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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Odoo development service

Innowise renders high-quality Odoo consulting, development, and implementation services tailored to address unique software challenges for budding startups and full-grown businesses alike. With Odoo, our skilled Odoo consultants help our tech-savvy clients manage various aspects of their business, including customer relationship management, sales, inventory, human resources, accounting, project management, and more. Choose Innowise if your business needs automation that brings tangible results.

Unlock Odoo's power without the puzzle; let our experts customize it for you

At Innowise, we’re dedicated to transforming businesses through tailored Odoo solutions. Having delivered future-proof apps that reshape industries, our Odoo consultants and engineers have accumulated enough expertise to handle even the most sophisticated software challenges with ease. Our Odoo experts understand the platform’s intricacies and its diverse applications to render Odoo consulting and development services that resonate with our picky clients.

Odoo ERP implementation

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) development involves creating a comprehensive software system that integrates various operational processes and departments. Using this feature-rich platform, our Odoo consultants and developers help businesses implement Odoo ERP to automate inventory, accounting, procurement, warehousing, etc.

Odoo CRM implementation

Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development focuses on managing interactions with customers and leads. With the help of this module, our Odoo consultants and developers aid customers in contact management, sales automation, lead tracking, customer service, and marketing campaigns, nurturing leads and improving client satisfaction.

Odoo CMS implementation

Odoo Content Management System (CMS) development touches on managing digital content like websites, blogs, and online stores. In addition to content creation, publication, user management, and SEO optimization, our developers assist businesses in maintaining a dynamic online presence and delivering content that drives search traffic.

Odoo module/apps development

Odoo's modular architecture allows for custom modules or apps that extend the platform's functionalities. Our Odoo developers tailor the platform to specific business needs, adding new features or modifying existing ones. We create solutions that precisely match customer’s workflows, boosting client engagement.

Odoo eCommerce development 

This powerful platform is perfectly suited for building online stores and digital marketplaces. As experienced Odoo software developers, we help businesses reach a global audience by designing user-friendly interfaces, integrating secure payment gateways, managing product catalogs, and facilitating smooth customer experiences.

Odoo web development

Using Odoo, our accomplished web developers excel in creating and optimizing comprehensive and responsive websites. We at Innowise use this versatile platform to craft robust web applications, ensuring cross-device compatibility and allowing businesses to communicate through their brands and offerings in the digital space effectively.

Odoo implementation services across industries

Innowise provides versatile Odoo consulting and development services to an array of industries and domains, smoothly addressing their unique business challenges. Regardless of the vertical, our Odoo consultants leverage Odoo’s modular approach to ensure businesses optimize their processes and establish a lasting commercial impact that drives revenues.

In the healthcare sector, Odoo assists in patient management, appointment scheduling, and inventory control. We help clinics and hospitals automate patient records, enhance communication between staff, manage medical supplies, and deliver improved patient care.
Our talented Odoo experts help companies streamline logistics operations by integrating route planning, inventory tracking, and order processing modules. This boosts supply chain visibility, reduces delays, and enhances customer satisfaction through accurate deliveries.
Manufacturers benefit from Odoo ERP for production planning, quality control, and demand forecasting. We deliver Odoo solutions that enable them to manage production workflows, track product quality, and ensure optimal resource utilization without halting production lines.
Through tailored Odoo modules, Innowise assists HoReCa establishments in managing reservations, tracking inventory, and effectively coordinating staff, resulting in improved customer service and profitability for various clients, from small cafes to luxurious hotels.
Through Odoo, Innowise assists financial institutions in automating loan approvals and handling insurance claims. With Odoo CRM and custom workflows, banks and insurers can streamline administrative tasks, focusing on more value-adding and non-trivial activities.
Our seasoned specialists streamline online store management, from inventory control and order processing to shipments and customer feedback. Using Odoo capabilities and our Odoo consultants' expertise, we improve sales experiences from the first digital touchpoint to the final purchase.
Odoo assists real estate companies with property management, lead tracking, and contract management. We at Innowise customize Odoo modules, enabling realtors and real estate agents to manage properties and successfully connect landlords with tenants efficiently.
Real estate
Our developers extend the power of Odoo to aid clients in the education sector tackle their specific business challenges. By customizing Odoo, we facilitate educational institutions in managing student records, optimizing course schedules, and enhancing administrative efficiency.

