effective manner. Despite our broad expertise in project development, we can’t say the precise cost of creating a robotics solution. The final project cost is subject to change and is affected by the following variables:

ecology Project size and complexity
ecology Team composition
ecology Project durations
ecology Seniority level of project team members
ecology Chosen software technologies
ecology Hardware used in the project, etc.

Robotics engineers for hire

By choosing Innowise, you ensure reliable robotics engineering services, coupled with customer support from project initiation to completion. Our robotics teams offer flexible and scalable solutions, allowing for rapid expansion within 1-2 weeks with skilled professionals. 

Additionally, collaborating externally, especially with esteemed partners like us, provides a strategic advantage by eliminating the costs of an in-house workforce and providing access to expertise tailored to your requirements. This adaptability promotes agile operations, simplifying processes and reducing hiring time. 

Moreover, you mitigate risks by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices from reputable teams, allowing in-house staff to focus on their core proficiencies. Ultimately, the diverse global perspectives brought by external professionals inject innovation into your robotics projects.


While looking for the right specialists may take some time, tech vendors always have them ready to join new projects in no time.


Managing in-house specialists means covering not just their salaries but also operational costs. Vendors have it already covered!

World’s top 3%

Vendor teams have extensive experience across numerous business and tech domains. You won’t find better specialists that easily.

Still 102 processing?

Drop us a message and we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Our tech stack

  • micro-ROS
  • ROS/ ROS2
  • LinuxCNC
  • Linux/ Linux RT
  • RTOS
  • SLAM
  • Swarm
  • AV
  • UAV
  • ARVA
  • EMA
  • DOF
Motor types
  • PMSM
  • ACIM
  • BLDC
  • Stepper motor, etc.
  • LiDAR
  • Radar
  • Sonar
  • Camera, etc.
Camera interfaces and standards
  • SDI
  • HD-SDI
  • 12G-SDI
  • HDMI
  • MIPI CSI-2
  • FPD-Link III
  • Camera Link
  • USB
Industrial automation apps
  • Mobile and web–based app dev for WebOS, iOS, Android
  • SSI
  • BiSS
  • Hiperface DSL
  • EnDat
  • Absolute encoder
  • Incremental encoder
Dynamics Simulation
  • ARCSim
  • Bullet
  • Project Chrono
  • DART
  • Flex
  • IBDS
  • KDL
  • kindr
  • MBDyn
  • MBSim
  • Moby
  • mrpt
  • Newton Dynamics
  • OpenRAVE
  • pinocchio
  • PhysX
  • RBDL
  • Robopy
  • RobWork Simbody
  • SOFA
Robotics Simulation
  • NVIDIA Isaac
  • robot-gui
  • RoboSim
  • AirSim
  • ARGoS
  • ARTE
  • CoppeliaSim
  • Gazebo
  • GraspIt
  • Habitat-Sim
  • PyBullet
  • Webots
  • AWS RoboMaker
AI frameworks
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • XGBoost
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Torch
  • Accord.Net
  • Spark Mlib
  • Caffe
  • Theano
  • Microsoft CNTK
Robot Model Description Formats
  • SDF
  • urdf
Robots modellings
  • phobos
  • SolidWorks
  • AprilSAM
  • Cartographer
  • DSO
  • ElasticFusion
  • fiducials
  • Kintinuous
  • RTAP-Map
  • SRBA
  • UcoSLAM
Motion Planning and Control
  • Control Toolbox
  • GPMP2
  • HPP
  • MoveIt!
  • OMPL
  • OCS2
  • ROS Behavior Tree
  • Ruckig
  • TrajectoryOptimization
  • nanoflann
  • libpointmatcher
  • Octree
  • OctoMap
  • PCL
  • Treexy
  • Goxel

What our customers think

quotes icon

Innowise’s help allowed us to complete the project on time. Their flexible approach resulted in a smooth partnership. They were responsive and easy to work with, on top of being technically proficient.

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Joanna Wolynska HR & Project Manager Netdevops Luxembourg S.a.r.l
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Since 2019 we’ve been enjoying the services rendered by Innowise to implement a strategically important project on the modernization of a network of internal IT systems.

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Dr. Udo Richter Director n:aip
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We are delighted with Innowise's commitment to delivering quality work and solving issues quickly. They lead an engaged approach to understanding the team's needs and accomplishing their goals.

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Or Iny CEO Zero Beta


When working on a robotics project, Innowise’s specialists take into account a wide range of standards. This includes both standards for developing robots and domain-oriented ones. We follow world’s best practices in everything, from general IT advisory to developing custom hardware for your project.

Robotics engineering refers to designing, developing, and maintaining robotics systems. This includes creating unique machines from scratch, modifying existing ones, and developing software for them to work properly.

Yes, our quality assurance team can test your robotics software. Moreover, if we find any flaw, our developers are ready to jump straight into the project to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Need other services?

Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.
Machine learning development
Leveraging recent technological advances, our team delivers cutting-edge software powered by ML algorithms.
Digital transformation
Innowise guides businesses and enterprises along their digital transformation path.
IoT development
We create software and hardware for interconnected devices that communicate and share data over the internet.
Data engineering
Innowise uses smart technologies to develop data pipelines and build systems for data collection.
Business intelligence
Our teams enable data-driven decision-making for businesses by developing top BI solutions.

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