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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Java development company

Our vast expertise in Java development covers the full software development life cycle: from IT audit and to continuous support. Innowise maintains a wide range of Java software development services using a personalized technical approach. We cover all types of applications from consumer-oriented to enterprise-grade solutions serving B2B, B2C, or B2E sectors.

Get your state-of-the-art Java application developed by world-class software engineers

Our team of professional Java developers and Cloud solution architects has + years of experience in Java development. Our professionals will build the application fitting your business needs just right: from migrating your project to a newer Java version to creating a custom application from scratch.

Audit and consulting

Codebase audit Audit of software architecture Consultations on tech stack selection IT strategy planning

Analysis and design

Solution architecture design Technical design Workflow, release plan and cost estimate Prototyping, PoC, MVP

Java development

Server-side application development Cloud-based application development Enterprise software development API development

Other services

Third-party APIs integration Software enhancement Legacy projects migration to newer architectures Cloud services integration

Java solutions we develop

Utilizing our broad experience in bringing Java development services, we deliver an array of top-notch solutions developed in Java. B2B or B2C, small or big — we got your Java project covered.

Common Java-based applications

Web applications Cloud-based applications Mobile applications XaaS applications Desktop GUI applications Gaming solutions

Enterprise-grade solutions in Java

Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) Customer relationship management systems (CRM) Human resource management system (HRM) Supply chain management systems (SCM) Content management system (CMS) Data management systems / data warehouse (DW)

Industry-specific solutions in Java

Online banking and insurance software Electronic health records systems (EHR) eCommerce web platforms Learning management systems (LMS) Scientific applications Fleet management systems

Innovation-driven products based on Java

Video streaming platforms Web conferencing software Smart contracts Big data analysis tools IoT applications for connected devices

Choose to boost your business with Java

With + years of Java development under our belt, we’ve already covered a variety of industries with every type of solution from small to large scale, both enterprise-grade and consumer-oriented. Our software engineers always ensure superb usability and seamless performance of delivered software.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Electronic health record systems (EHR) Practice management software (PMS) Remote patient monitoring mHealth applications

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Finance , Banking and Insurance

Online banking Digital wallets Stock exchange software Trading platforms KYC solutions

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eCommerce , Retail and Consumer Goods

eCommerce platforms Marketplaces Digital auctions Real-time chatbots Sales analytics systems

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eLearning  and Innovations

Learning management systems (LMS) Distance learning platforms School management software

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Fleet management systems Connected vehicles Remote vehicle control Vehicle navigation software

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Live streaming platforms Virtual events platforms Social networking applications Personalized content delivery

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Manufacturing & Entertainment

ERP systems Data processing software IoT applications Digital twins Predictive maintenance

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All industries

With 15 years of active work in the IT market, Innowise has helped more than 200 companies from 18 fields to transform their businesses and succeed. Click here to explore all industries we serve.

Why Java?

Accelerated time-to-market

Java has a broad ecosystem using a wide range of APIs, libraries, and frameworks. This allows for quick implementation of requested functionality into the solution, resulting in expedited delivery to market.

Distributed processing

Solutions developed in Java can easily link multiple hardware units into a cluster under a single network. United, they share data and coordinate computing power. Big Data analytics, Intranets, the Internet, and other complex systems benefit from this feature.

Platform independence

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) allows Java solutions to run on any platform. It gives a favorable advantage when developing large and powerful interconnected software products.


The project’s overall cost is significantly reduced since there is no need to develop separate applications for each platform, thanks to JRE.

Bolster your business with expert Java developers

Opt for the best suited cooperation model

Leveraging our experience in providing Java development services, we have a few major models of cooperation: staff augmentation (team extension or dedicated development team), and software outsourcing (end-to-end development). If you have another way of working together in mind, we’re always open to discussion.

Team Extension
Dedicated Team

One or more Java developers will enhance your in-house team of engineers to accelerate the development process and time-to-market.


We receive the tech stack and FTE required


We show you the CVs and rates of suitable Java developers


You have interviews with potential hires when you’re comfortable


We discuss the SLAs and KPIs


We sign the contract


You give access to the project infrastructure and knowledge bases


We schedule regular performance evaluation reports

We supply you with a team of expert Java developers and other IT specialists (if needed) swiftly delivering tailored solutions.


