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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

.NET MAUI development company

.NET MAUI (also known as .NET Multi-platform App UI) is a powerful cross-platform tool that is capable of delivering both mobile and desktop applications. Its major benefits include a convenient layout engine to design pages as well as numerous page versions for producing rich navigation types. Innowise develops .NET MAUI apps from scratch as well as outsources the expertise of the company’s in-house professionals.

Do you have a .NET MAUI project in mind?

What is .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI (.NET Multi-Platform App UI) is a new cross-platform framework released by Microsoft. Using this technology, it is possible to develop applications on all desktop and mobile operating systems simultaneously. On this basis, Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS applications can work from a single shared code-base.

As a cross-platform solution, using .NET MAUI is much more cost-effective and faster than building separate native apps for each platform. Thus, a business owner can save money on hiring a few .NET MAUI developers rather than several dedicated teams for specific platforms. Another benefit is that most of the job is done simultaneously for all the targeted platforms (if there is no extra platform-specific functionality), which helps accelerate time-to-market and reach a larger audience.


.NET MAUI app development services

Our experts utilize the potential of .NET Multi-platform App UI to the fullest by making modern and user-friendly cross-platform applications. We can develop .NET MAUI apps that fit any project and design requirements, even the most complicated ones, as well as maintain and support them. Our .NET MAUI in-house teams provide the following services, listed below.

.NET MAUI Android app development

We can upgrade your Android application or build it from scratch. Based on the advanced MAUI platform, it will be both lightweight and have quick performance.

.NET MAUI iOS app development

Innowise is an iOS app development company, and also creates a custom MAUI application for Apple devices. A competitive iOS app will facilitate business growth and bring new clients.

.NET MAUI cross-platform app development

As a leading mobile app development company, our specialists can develop a whole package of applications for several OS simultaneously, e.g. for desktop and mobile, and for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

.NET MAUI desktop development

Innowise’s professionals build proper applications for desktop operating systems as well. We make such apps for Windows, and MacOS.

.NET MAUI app design

Our first-rate specialists create eye-catching and intuitive design, which will help your project stand out from the competition and drive more conversions.

.NET MAUI app testing and QA

Before release, our QA process ensures that the app is fully optimized and addresses all vulnerabilities so that clients don’t need to deal with any unexpected bugs.

Migrating Xamarin.Forms apps to .NET MAUI

Innowise also provides relevant Xamarin app development services to migrate code from Xamarin.Forms applications to the advanced and modern .NET MAUI platform.

.NET MAUI app support and maintenance

Even after the release, Innowise continues to support clients’ apps. Our specialists will monitor, maintain and enhance the application at a client’s request.

Dedicated .NET MAUI developers for hire

Turn to us to fill the gap in .NET MAUI knowledge and hire specialists for your projects who will bring valuable expertise to the existing in-house team.

Hire dedicated .NET MAUI developers

Hire our dedicated in-house developers who can optimize your project’s performance. Innowise’s in-house professionals can develop apps on the .NET MAUI platform from scratch, as we did for Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin.Native. We can also arrange migration to this new platform. If you hire our .NET MAUI experts, you’ll be able to redirect the team’s resources to other important areas and tasks. Besides, as a leading IT advisory company, we provide consultations and training sessions on the tricky aspects of working with the platform.

Does your project require experienced .NET MAUI developers?

Innowise is here to help

.NET MAUI vs Xamarin vs Flutter vs React Native for your development

Innowise offers a variety of mobile app development services, depending on the client’s particular request. However, before choosing a technology to develop a cross-platform application, we advise looking at different solutions and studying our comparative table.

React NativeFlutterXamarinMAUI
First emerged2015201720112022
Developed byFacebookGoogleMicrosoftMicrosoft
Programming languageJavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, JavaDartC# with .NET environment and XAMLC# with .NET environment and XAML
PerformanceClose to nativeHigh-endClose to nativeClose to native
UIUse native UI controlsUse proprietary UI widgetsUse native UI controlsUse native UI controls
ToolsNo official IDEAndroid StudioVisual StudioVisual Studio

Features of .NET MAUI applications

For native device features, .NET MAUI offers cross-platform APIs. Below we list some common use cases of functionality granted by .NET MAUI for getting access to device features.

Advantages of .NET MAUI application development

.NET Multi-platform App UI is a new framework that Microsoft has released. It can be used to create complex scalable cross-platform applications and run on main desktop and mobile operating systems. MAUI also combines the most important libraries one can easily configure. Innowise has a strong in-house team capable of developing from scratch or joining the ongoing .NET MAUI projects.

Cross-platform development

Innowise builds .NET MAUI apps that can run simultaneously on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS using a single code base.

