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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Digital transformation services

We believe that the future begins today and strive to provide our customers with digital transformation services of all kinds. Being a real digital transformation company, Innowise helps get an edge.

The rapidly evolving digital technology world provides a wide range of opportunities to launch smart digital operating models and strategies. A digital enterprise holistically rearranges the way business is run by establishing entirely new processes with advanced technologies like AR, IoT and 5G, AI and ML. With Innowise’s experts on board, we help our customers progress seamlessly in their digital transformation path.

We render digital transformation services that aid businesses in their intentions to automate operations by introducing out-of-the-box solutions to drive the digital transformation agenda and produce more value for their customers. Our consultants develop a customized DX framework based on business-specific challenges and demands, drawing on profound industry expertise.

Build better projects with Microsoft Solutions Partner

The partnership with Microsoft marks us as a trusted collaborator for businesses seeking to leverage AI for their digital transformation efforts.

Through our affiliation, we can offer our clients robust AI solutions and tools, critical for creating smarter applications and managing data effectively. The recognition from Microsoft also positions us as a reliable partner able to meet specific customer demands.

Digital transformation services we provide

We allow enterprises to reassess the outdated operating models, striving to become more flexible and transparent in response to industry demands. At Innowise, we thoroughly guide businesses along the DX journey with the services we provide.

IT modernization

We update software to cut unnecessary costs and maintenance burdens imposed by outdated technologies. IT systems modernization is possible if enterprises digitalize their core business processes, build new models, and apply cutting-edge technologies.

Digital strategy development

Digitalization is on today’s agenda, yet it’s challenging as digital transformation is about extensive and sound planning and strategy development. We assist businesses in building a comprehensive digital strategy to expedite the smooth transition.

IT consulting services vary from developing a long-term digital innovation strategy to immediate modifications. Our experienced IT consultants deliver an agile approach and leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of digital transformation.

Data and analytics, including big data development services, can enhance productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and optimize asset utilization. Get your data aggregated, stored, and structured to enable predictive analytics and reporting.

Our holistic cloud migration services ensure a smooth data transition from on-premises servers to the cloud. It helps enterprises achieve better scalability, reduce operational costs, streamline performance, and enable digital experience.

Enterprise system integration

Innowise seamlessly integrates programs and communications into a common core, enabling data transfer between systems, simplifying IT processes, and growing business agility.

Experience digital transformation with Innowise

We will be your reliable guide on the way to business digitalization

Digital transformation solutions we offer

Digitalization changes business models and processes, making them more customer-oriented. We develop custom solutions that combine best industry practices and our distinguished expertise.

We enable our customers to make data-driven decisions. With our profound expertise, we offer comprehensive BI consulting, implementation, support. Innowise harnesses data to increase business efficiency, improve risk management, and streamline data quality control.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
We develop, implement, test, and support CRM solutions, helping businesses recognize the value of their customers and benefit from improved customer relationships.
Over time, businesses are exposed to enterprise resource planning, replacing outdated and ineffective spreadsheets. With our custom ERP systems, companies collect and organize key business information to cut costs and improve performance.
Human Resources Management (HRM)
We create customized HRM solutions that meet specific business requirements in human resource management. Our customers access the best benefits, time-saving technology, premium service, and dedicated support.
Digital workplace solutions
Platform-based solutions (Atlassian, Salesforce), collaboration software (knowledge and innovation management, project collaboration), mobile applications, AI-powered tools (chatbots) are what we deliver to arrange a digital workplace environment.
Cloud computing solutions
Innowise is a reliable provider of cloud computing solutions. We develop custom solutions from the ground up and provide seamless migration of the system to the cloud, granting businesses more availability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
Enterprise security
These solutions refer to data protection enforcement, penetration testing, network encryption, digital signatures, authentication. We combine best practices and our own expertise to help companies avoid compromising their systems' confidentiality, integrity, or availability.
Omnichannel solutions
To scale and stay competitive, businesses need to make sure they meet customers where they are, use their devices, and deliver consistent messaging. Omnichannel solutions break the boundaries between the store, social media, mobile, email, web, phone, providing a refined customer experience.