We receive the tech stack and FTE required


We prepare and share the proposal containing team size and members, time and cost estimation


We show you the CVs and rates of best fitting candidates


You have interviews with potential hires when you’re comfortable


We discuss the SLAs and KPIs


We sign the contract


The party providing a project manager sets up and control development process


We schedule regular performance evaluation reports

Innowise maintains full-pledged Java development services.


We receive the RFP


We prepare and share the proposal containing estimates of a technical solution, the development approaches, budget justification, etc.


We discuss the SLAs and KPIs


We sign the contract


We set up the process of development, including the implementation of CI/CD


We bear the responsibility for the project/its part and start working


We notify you about the project status regularly

Java technology stack we use

Java is a versatile language supporting a wide range of frameworks with various implementation techniques and extensive functionality. We leverage them to drive your business.

Java 8/11+Kotlin
Spring Boot Spring Cloud Spring Security Hibernate Spring Data JDBC Spring Data JPA Spring Data R2DBC Lombok MapStruct Reactor WebFlux RSocket RxJava Vert.x JMeter Gatling Apache Bench JasperReports DynamicReports Firebase Camunda Activiti Flowable
Kafka (Core, Streams, Connect, Schema Registry) RabbitMQ ActiveMQ IBM MQ
Microservices Docker / Docker Compose Kubernetes OpenShift AWS Azure GCP Digital Ocean
PostgreSQL Oracle MySQL MS SQL MongoDB CassandraRedisHazelcast EhcacheCaffeine
Apache Lucene Solr ElasticSearch Amazon CloudSearch Azure Search
Git Ansible, CloudFormation Jenkins Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, CI/CD Helm Kubernetes Operators IntelliJ IDEA
Jira Trello MS Project VersionOne Mantis Trac Redmine
Unit TestNG Mockito PowerMock Cucumber TestContainers
Web Mobile Linux macOS Windows


When creating automatically configured standalone enterprise-grade apps, we use Java Spring Framework. Its capabilities make this opinionated framework ideal for microservices and distributed network applications.

Google Web Toolkit

With the help of GWT and its focus on reusable approaches to common web development tasks, maintaining JavaScript front-end web applications in Java is as easy as it gets.


We harness the power of mapping object-oriented models to streamline databases on Java with Hibernate ORM. This allows our software to work with relational databases and paradigm differences.

Leverage the power of Java frameworks

Augment your team with dedicated Senior and Middle Java developers to build robust end-to-end software.

How we develop in Java

As a Java development company with + years of experience in the field, we know how to deliver a state-of-the-art solution promptly.
This step implies analyzing the idea, goals, requirements, and everything related to the case. Our business analysts assist in setting clear objectives and accurately estimating the resources needed.
Project definition
During this step, we develop the project specification – a detailed document covering the scale and the scope of work. We also present our plan for developing and implementing our Java solutions.
Team assembly
Based on the project specification, we assemble a team of Java engineers whose technological stack and experience level fit its requirements.
Project development
Following the project outline, our team starts developing the software. We keep the client posted on the results of sprints and iterations. To deliver the best quality Java development services, we also ask for feedback on the development process and project deliverables.
Quality assurance and testing
Our QA engineers use the best practices to ensure our software is secure and bug-free. We aim at creating the solution without any faults or vulnerabilities.
Product launch and support
We assist in deploying the solution and enable further support. We also facilitate adjustments to the product, like scaling it up or adding new features.

We make sure each line of our Java code is impeccable

Innowise maintains world-class Java development services. Our software engineers stick to the highest standards of code writing, evaluating, and reviewing.

Code rules and guidelines

We follow the Java style guide.
The variables we use in the process
of development always have descriptive names.

Our engineers leave comments making clear
the purpose of particular code functions.

The final README doc has all the code functions and dependencies.
Our code is split into short and focused units.
We perform unit tests throughout the entire development process.
We keep our code portable.
We use the best state-of-the-art practices
of version control.

