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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

IT consulting company

At Innowise, we believe that incorporating IT into business strategy facilitates enterprise growth and generates greater revenue, enabling a more streamlined, flexible, and efficient workflow. With + years of experience in software development, we are always eager to implement IT strategy or stand-alone projects integrating platform-based and custom solutions.

Tap into our expertise to help your business evolve with our high-end IT consulting services

Leverage the experience and deep technical background of Innowise’s experts to create a holistic IT strategy. Our IT consulting helps you automate and digitize operations, refine your software portfolio, and embrace cutting-edge technologies.


Enterprise architecture advisory

We help businesses drive reorganization efforts, granting them a comprehensive and evolving enterprise architecture. It implies a complete view of the information, guidelines, and roadmap directions that an enterprise should adhere to and enhance its IT systems with seamless junction interoperability.


Digital transformation consulting

We succeed in assisting businesses in their digital transition initiatives. Our consultants explore the organization by carefully considering its technology goals and budget. After a comprehensive audit is done, we propose solutions and ensure their smooth implementation.


IT service management assessment

With this service, enterprises get a clear vision of their current ITSM status and receive guidance on modifying processes to address future needs. After a detailed assessment, we support businesses in identifying vital projects that can upgrade their IT infrastructure.


Business process and cost optimization

Our IT consultants apply their expertise and tools to analyze clients' costs of operations, explore existing licensing contracts, and assess the use of your technologies. We dissect data collection scenarios and search for opportunities to streamline the workflow while rationalizing costs.


Program and project management

Whether it's rescuing a deviated project or developing methodologies to ensure the success of a future project, our talented program and project management have the required background to help our clients get there. We work hand in hand with our clients, guided by transparency and ultimate teamwork.


Software portfolio consulting

We carry out an in-depth analysis of how your business utilizes current enterprise software, including mobile strategy. Our consultants suggest necessary changes, new developments, and third-party solutions to bridge the gaps in technologies and expertise.


IT strategy consulting

We have years of experience in up-to-date technologies to help your company embark on a path to growth and profit. We take the time to understand your business and its unique needs to develop a personalized strategy for your company. Having the right technology at the core of operations is critical to growth.


Technology implementation

With the proper planning, new technology implementation can be a trouble-free process. Our proven implementation approach focuses on setting clear expectations, picking up the right team, delivering results proactively, and enabling seamless communication in any phase of the project.

Dedicated IT and software consulting services

Undergo a comprehensive software stack and architecture assessment, code review to be provided with a sustainable plan to modernize these areas.

IT audit

Seek assistance from our software audit consultants in your current IT infrastructure assessment to elaborate a robust optimization strategy.

Harness the power of the cloud to cut operational costs, boost scalability, and deliver unparalleled performance with our comprehensive cloud consulting services.

IT security consulting

Obtain an explicit cybersecurity strategy to empower your information security, risk management, and awareness programs.

Upgrade your software quality, automate processes and operations, so you have the flexibility to deploy your infrastructure and resources as needed.

IT infrastructure management

 Benefit from a full range of enterprise IT infrastructure services to keep your IT infrastructure reliable.

Remote work

Do business smarter by taking advantage of a remote workforce having anticipating all the risks related.

Hire our UI/UX design consultants to refine UX strategy, achieve responsiveness and authenticity of our current design, and provide an exceptional user experience.

Benefits of IT consulting services

IT consultants focus on transforming IT to boost company performance, maximize employee productivity, and optimize costs with a specified technology solution tailored to particular business goals.

Expert knowledge

For companies with their own full-time IT department, keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape is time-consuming and high-priced. Innowise offers top IT professionals with a dedicated knowledge base and experience.

Cost saving

Working with an IT consulting company allows paying only for the services and resources needed. In addition, collaborating with a dedicated team of experts means that all issues are identified earlier and fixed timely, helping drive CX and save resources.