How we implement digital transformation

Conducting audit
Identifying what to transform first
Aligning strategy and digital transformation
Implementing proof-of-concept project
Establishing partnership relationships

Benefits of digital transformation consulting with Innowise

Our digital transformation consultants support businesses on their unique digital transformation path and facilitate the successful adoption of digital technologies. We conduct an in-depth analysis of a company’s technology infrastructure and business processes to boost performance and ensure continuous growth.

At Innowise we deliver cost-effective and time-saving results as can be seen in:

Eliminated paper and manual data records by digitalizing and automating document management Minimized downtime thanks to automation implementation and increased efficiency of operational processes Enhanced customer experience due to data-driven findings

Cooperation model

Innowise, an IT outsourcing company, offers four collaboration models; each of them can be adjusted to your digital transformation requirements.

You have an idea. We have a solution. You can benefit from sustainable consulting on the technical implementation of your concept. These services include supporting clients’ IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning. After consulting, we are fully committed to developing an end-to-end solution.

Turnkey product development

We thoroughly cover end-to-end software development and staff our team with the best-suited IT professionals. Innowise takes full responsibility for project management and the end-product quality. Our development teams provide total transparency and comprehensive communication to give our clients the opportunity to be utterly aware of the project execution.

Development outsourcing

We assemble a dedicated development team guided by the project manager and team lead on our side. The scope of our responsibility covers resource management, task assignment, and implementation control. This cooperation model implies that the client remains in charge of the product management while Innowise is responsible for the development process.

Our specialists can work with your team, providing comprehensive support throughout the product development journey. Outstaffed professionals work under your direct supervision while Innowise covers expenses related to employment. The team augmentation model aims to speed up the development process, streamlining delivery and reducing in-house staff costs.

Digital transformation business process

We start with dedicated software development and successfully incorporate it into your operation framework. Innowise helps accelerate workflows, reduce human efforts, and minimize resource consumption.

We work to understand business processes and existing enterprise systems to produce a plan considering all the pitfalls.
With a carefully developed winning strategy, it's time to start transforming key systems and flows.
When the main changes are successfully implemented, the overall strategy needs to be extended.
Nothing works forever, so to keep up with the latest technology advancements, the digital transformation path has to be revisited.

Start your digital transformation journey with us

Learn more about its value and the first steps for its implementation

The technology for digital business transformation

Our skilled minds help businesses estimate the effectiveness of their processes and assess available transformation capacity to introduce advanced technologies to enable digital transformation.

ML technologies help enhance performance throughout the business, and partnering with an artificial intelligence development company can be a strategic move. They are especially effective in IT and security, customer service, business operations and decision making, finance and accounting, and human resources.

Combining rich data analysis and autonomous sensors, IoT streamlines business efficiency through process automation. There are pivotal processes that can be optimized, including manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, security, healthcare and more.

Being empowered with a peer-to-peer (P2P) network topology, the blockchain enhances the transparency of transactions. It encourages cross-border transaction performance growth, data resiliency, and security enhancement while keeping business costs low.

This concept refers to delivering a range of computing resources on-demand over remote networks. This allows enterprises to operate flexibly, efficiently, and inexpensively scale their infrastructure.

Enterprises invest in big data to explore large datasets and gain insightful market intelligence, uncover customer preferences, launch smarter recommendations and targeting.

As a leading VR development company, we can claim that, when AR, VR, and MR become more accessible and affordable, it demonstrates business benefits, from helping boost productivity to communicating with customers in new and unique ways.

Industries we serve

Innowise has 17 years of expertise developing and implementing top-of-the-line digital transformation solutions for a broad range of business domains. Our highly skilled and committed team covers any industry-specific needs.