Hire Odoo developers

Hiring dedicated Odoo developers empowers businesses to stay agile, competitive, and laser-focused on strategic growth while leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Diverse Team Collaborating
Hiring agility
This benefit implies an easily adjustable workforce, allowing companies to scale resources up or down based on project needs and efficiently managing development costs and timelines.
Expert Developers at Work
All-around competency
Dedicated developers bridge skill gaps within organizations, bringing specialized expertise and mastering tailored solutions that help customers advance through digital transformation.
Strategic Planning Meeting
Focus on strategic goals
By outsourcing software development, in-house employees can focus on core, strategic business activities rather than diverting time and effort into hiring, onboarding, training, and managing IT staff.
Teamwork and Stability
Low staff turnover
In addition, dedicated developers provide businesses with a stable, committed team, reducing churn risks and costs associated with employee turnover to deliver market-ready solutions timely.

Leave the competition far behind.

Stay ahead of the curve with Odoo – your success story awaits!

Why choose Innowise for Odoo development?

Since its inception, Innowise has focused on delivering sophisticated industry-critical solutions polished to exceed customers’ expectations. With a competent & experienced IT talent pool backed by years of testing and refining, we equip our clients with game-changing Odoo software that redefines marketing leadership and brings tangible benefits, from Odoo consulting services to product roll-out.

Vetted, qualified BAs and developers

With years of experience in Odoo implementation, we possess deep knowledge of its functionalities. Our eligible specialists complete projects across various industries, bridging requirements with objectives throughout the project pipeline.

End-to-end services

From the initial consultation to the final deployment and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive end-to-end services. You can count on us to help you in every step of the Odoo implementation process, ensuring a hassle-free, seamless experience that drives success.

Collaborative approach

We strongly believe in establishing durable, lasting relationships with our customers worldwide. Our development teams engage closely with clients, informing them about progress, seeking their input, and ensuring the final product reflects their vision.

Proven track record

Our vast portfolio speaks for itself. Innowise delivered market-ready solutions to businesses of all sizes, from promising startups to mature enterprises. We are committed to excellence, as evidenced by our satisfied clients and their success stories.

Sustainable quality

Innowise follows established processes and conforms to global standards when completing customized Odoo projects. We guarantee sustainable quality through robust processes, skilled professionals, continuous improvement, and a client-centric approach.

Continuous support

Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. For our customers, our unparalleled specialists provide Odoo consulting services, ongoing support, post-launch maintenance, and regular updates to ensure their innovative solutions remain current and efficient.

The role of Odoo development services 

Odoo development services play a pivotal role in transforming business organization and aligning technology with project goals. From customization and integration to scalability and innovation, our Odoo consultants and engineers empower both IT and non-IT organizations to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Tailored solutions for unique needs  model

Businesses have diverse requirements, and off-the-shelf software often falls short. Using Odoo, we create tailored solutions that align with specific workflows, resulting in optimized processes and increased efficiency.

Integration for seamless operations  

In a fragmented digital landscape, seamless integration is paramount. Our Odoo consultants help integrate different modules and systems, allowing data to flow effortlessly and enabling informed decision-making.

Enhanced user experiences

User-friendliness is crucial for smooth customer journeys. With Odoo, we focus on creating intuitive and visually attractive interfaces that make navigation easy, increasing user satisfaction and brand recognition.

Data-driven insights  

Odoo facilitates data collection and analysis from disparate sources. Through this evidence-based, data-driven approach, we empower businesses with insights into their operations, communication, customer behavior, and market trends.