Enhanced security

Businesses are always looking to improve security and ensure their data and related resources are well protected. We detect potential threats and offer preventive strategies to help companies secure sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Improved performance

Data-driven approach facilitates greater transparency and accountability in every business, streamlining the use of real-time information to draw predictions. Our IT consultants understand the power of data and use it effectively.

Reasonable refocusing

When companies hire IT consulting partners, business owners can delegate routine tasks and direct efforts to other critical areas rather than IT management. Instead, as a professional service provider, we assume this responsibility on their behalf.

Skills transfer

Companies need to educate and train their employees to expedite technology adoption. Hire IT consultants to ensure the employees know how to use the tools provided and apply them to maximize the benefits they can bring.

Minimized downtime

The downtime for internal servers or an organization’s website may affect the customer base. IT consultants offer a planned and measured approach to disaster recovery, system maintenance, and backup.
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An objective view

The cost of necessary upgrades and maintenance can be excessively high for many executives who make pivotal business decisions. An outsourced partner can share their expertise within the technologies and industries to support data-supported decision-making.

Our consulting services are worth it

We are focused on the matter and tailor a plan to succeed

Our expertise in technological domains

Innowise works side-by-side with clients to understand their difficulties and determine the strategy to address them effectively. We diligently inspect your industry challenges, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assess the IT environment’s current state to suggest exceptionally relevant improvements. Our knowledge and experience base allows us to deliver comprehensive consulting services in all technologies domains and core technologies.

  • NFT marketplaces
  • 3D NFT avatars
  • Wearable NFT clothing & accessories
  • NFT gifts & merchandise
  • NFT crypto artworks
  • NFT art museums
  • Metaverse avatars
  • 3D virtual replicas & digital twins
  • AI non-player characters (NPCs)
  • Metaverse virtual property
  • Metaverse events & concerts
  • Metaverse marketplaces
  • VR online stores
  • VR training apps
  • VR games, tours and presentations
  • Marker-based / less AR
  • GPS-based AR
  • Projection AR
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive analytics


  • Video conferencing
  • Live streaming
  • Mobile messaging
  • File sharing
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Connected devices
  • Remote sensors
  • Smart homes
  • Telematics
  • IoMT

Technologies we consult on

We submit a rich set of services as a part of our technology consulting. Thanks to our profound technology stack expertise, we deliver high-quality technology consulting services and meet your other technical needs at each collaboration stage, including ideation, planning, implementation and modernization if needed. Our skilled consultants have extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies, including but not limited to the following list.