Our code review practices

Independent reviewers conduct ad hoc reviews. We practice pass-around code reviews. To ensure our code is immaculate, we perform software walkthroughs. Code iterations are checked via pull requests before being merged with the main code branch to exclude the possibility of errors. We perform code inspections during the development process.

Code quality metrics

We measure our code’s ease of support and alternation with the maintainability index (MI). We check the complication of code by measuring its cyclomatic complexity. We measure the depth of inheritance — the number of different classes inheriting fields and methods from one another. We measure the number of dependencies one class has on other classes with class coupling. We also measure the number of lines of code to evaluate its maintainability. We use Halstead complexity measures to evaluate the intricacy and maintainability of the code.

Available Java developers for hire

George K.
Senior Java Developer 7+ years of experience
Senior Java Developer with 7+ years of experience in developing and supporting business applications and infrastructures. George participated in leading teams, components and modules development, staff training, writing tests, support and maintenance of existing code.
Request full CV
Daniel K.
Senior Java Developer 5+ years of experience
Software developer with 5+ years of hands-on experience developing Java applications and good knowledge of Spring Ecosystem, including Spring Cloud, Hibernate, JSON/XML, ElasticSearch.
Request full CV
Leo M.
Senior Java Developer 8+ years experience
Qualified Software Engineer with 8+ years of IT experience with main emphasis on back-end development using Java, Spring Core, Spring MVC and Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, etc.
Request full CV
Michael M.
Senior Java Developer 6+ years experience
Senior Java Developer with 6+ years of experience of commercial experience with Java Core, Java EE, Spring (MVC, Data, Boot, Security), Atmosphere, RDBMS, Angular 9, Groovy.
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Java development cost

Innowise has been upholding the quality standards for Java development services for more than years. Our software engineers have built software solutions of diverse scopes and budgets.

The final cost of each project consists of a range of factors, such as:

Collaboration model
Team size
Complexity of the project
Team skill level
Duration of the project, etc.
Collaboration model
Team size
Team skill level
Complexity of the project
Duration of the project, etc.
We analyze each client’s demands and capabilities, make sure that our high-quality solutions accommodate their budget, and calculate the project’s cost for each client individually. As a Java development company, Innowise can bring you the necessary number of professionals who will consider the best schedule for your project, define the needed resources (including budget) and establish clear goals and outcomes. We start working on the project after we approve all the variables.

Empower your team with the best IT talents

Opt for our staff augmentation services and let’s turn your ideas into top-notch software together

Java FAQ

Our Java development team consists of 110+ developers who have designed 150+ high-end technological solutions for a wide range of business domains, including education, transport and logistics, tourism, finance and banking, management, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail and eCommerce, and more.

As a Java development company, we utilize a variety of work models. We can grant you individual Java engineers, a dedicated Java development team, or take on your Java project for outsourcing.

With 15+ years of experience in Java under our belt, we have a colossal background in developing an extensive range of Java applications from web portals to mobile apps, analytics systems, and big data solutions.

Released in 1995, Java is still in the top-3 programming languages worldwide, ranked as the dominant one from the mid-2000s until just a few years ago, according to the TIOBE Index. Constantly supported and updated with new frameworks and libraries, Java is likely to remain relevant in the nearest decades.

Java is a platform-independent programming language thanks to Java Runtime Environment (a virtual machine running Java code). A single iteration of code can run on any platform that supports JRE. This covers the majority of modern platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile.

The main advantages of Java are

  • Accelerated time-to-market;
  • Distributed processing;
  • Platform independence;
  • Versatility of implementation ways;
  • Cost efficiency.

Need other services?

JavaScript development
We leverage the power of JavaScript to develop top-tier front-end software with responsive a user experience
Android development
Innowise, a leading mobile app development company, delivers feature-rich Android applications compatible with multiple devices
We employ the best practices of DevOps to streamline the development process and expedite a release date
.NET development
Experience high performance and robustness of custom .NET solutions delivered by Innowise, a leading custom .NET development company.
Python development
Innowise’s software engineers will leverage the power of Python to serve your needs
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality.

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    We arrange a meeting with you to discuss the offer and come to an agreement.


    We sign a contract and start working on your project as quickly as possible.

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