Odoo is the perfect solution for businesses as it combines flexibility and functionality like no other. It's not just software; it's a growth accelerator, helping businesses streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead in an ever-changing market. By using Odoo, we at Innowise help businesses fine-tune operational processes and achieve long-term market profitability. From Odoo consulting to market launch, we cover the project pipeline and fill the expertise gaps effectively. Sometimes, just one certified Odoo consultant is all it takes to achieve unimaginable success.

Dmitry Nazarevich

CTO at Innowise

SAP S/4HANA vs Odoo

SAP S/4HANA and Odoo are leading enterprise resource planning solutions. While SAP S/4HANA offers a robust suite tailored for large enterprises excelling in handling intricate business processes, Odoo is recognized by SMEs for its modularity and user-friendly interface. Innowise provides unmatched Odoo consulting services and implementation services, understanding the platform’s strengths and weaknesses compared to SAP S/4HANA in the context of business goals, resources, and technological landscape to choose the best-fit option and navigate digital transformation comprehensively.

FeatureOdooSAP S/4HANA
CustomizationRelatively easy; extensible with Odoo Studio for enterprise usersRequires specialized knowledge, often consultants
IntegrationStrong API and third-party app integrations; easier to integrate with other toolsStrong integration within SAP modules; external integrations can be complex
User InterfaceUser-friendly, modern UI, often praised for its simplicityModern UI after S/4HANA updates but may be considered complex
PricingCommunity edition is free; Enterprise has per-user pricing lower than SAPTends to be on the higher side; based on modules, users, and usage
Cloud supportBoth on-premises and cloud versions availableBoth on-premises and cloud versions available
Custom module developmentEasier due to Python & XML foundationPossible but requires specialized SAP knowledge
Reporting & analyticsGood reporting tools; can be enhanced with third-party modulesAdvanced analytics tools, especially with SAP Fiori
Extensions and add-onsOdoo Apps store, numerous third-party solutionsSAP App Center offers a range of solutions

What our customers think

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Innowise has completed many projects and consistently performs well on their tasks. Their results-driven approach allows them to quickly scale their efforts depending on the required deliverables.

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Joakim Rosen Lead Developer YouWish AS
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We are delighted with the high-quality work and professional approach of Innowise's performance. Their flexible and available process is key to the ongoing project's success. Our team also trusts that they'll deliver according to our needs.

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Ory Goldberg CEO Traxi
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The software has completely met our expectations. A reliable partner, Innowise delivers on time and within budget. What stands out the most is their attention to detail and extensive resources of highly-skilled technical candidates.

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Bruce Elliot Head Of Product Definely


Odoo development refers to the process of implementing and customizing software solutions using the Odoo platform. Odoo software is an open-source business management suite that provides a wide range of integrated applications for various business processes, including Odoo ERP implementation, CRM, sales, inventory management, human resources, accounting, and more.


Modular structure, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in streamlining business operations are among the most significant advantages of Odoo.


Yes, absolutely. One of the platform’s key strengths is its high degree of customization. Businesses can implement Odoo and tailor the platform to fit their specific needs and workflows.


In Odoo, various types of modules can be implemented to extend functionalities, including an CRM, CMS, eCommerce, web, and more.


Yes, definitely. Odoo is designed to be easy to integrate, allowing for seamless connections with existing systems and third-party applications. This integration capability is crucial for businesses to maintain continuity and efficiency in their operations.


Typically, the process of Odoo implementation involves Odoo consulting services, requirements gathering, system configuration, data migration, user training, and ongoing support.


Innowise offers support and maintenance services for Odoo, including updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance.


Finding an experienced software development partner requires careful research, considering such factors as the vendor’s experience, track record, expertise, client testimonials, and industry recognition. We at Innosise Group combine all these pros to deliver top-notch Odoo solutions and make your business prosper.


Need other services?

Web development
Our team of highly experienced web developers will design a custom solution suitable for your business.
Custom software development
Innowise develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries.
Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.
JavaScript development
We leverage the power of JavaScript to develop top-tier front-end software with responsive user experience.
PHP development
Our well-rounded developers use PHP as a general-purpose scripting language to build responsive web applications.

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