Web apps
Data Streaming
Data Storages
React, Redux, Redux-Saga, RxJS, React-Native, Three.JS, NextJS
Angular, NgRx, NGXS, MobX, Formly, Ionic    
Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router, NuxtJS, Vue CLI, Vue Meta
Material, Ant Design, Apollo GraphQL, Protractor, Jasmine, Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Electron, SSR, Lodash, Date-FNS, CSS, SASS/SCSS, LESS, Lerna, TypeScript
Java, Spring Framework (Core, Data, Boot, Batch, Cloud, Security, Retry, MVC, AOP, Reactor), MapStruct, Lombok, WebFlux, Hibernate, JPA2, Kafka, Flyway, Microservices Architecture, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin.Forms, WPF, UWP, Stateless Architecture, Microservices, Azure Cloud (App Service, IoT Hub, Event Hub)
Django, Django Rest Framework, Flask, FastAPI, AsyncIo, AioHttp, Tornado, Celery, Microservices Architecture, Docker/Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB
DUKPT, Laravel, Symfony, Yii2, WordPress, Drupal, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, REST/SOAP/GraphQL API, OAuth, HTML, Twig, Swagger, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, Stripe, PayPal
NestJS, Koa, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS
Unity, Godot, Blender, Krita, Amplify Shader Editor, MapBox SDK, Unity IAP; Firebase SDK; ARCore, AR Foundation, ARKit, Vuforia; Google VR SDK, Steam VR SDK; Unity XR Platform SDK
Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Hanami, Padrino, Volt, EventMachine, Rack, Sidekiq, GraphQL, Web Socket, Swagger, JWT, OAuth
Go, gORM, Gin, protobuf, gRPC, AWS, GCP, Docker, Redis, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL
Rust, Rustup, Cargo, clap, structopt, argh, actix-web, gotham, nickel, rocket, axum, tide, warp, yew, wasm-bindgen, js-sys, web-sys, gloo. Games: amethyst, bevy, fyrox, piston, nannou, ggez, godot, raylib, SFML
STL/C++11/14/17/20, GCC, CLang, MSVC++, WinDBG, GDB, Visual Studio, QTCreator, VIM, VSCode, CMake, Makefile, Ninja, Conan, Vcpkg, Boost, opencv, poco, protobuf, gRPC, fmt, pybindll, spdlog, ranges_v3, tensorflow, opencl, Asio++, gtest/gmock, cppunit, QT, catch2, google profiler, pytorch c++, chromium
Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine, C++, C, C#, Blueprints, UAT, UE4 Shader Graph, Unity URP HLSL, OpenGL ES
Cobol, GnuCOBOL, VSAM, JCL, TSO/ISPF, XPEDITER, FileAid, Changeman, CICS, Hostbridge, SQL/DB2, Endevor, Visual Studio, TACL, FTP, SFTP, SCOBOL, DDL, ENFORM, eInspect, Batchcom
Objective-C/Swift, MVP, MVVM, Clean Swift, SnapKit, GCD, Alamofire, URLSession, MapKit, CoreLocation, XCTest, CoreData
Java/Kotlin, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture, AAC (ViewModel, LiveData, Lifecycle, Navigation Component, Paging), Dagger2, Hilt, RxJava 2, Coroutines, Retrofit, ViewBinding, JUnit, Mockito, Robolectric, detekt, SQLite + Room
Bloc, Clean Architecture, Flutter, Dart async, RxDart, Dart Streams, Navigator 2.0, GetIt, Mocktail, SQFlite
React Native
React-Native, React-Navigation, Redux, Redux-Saga, TypeScript, StyleSheet, Firebase, Styled-Components
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), DynamoDB, Relational Database Service (RDS), AWS Lambda, ElastiCache, CloudSearch
Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Web Apps, Azure Functions, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Notification Hub, Azure AI, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hub, Azure Tables, Azure Queue, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Azure Content Delivery Network, Azure Application Insights, Azure Kubernetes, Azure SQL
Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Bigtable
SAP ABAP 7.5+, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JSON, SAP S/4Hana(HANA DB, AMDP, CDS-extractors), SAP S/4Hana Cloud Public, SAP FI, SAP SD, SAP RE, SAP SCM, SAP HCM, SAP BTP ,SAP RAP and CAP,ADT Eclipse, SOAP, OData APIs, ABAP Proxy, FTP, SFTP, IDOC, DBOC,PBF Adobe form, XSTL, MWB, S/4Hana migration, ALV Grid, ALV Tree
Salesforce, Apex code, Visualforce,, Customer 360 Platform, Lightning Web Components, REST/SOAP API

We take no shortcuts on quality

Leverage our experience and a solid technology stack

Industries we serve

For + years, Innowise has closely worked with clients to overcome challenges and help implement robust industry-specific solutions. Regardless of the industry, our team of professionals offers end-to-end consulting services, competent advice, and continuous support.

