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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

React.js development company

Innowise provides highly-specialized React.js development specialists with extensive experience in completing business-driving projects for a wide range of industries, including finance and banking, EdTech, eCommerce, logistics, entertainment, and others. We have been enriching frontends with React.js powers for years. Now we are able to dedicate our expertise to your tasks and goals from web applications and websites to scalable enterprise systems and SPAs. So be our guest and learn exactly what we can help you with.

Looking for specialists to develop web applications using React.js?

Discuss your business idea with us and we will bring it to life using the best React practices.

React.js development from scratch

React.js is among the top libraries for the creation of high-performance, scalable application interfaces. Our specialists have collected sufficient expertise over the years to use its potential to the max.

Custom React.js development

In addition to being feature-rich, the powers of React.js enable us to build truly unique custom products based on customers’ needs.

Migration to React.js

You can migrate your solutions to the React.js-based environment, and our experts will help implement the necessary upgrades.

Dedicated team with React.js developers

Are you looking for dedicated professionals for your project? Innowise boasts experienced teams for front-end web development with React.js.You can select your own team members based on your preferences.

React.js Native app development

React.js Native is one of the most advanced frameworks for full-cycle mobile development today. We use it to create cross-platform mobile apps that run as fast and smooth as native alternatives.

React.js consulting and support

Still not sure about what type of tech stack would be perfect for your future project? We have savvy experts who will help you make the best choice from the tech stack, including the React.js solutions.

React.js development - our exclusive solutions

Our specialists cover both standard and advanced areas of React.js software development, such as blockchain, microfrontends, and much more. We are experienced market players to help you tackle software development areas including the following.

Web3 development (blockchain)
Web3 web development with React.js gives you versatile server architectures powered by blockchain or P2P network for ultimate connectivity at a high level of data privacy and control.
Microfrontends with React.js
Microfrontends are specific microservices that can be based on React.js as well. They allow our specialists to develop, deploy, and maintain separate services independently of each other, granting the convenience of modular architectures.
SPA development
SPA or Single Page Applications are a specific type of web applications where a single HTML wrapper constrains all existing web pages. This approach to web development greatly improves the user experience and guarantees faster loading of web content.
PWA development
PWA or Progressive Web Application is an advanced solution that allows a website to function like an app. As a result, users enjoy a super-fast native-like experience.
Web development with React.js
React.js allows our engineers to complete feature-rich, high-performance front-ends as a part of bigger projects dedicated to more complex solutions.
JAMstack development
JAMstack is a web development concept that uses a completely new software architecture based on JavaScript, APIs and markup (JAM) that helps us ensure a higher level of database security and resistance to hacker attacks.

React.js development benefits

Innowise is your trustworthy and reliable partner when it comes to a range of React.js development initiatives and ideas. We deliver scalable solutions completed with relevant tech stacks and provide you with React.js development services that boast the following features:

Rapid development

React.js is one of the fastest front-end development tools today that combines flexibility and simplicity, allowing us to reuse previously created components in new projects. This approach significantly speeds up the launch of the project and allows developers to avoid repetitive work.

Enhanced performance

React.js is renowned for “branded” features such as a Virtual DOM, one-way data binding, and hot load. All these features significantly improve the rendering of speed-demanding content, simplify the designation of dependencies for developers, as well as speed up the development process in general.


React is one of the most flexible libraries for use in the development of websites and web applications. React.js-based projects are very easy to scale and integrate with third-party solutions built with other tools and languages.

Reusable components

With React.js, there is an opportunity to reuse previously created components both within the same project and in new, fundamentally different ones. It gives developers an opportunity to focus all their efforts on creating specific business logic instead of writing typical code for typical components.

Steep learning curve

React.js almost doesn’t require developers to have any special knowledge other than JS. Thus, being React.js-proficient is only a default skill of our specialists, in addition to deep knowledge, many years of experience, carefully selected soft skills, and competence.

