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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Network services

Innowise empowers client projects with reliable, customizable, and easily scalable solutions. From designing architecture and introducing DC, WAN, LAN protocols to implementing security measures like firewalls, VPNs, and authentication services, and providing consulting services, our specialists cover every possible project need.

Ensure your network reliability today to avoid it dropping tomorrow

Our experts utilize their in-depth knowledge of various routing and switching protocols, security measures, and cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP to perform monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and upgrades resulting in making swift infrastructure with impeccable security that will serve the product just right.

Network infrastructure maintenance

If your project already has infrastructure, Innowise’s specialists will take care of maintaining it. From thorough analysis to the seamless integration of updates and new features, we will take care of the project.

Network development and expansion

If the network solution needs to be improved or scaled up, our engineers will suggest suitable technologies and tools to achieve the goal and implement them efficiently.

Network design and implementation

Innowise’s professionals excel in handling various projects, from network design and implementation to choosing the right tech stack and interconnecting software and hardware components into one ecosystem.

Enterprise networking solutions

For enterprises, our specialists build custom network solutions. These solutions unite all information systems both on-site and cloud into one secure and swift corporate ecosystem.

Network security management

By implementing security solutions and techniques like VPNs, firewalls, segmentation, and others, our specialists ensure product security from breaches and the ability to prevent data leaks.

Cloud Network services

For cloud-based projects, we recommend suitable platforms that match project requirements and perform the full cycle of designing and implementing cloud infrastructure into the product.

Network audit services

At Innowise, we aim at delivering world-class custom solutions to our clients. That is why we recommend performing a project audit before implementing or modifying existing solutions. Our specialists dive deep into the current infrastructure and its documentation, identify requirements, and determine the suitable solution. We assess the existing infrastructure, highlight areas for modification, and provide detailed recommendations to address potential flaws. This ensures a robust and tailored solution that minimizes risks and maximizes performance.

Network implementation services

As a network services company, Innowise covers the full-cycle process of developing such solutions. This includes designing infrastructure, migrating existing projects to a more suitable platform, modernizing existing solutions, and various types of testing.

Network infrastructure design
At this step, we look into your project and define its requirements. Based on this information, we formulate the blueprint for the future infrastructure and select appropriate technologies.
After we agree on the infrastructure design and technologies, our field network engineers bring their expertise to build a real-life project to serve your needs. This includes setting up both software and, if needed, hardware parts.
After deploying the solution, our team continues to work on the project by integrating the needed information systems and services into it to create the most comfortable, effective, and flexible data management tool.
To ensure a smooth project launch, we thoroughly test every feature, integration, and service. This comprehensive testing process is conducted prior to handing over the project to you and officially initiating the launch.
After our engineers have conducted comprehensive testing and ensured the highest quality of the solution, we hand it over to your team. If required, our team is ready to handle the maintenance and upgrading processes.

Only pros, no cons.

Our engineers will make your application infrastructure responsive, load-resistant, and secure. Want to learn how?

Benefits of network management services

Mentioned services offer numerous advantages for businesses, enabling efficient administration and optimization of their infrastructure. From ensuring security to enhancing performance and minimizing downtime, these services play a vital role in maintaining a robust and reliable environment.

Enhanced security

Advanced security measures like firewalls, detection systems, and encryption protocols help to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance.

Proactive troubleshooting and support

Such services provide skilled technicians for detecting and resolving issues early, minimizing disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Scalability and flexibility

These services also allow businesses to easily scale their infrastructure, expanding or contracting resources based on requirements.

Streamlined administration

Such services simplify tasks like device configuration, user access management, and software updates, freeing up businesses to focus on core operations.

Cost optimization

Outsourcing such projects reduces the need for in-house personnel and maintenance costs, offering a predictable expenditure model.

24/7 control

By opting for offshore services businesses ensure constant monitoring and that the right specialists will address the emergency at any time.

Taking a thorough approach while developing network-based solutions is vital for the project’s success. The infrastructure needs to be fast for the comfort of use. It also needs to be secure because data breaches are the kind of accidents that can fail even the most successful products. That’s why infrastructure is one of our top priorities while working with these projects.

Dmitry Nazarevich

CTO at Innowise

How much does network implementation and support cost?

At Innowise, we highly prioritize our clients’ resources and strive to offer accurate cost assessments for projects prior to their commencement. While we possess extensive expertise in the field, determining the exact final cost of a project is challenging due to its dependence on various factors.

ecology Project complexity
ecology Team composition
ecology Integrations of tools and services
ecology Project duration
ecology Chosen services
ecology Chosen platform

Hire network implementation engineers

We understand your need for skilled implementation engineers, and we are here to meet your requirements. At our company, we have fostered a mature culture that comprises highly talented engineers with extensive experience in all aspects of software development. This ensures that our team possesses the expertise needed to excel in implementation projects.

Our clients have the freedom to hand-pick their extended team members, allowing for personalized selection. We offer on-demand and scalable cross-functional teams that can be easily adjusted to meet project requirements. With our seamless collaboration approach, there are no barriers posed by cultural or geographical differences. Additionally, we maintain a bench of talent, enabling us to rapidly ramp up teams within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks.

Why choose Innowise as a network services company?

As a network services company, we ensure that you are partnering with a reliable and knowledgeable team that can effectively manage your infrastructure and provide solutions to enhance its performance and security.

Quick start

From the first contact to the project finish in no time? That’s about us! It will take not more than a couple of weeks to find the right specialists for your project and launch the project.


Our specialists always follow the latest trends in their domains and are constant learners. This means that we are supporting the projects in the most effective, innovative, and fashionable way.

30% cost savings

When compared to other vendors and in-house teams, our clients typically save an average of 30% on their budget without compromising on the quality of solutions delivered.

Still thinking?

Drop us a message and we will help you choose the right services for your project.

What our customers think

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Working with Innowise, I appreciated their customer-centric approach and care for even the smallest detail. Our company received exactly what we’d been looking for and managed to save a considerable part of our budget for other activities.

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Laurynas Savickas CEO Intervilza JSC
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Innowise’s help allowed us to complete the project on time. Their flexible approach resulted in a smooth partnership. They were responsive and easy to work with, on top of being technically proficient.

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Joanna Wolynska HR & Project Manager Netdevops Luxembourg S.a.r.l
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Since 2019 we’ve been enjoying the services rendered by Innowise to implement a strategically important project on the modernization of a network of internal IT systems.

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Dr. Udo Richter Director N:aip


Innowise’s network security management services protect businesses by designing and deploying solutions with a number of security precautions implemented. Among them, you can find the multi-layer design, integrated authentication services, DLP systems, VPNs, and firewalls.

Your business will benefit from an improved internal infrastructure. This will bring faster communications between devices inside the network and improved security of sensitive data.

Yes, Innowise’s services will help with the remote connectivity of devices. By designing infrastructure in a way that allows establishing secure connections to the internal network via the global web, our specialists can create a solution that will allow connecting geographically distributed devices into an effective and secure private ecosystem.

Network monitoring helps us find problems and security flaws before they become serious troubles. By performing it, our specialists find ways we can improve the infrastructure and prevent drops in speed and stability along with network breaches and data leaks.

Need other services?

Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.
We employ the best practices of DevOps to streamline the development process and expedite a release date.
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure flawless product quality.
Cloud development
We develop cloud-based apps, transfer client-server software to the cloud, and support cloud applications.
Digital transformation
Innowise guides businesses and enterprises along their digital transformation path.
Data engineering
Innowise uses smart technologies to develop data pipelines and build systems for data collection.

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