Finance and banking

  • Online banking
  • Digital wallets
  • Stock exchange software
  • Trading platforms
  • KYC solutions


  • Electronic health record systems (EHR)
  • Practice management software (PMS)
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • mHealth applications


  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Distance learning platforms
  • School management software

Transportation and logistics

  • Predictive inventory planning
  • Supply chain analysis tools
  • Route planning applications
  • Traffic prediction systems
  • Self-driving vehicles

Retail and eCommerce

  • eCommerce platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Digital auctions
  • Real-time chatbots
  • Sales analytics systems

Media and entertainment

  • Live streaming platforms
  • Virtual events platforms
  • Social networking applications
  • Personalized content delivery


  • Fleet management systems
  • Connected vehicles
  • Remote vehicle control
  • Vehicle navigation software


  • ERP systems
  • Data processing software
  • IoT applications
  • Digital twins
  • Predictive maintenance

Hire an IT consultant

Specialized knowledge is a crucial benefit that IT consulting specialists deliver. Whether it’s about process optimization or testing existing software, IT consultants from Innowise work on the issue highlighted by a client and provide advice based on our knowledge. We have + years of dedicated experience and over + professionals always willing to harness their knowledge for your benefit.

We are ready to share our expertise

Innowise has a pool of dedicated consulting specialists to cover any request

Our IT consulting process

For more than years, Innowise group has been helping businesses of all sizes and domains qualitatively change their IT strategies. We have a team of professionals with a solid knowledge base and profound experience. It allows us to offer a personalized approach to IT consulting to produce the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.
We discuss the current state of the client's business, existing possibilities, and primary roadblocks. Then, we identify areas that the client needs to rethink and optimize. To ease collaboration, we create a project proposal taking care of the execution.
Project proposal
Before the project is launched, we present a detailed overview of the scope of work, team size and composition. This step is pivotal to ensure all needs will be met and covered before the project is started.
We cooperate one-on-one or hold team meetings via chosen means of communication. Consulting comprises the number of sessions according to contract terms. Not only do we deliver the roadmap, but also help execute the proposed changes.
After the new strategy has been incorporated, the business never stops growing and we help by optimizing and scaling operations. The market demands are constantly changing, and the customers' expectations evolve. We know it and consider it while enhancing the strategy implemented.

Why IT consulting with Innowise

We believe that the success of our clients defines our success, and we are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with each and every client.


High responsiveness

We understand the importance of obtaining immediate feedback. We guarantee swift responses to all inquiries, always take the time to recognize a request or concern and start collaboration to help develop a strategy that will drive positive changes in your business.


Verified experience

Our clients employ our industry-specific expertise and broad technology stack. With + years of experience under our belt, we have helped to bring to life projects for businesses of all sizes to facilitate improved results. We are here to support clients in their future ideas and projects.


Tech-savvy approach

Since Innowise’s foundation, we have released multiple projects for a variety of businesses. With each new client’s request, we share fresh ideas and smart solutions, allowing us to constantly improve the tools and methods we apply. We stand for cost-effectiveness while staying innovative.


Client first

Working with us, you can expect personalized service from the outset. We believe that excellence is the key to the success of our collaboration and strive for it in everything we do. Our company unites the people who work tirelessly and meticulously to achieve your goals and surpass expectations.


The scope and volume of technical resources allocated are generally defined by the project specifics, timing requests, and the scale of operations. 

At Innowise, we help manage your technology resources, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs. We ensure that your business goals align with your IT infrastructure and allow organizations to explore new and emerging IT solutions, adapting them to their benefit.

IT consulting services enable businesses to evaluate technology strategies and implement them. This process covers IT health checks, infrastructure audits, architecture, project management, and recovery strategy recommendations.

IT consultants identify the downsides of a particular business, offer helpful solutions and help facilitate improvements. Our consultants are knowledgeable experts in the tech field who are always eager to share their insights and skills.

The strategic consulting engagement manager plans and holds meetings between consulting companies and clients to find appropriate solutions and strengthen partnerships.

Need other services?

Custom software development
Innowise develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process
Legacy modernization services
We update or replace outdated technology systems with modern solutions to meet current business needs.
Digital transformation
Innowise guides businesses and enterprises along their digital transformation path
Cloud development
We develop cloud-based apps, transfer client-server software to the cloud, and support cloud applications
Mobile development
We design iOS & Android mobile apps based on the global trends and technological advancements
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality.

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    We sign a contract and start working on your project as quickly as possible.

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