Unidirectional data flow

One-way data flow is a typical characteristic of software development with React.js that grants flexibility for developers and minimizes the number of edits when making changes to the project.

Quick rendering

React.js library provides high-speed rendering that guarantees rapid loading of time-sensitive data such as videos, high-resolution images, and UI elements that require instant response to user actions.

Better SEO and UX

We create top-of-the-line Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA), both of which boost SEO indexing results through content delivery quality and excellent performance. React.js helps us to smooth out the UX, ensuring high availability and low resource demands.

Code stability

The key feature of the React.js library is the ability to create a composition from separate code components. Although these components can be written by different people in React.js, they always work well together, granting high stability to the program code.

Looking to hire a dedicated React.js developer?

You’re on the right track! With our specialists, you will get the best this library has to offer.

Where and when do React.js development services excel?

Although React.js js is well-known for high-performance rates, steep learning curves, and reusable components for almost all types of software solutions, there are specific areas where React.js development truly excels.


Lightning-fast user interfaces

Interactive web applications require a highly responsive user interface, and not all frameworks and libraries can handle it. React’s JS Virtual DOM enables the instant rendering of such performance-demanding components as video and high-resolution images, as well as interactive interface elements.


Highly-productive frontend teams

Software engineers often prioritize React.js web development for a consistently high quality of code that can be implemented in the shortest terms possible. It’s especially important when one of the key aspects of the project implementation is its speed.


Scalable web applications

To make sure that you will be able to expand the functionality of your web application over time with minimal financial and time costs, we recommend using React.js development services.

Angular vs. React.js: What to choose for your web solution?

Even though React.js remains among the leading front-end development solutions, still it has competitors. For example, React.js is often compared to Angular. So let’s answer the question: “Angular vs. React.js: which is better for web development?”

FeaturesAngular 2+React.js
First emerged20162013
Developed and maintained byGoogleFacebook
Programming languageTypeScriptJavaScript syntax, TypeScript
Known projectsGoogle, Microsoft, IBM, Telegram, PayPal, Forbes, Upwork, General Motors, Deutsche Bank, etc.Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, Airbnb, Atlassian, Uber, Dropbox, Discord, etc.
PerformanceHighHigher than in the Angular’s case
DOMReal DOMVirtual DOM
Data bindingTwo-way data bindingOne-way data binding
Dynamic UI bindingPlain object/property level UI bindingStates are linked directly to the UI
User experienceHas a very strict syntax, which limits developers from creating many features for the convenience of end-usersVery flexible in use, which allows developers to implement even the most non-trivial functionality
Perfect forCreation of solutions for different platformsCreation of web apps with dynamic data

Our technology stack and platforms

With more than successfully implemented projects, Innowise is your React.js application development company of choice when it comes to smart solutions that tackle your business needs. Here are the tools we use to achieve that:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Azure jQuery UI
  • Azure Kendo UI
  • Material UI
  • Ant design
State managers
  • Redux
  • MobX
  • RxJS
Mobile frameworks
  • React Native
Cross-platform development tools
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

Would you like to get the most relevant React.js developer tools for your project?

Contact us to discuss your project!

Our React.js development process

Over the years, we have tailored our own approach to a software development cycle and optimized it stage by stage. Smooth alignment of processes enables us to achieve better code, faster development, and time-saving. As a result, we are able to generate more profit for our clients. Let’s take a look at how we manage the processes in our React.js development company:

Product concept development
We dive into the client’s requirements and collect technical and non-technical requests. Then we carefully plan out future project workflow with milestones and deadlines.
User-centric design
With a comprehensive project roadmap, we work on the initial design and show the client a working prototype for approval.
Product architecture
The product’s backbone is built according to the approved prototype, and the architecture serves as the foundation for the subsequent React.js web app development.
Coding and programming
As we have already created the right architecture, we start working with the “backbone” by hardcoding and integrating backend and frontend features, creating business logic, and adding other elements which are thoroughly tested before getting finalized.
Quality assurance
At this stage, our QA specialists conduct in-depth testing of the product for compliance with generally accepted software usability standards. Thanks to this, we provide an excellent user experience for your future software solution.
Maintenance and support
We provide regular post-release updates according to the changing needs and expectations of the product’s target audience. There is always room for perfection so we regularly troubleshoot post-launch technical issues and configure the product in new deployment locations.