Consistent UI design

.NET MAUI allows developers to use shared UI layout and design across multiple platforms and ensure their harmonization.

Graphics functionality

.NET MAUI developers can handle any drawing needs using its drawing canvas to create, paint or transform shapes and images.

Platform specific customization

We can customize applications for a specific OS or access native device features, depending on customer requirements.

Optimized for speed

Our development team also ensures enhanced performance and reduced application weight due to .NET 6.

Instant modifications

Thanks to .NET hot reload, developers can debug or update the code while the app is running and observe the results immediately.

Custom UI design patterns

The new .NET MAUI architecture allows Innowise’s professionals to render controls and provides custom control for UI.

Blazor support

The Multi-platform App UI also has support for the Blazor framework, hence we can use it to create hybrid mobile apps with web interfaces.


.NET MAUI is a fully open-source framework, supported by Microsoft, hence, excludes any possible vulnerabilities.

Are you looking for a .NET MAUI application development company?

Innowise will bring real value to your project

Why choose Innowise as a .NET MAUI development company

We have worked with Xamarin. Forms since 2016 and our experts are fully skilled in cross-platform application development. With the release of .NET MAUI, our in-house developers have immediately studied the new platform and brought it into use. Hence, by choosing Innowise, our clients will get the following competitive advantages.

  • Saving time and efforts through well-adjusted collaboration;
  • Obtaining tailored-made solutions for a specific project; hitting the demand by putting the best market practices to
  • Outpacing the competition by putting the best technologies into practice.

A cross-platform app is essential for absolutely any business since it enables it to reach a wider audience. The sooner such an app appears, the sooner a company can enjoy a new source of revenue growth. Most importantly, a well-established connection with customers through an app is always great for a company’s brand image.

Ivan Shatuho

Head of Global Delivery at Innowise

Cost of .NET MAUI application development services

The fundamental factors in calculating development cost include the project’s complexity, duration, and the salary of the core developers. Innowise offers merit-based and competitive costs. Most of our specialists are based in Eastern Europe with respective hourly rates, yet the quality of their work is top-notch. Below we list the essential factors that affect the .NET MAUI development cost.

Project complexity
Duration of the project
The team size
The team composition
Professional level of developers
Cooperation model

.NET Multi-platform App UI development process

At Innowise, we put our best efforts to bring valuable solutions that perfectly suit the business needs of our clients. Our in-house experts remain in touch with the client at every application development stage for requests and adjustments. Below we list the basic stages of what a .NET MAUI app creation looks like.

Innowise collects data about a client’s project and relevant competitors, as well as discusses goals and expectations of the final product.
UI/UX design
Our professionals then create a UI/UX design so that the app's main functions are properly defined and visualized.
The development team starts an implementation phase based on the chosen OS with the integration of class libraries, API creation, etc.
Testing and QA
In this multi-step process, Innowise’s teams check for the presence of vulnerabilities and bugs, and fix them.
After the release of the app, we also maintain it, as well as make any changes and adjustments at a client’s request.

Are you looking for .NET MAUI mobile app development services?

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Our customers on working with us

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Innowise has completed the first MVP within three months. Since the collaboration has been effective and the team has been highly focused on our goals, the number of the vendor’s team has increased.

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Marco Scarpa Technical PM Beantech S.r.
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Innowise has completed many projects and consistently performs well on their tasks. Their results-driven approach allows them to quickly scale their efforts depending on the required deliverables.

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Joakim Rosen Lead Developer YouWish AS
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Innowise has built an amazing application from scratch in an amazingly short time of just about 3 weeks. Their seniority and in-depth experience in this field make them valuable partners.

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Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG


Suppose a project requires an application that has to be initialized on all devices and reach audiences from both App Store and Google Play store. In that case, .NET MAUI can be an excellent solution. With a cross-platform UI toolkit, .NET MAUI app development requires less time and cost. There is no need to employ different specialists for each platform, and the development workflow is done simultaneously for all the necessary platforms.

Yes, this platform opens up new horizons for different sectors of companies. With .NET MAUI, it is already possible to create applications that can access device functions such as battery status, network, accelerometers, and even GPS.

Innowise analyzes the client’s requirements and suggests the best possible release terms. Drop us a line, and our team will come up with a competitive plan.


At the moment, a.NET MAUI is a release candidate with a “go live” support policy, so that it is possible to explore new tools and different methods, migrate code and test it in real-time, as well as create full-fledged production apps on .NET MAUI supported by Microsoft.


Need other services?

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.NET development
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UI/UX design
Innowise creates responsive, immersive, and intuitive UI/UX design based on your ideas and our creative skills.
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality.
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