Our team helps healthcare providers entrench a digital mindset and reshape their relationships with patients by introducing a new way to deliver care: enhanced system interoperability, improved data accuracy, personalized patient support.
We stand ready to provide digital transformation solutions for retailers and eCommerce market participants. Our technical excellence in this domain allows brands to boost customer experience, streamline supply chains, and automate fulfillment.
Finance and banking
With our experience in technology and knowledge of financial functions, capital markets, and finance software development, we develop robust IT solutions to help financial institutions handle workflows efficiently, gain accurate financial analytics, and upgrade customer relationship management.
Media and entertainment
Bring our dedicated team to the table to drive innovations in the media and entertainment business. We consistently produce custom solutions for generating and sharing data-empowered content.
The digital transformation in education aims to digitize processes and products to drive the accessibility of learning for everyone and make learning content and methodologies attractive and viable. Innowise is a leading company in the development of education solutions.
Digital transformation in manufacturing is applying technology to increase work efficiency, improve the quality of manufactured goods, upgrade the customer experience (e.g., simplify the ordering process) and implement custom manufacturing software to streamline production processes.

Pricing options for our services

We can empower your digital transformation project with professionals of excellent proficiency: software architects, back- and front-end developers, QA and PM support, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, and business analysts.

We stand for delivering quality software development services at a reasonable price to meet the client’s budget and requests. And the final cost of each project is defined by a multitude of factors, including the following:

Team size
Team composition
Team members level
Project complexity
Duration of the project
Cooperation model
Team size
Team composition
Team members level
Project complexity
Duration of the project
Cooperation model

Reach out to our experts to evaluate your project

Innowise delivers the results at a fair price based on your objectives

Why Innowise?

Our software development team delivers compelling digital transformation solutions that drive meaningful change to our customers’ business profiles.

Fine-tuned digital transformation strategy

By introducing the digital transformation strategy that is entirely in line with each business’ specific needs, we help automate workflows and streamline collaboration on all organizational levels allowing them to serve customers seamlessly.

Cost-efficient R&D

We highlight cost-effective R&D as one of our benchmarks, as we have streamlined two main components of R&D: data collection and simulation. With the right SaaS-based products, we have profoundly improved touchpoint-specific data collection. Due to the ease of data availability, creating multiple simulations based on customer profiles has never been simpler.

Evolving technologies

As digital technologies change continuously, enterprises seek new ways to incorporate them into their business processes. We leverage ML, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, AR/VR/MR, and other cutting-edge technologies for our customers’ benefit.

Enhanced processes

Innovative enterprises become more agile and responsive to market trends and demands. We keep up with their aspirations and implement automated document handling, CRM, HRM, ERP, and other systems to streamline workflows.


If an organization plans to embark on a digital transformation project, it should consider four core areas: technology, data, process, and organizational change capability.

Digital transformation is about profound business process modernization, both cultural and technological. There are some examples worth considering: 

  • Using design thinking to analyze and improve the interaction with customers
  • Implementing automated customer service
  • Automating employee performance management

Digital transformation consultants explore the required data sources, assess data analysis tools, identify technology gaps, project data analytics solutions from scratch, or enhance the solution already in use. Once the solution is deployed, digital transformation consultants train business users to make data-empowered decisions.

The companies can start their DX journey using the wait-for-digital-success-proof approach, a solid long-term plan to change their business background profoundly, or the gradual digital skills accumulation to create a flexible strategy.

Digital transformation strategies fundamentally modify products, processes, and organizational aspects through innovative technologies from a business-oriented perspective.

A digital transformation path implies five vital domains: 

  • customer 
  • competition
  • data
  • innovation
  • value

Need other services?

Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project
Custom software development
Innowise is a leading mobile app development company that develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries
Cloud development
We develop cloud-based apps, transfer client-server software to the cloud, and support cloud applications
Mobile development
We design iOS and Android mobile apps, as an iOS app development company, we are dedicated to staying up-to-date with global trends and technological advancements. Our expertise lies in Xamarin app development services.
Blockchain development
Skyrocket your business development and profits with our top-notch blockchain services
AR/VR development
Our company delivers highly-immersive AR/VR software along with consulting and solution support services
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality.

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