Why choose Innowise as a React.js development company

Innowise offers integrity, reliability, and expertise obtained throughout years of hard work with React.js. Over time, we have developed an extensive pool of specialists that have completed hundreds of projects for + clients. Now they are ready to provide their expertise in outsourcing React.js development. You can also hire some of our dedicated front-end React developers for a long-term project.
“React.js is currently one of the most advanced tools in web development. Everything we use every day – Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Netflix – is based on React.js. As for our specialization, we use React.js to create highly responsive, interactive web solutions with the best user experience. This tool is very convenient, it helps to implement projects very quickly. In general, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for building your project, just choose React.js. Our developers will bring your business idea to life in the best possible way.”
Dmitry Nazarevich
CTO at Innowise

Available React developers for hire

Victor M.
Senior React Developer 5+ years of experience
Senior React Developer with technical proficiency in different Front-end technologies and 5+ years of experience in web based application development, Front-end/Back-end stack development, design for web interfaces.
Request full CV
Anthony F.
Middle React Developer 3+ years of experience
Experienced Developer with technical proficiency in different software technologies including React, backend development using NestJS, blockchain technologies, and practical experience with Rust and C++.
Request full CV
Matthew P.
Senior React Developer 5+ years of experience
Senior Software Developer with over 5+ years of experience mainly focusing on building web applications with React and Redux, coding layouts with HTML/CSS and programming interactive web applications.
Request full CV
Max F.
Senior React Developer 5+ years of experience
Knowledgeable React Developer with over 5 years of experience in mobile apps and progressive web apps development with React and React-Native technologies.
Request full CV
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React.js: all your questions answered

If you are looking to hire React developers at reasonable costs, you should take into account their level of expertise and geography. If we are talking about specialists located in the United States, they usually have an hourly rate in the range of $60-150 per hour. As for their colleagues from CEE and Baltic regions (for example, from Ukraine), the lowest rate for a React developer usually starts at $35 per hour.

You don’t need special hosting to run your React.js solution. In general, projects based on the library boast extensive compatibility with third-party solutions. All you need is just to choose a hosting from one of the reliable providers like Firebase, Netlify, Back4App, AWS S3, etc.

React.js is a very flexible library that is compatible with most third-party integrations. In particular, React.js-based components can be used to integrate with a range of web applications. Similarly, you can embed components written with other tools in your React web application.

The main programming language for working with React is JavaScript. However, large projects may also require TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. This language is transcompiled to JavaScript by default. Thus, we can use both languages in our React-based projects to get the best results.


We commonly use React Native to build mobile applications. The framework engages the native components of mobile platforms, allowing us to create high-performance mobile applications. Note that React Native is often used for cross-platform development due to the ability to create native-like interfaces.


The signing of a non-disclosure agreement is key to kicking off collaboration with our React.js development company. This agreement ensures the safety of your trade secrets and private information that may be stored in the database of the created solution.

Need other services?

Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality
JavaScript development
We leverage the power of JavaScript to develop top-tier front-end software with responsive a user experience
Python development
Innowise’s software engineers will leverage the power of Python to serve your needs
.NET development
Experience high performance and robustness of .NET solutions delivered by Innowise.
iOS development
Our iOS app development company creates custom applications for all Apple devices utilizing a comprehensive pool of techs and tools.
Android development
Innowise delivers feature-rich Android applications compatible with multiple devices, including Xamarin app development services.
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process

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