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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Unity app development company

Innowise is your one-stop Unity development provider. We help you go far beyond the creation of common entertainment solutions with this widely popular game development engine. Our team has Unity savvy experts who know the framework’s powers from practice and wield them on the market-defining level. Besides, you can easily hire some of our professionals and integrate them with your existing team, or outsource their labor for either short- or long-term performance goals.

Looking to hire Unity developers? Expand your in-house team or get a whole dedicated team qualified in Unity development.

Our team specializes in the widest range of Unity development services. We create projects of any scale and complexity, both for mass use and tailored to specific brand-boosting needs. You may select from the following types of Unity development

Unity is almost the most popular game engine. With its powers, we create top-of-the-line 2D and 3D graphics that are compatible with 25 different platforms.

The engine works great for web development by supporting WebGL rendering and making it possible to implement three-dimensional graphics in the simplest way with specialized API.

Unity is perfect for the creation of games for relevant mobile platforms. We are a top-notch mobile app development company specializing in Unity, providing savvy mobile app development with Unity that gives you a lightweight, not too resource-hungry product to delight end users with excellent graphics.

Cross-platform development

The engine is compatible with 25 platforms, including major mobile OS’s. So, if you are looking to build a cross-platform solution with advanced graphics, you won’t find anything better than iOS and Android game development with Unity.

MR, AR, and VR development with Unity

It doesn’t matter what sort of “reality” you are looking to create since the engine supports the development of all existing types of visuals that blur the lines between the game and reality.

3D visualization

3D graphics are Unity’s forte. You’re highly unlikely to find another engine where it would be possible to draw such realistic three-dimensional models at such low resource-consumption rates.

Integration services

The engine also makes a great tool for working on separate parts of bigger applications. It integrates perfectly with third-party development tools and provides vast libraries of useful assets.

Migration to Unity

If a software solution no longer meets the requirements for modern graphics, we can migrate it to Unity and enrich it with a superior visual experience, high performance, and cross-platform support.

There are situations when the choice of a technology stack for a project is too difficult. We help our clients make the best choice between Unity and similar solutions to ensure that the chosen stack is fully aligned with their business needs and goals.

Unity solutions we offer

We have been working with Unity for more than ten years, so our portfolio contains more than a dozen projects developed with its help. Here are the types of solutions our team of Unity experts can create

Gamification apps
Gamification helps conquer the minds of new app users and efficiently engage the existing target audience with interactive elements that shake up the routine user experience.
gamification app
Industry-specific training
Professional training with the help of virtual 3D models gains momentum, especially in the field of medicine, since it is quite difficult to arrange the study of real anatomical objects.
360-degree walkthroughs
You can order Unity AR VR development services to create a constructor for 3D tours that provide in-depth immersion and leave a long-lasting impression.
Product configurators
The implementation of prototypes of some products is quite expensive (e.g., if we are talking about the automotive industry). Instead, we can develop a simple constructor that allows users to easily assemble prototypes in the digital space.
Architecture visualization
Unity contains a set of tools that are perfectly designed to visualize architecture objects and enable the creation of an excellent real-time immersive experience for end-users.
Metaverse gaming
Metaverse gaming is one of the most trending areas in the entertainment industry today. Unity mobile game development environment modeling helps us create 3D models that realistically represent objects in the digital space.
Digital twins
A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical object or process that helps optimize business performance. Create identical digital twins with the help of our Unity expertise focused on your goals.

Willing to hire Unity developers hassle-free?

Let’s build your Unity-based project together!

Industries we serve

Our company covers the widest range of business industries, providing you with specialists that create software tools best suited for each.


Unity comes best for games and entertainment solutions development. The engine has a rich database of assets and fast rendering opportunities.


Unity can be useful for the healthcare sector as a tool for creating detailed virtual models of objects under study, including custom healthcare software development. For instance, medical VR training makes healthcare education accessible with advanced visualization tools.


Use the powers of Unity to create a superior UX for your potential customers by immersing them in the atmosphere of the places they plan to visit long before they travel, in virtual reality. For example, to see exactly the view they’ll get from the rented hotel room.


Unity provides excellent education solutions and opportunities for creating gamified interfaces that facilitate more engaging learning experiences among students.


Outrun market competitors by offering your clients and sponsors a virtual tour of properties that have not yet been built. Unity construction development helps virtualize any object even at the blueprint stage.


Boost your eCommerce with stunning presentations for products you have in store - anything from mobile gadgets to manufacturing tools. Potential buyers can examine the goods you offer from all sides and buy them remotely, raising revenues in the long run.


High-quality visualization can drive marketing, too, both at the early stages of marketing campaigns (for instance, presentations) and at the final stages of promotion (ad campaigns).


In manufacturing, visualization with Unity and custom manufacturing software can be useful for creating 2D or 3D models of any object or concept, which helps cut costs and eliminate defects risk before the onset of the manufacturing process.

Our technology stack and frameworks

We specialize in working with dozens of different tools, programming languages, frameworks, and other software development solutions, offering our clients the best combination of technologies. In addition to Unity, we use a wide range of development tools in our work.

  • C#
Frameworks and tools
  • Node.js
  • Game Spark
  • Firebase
Databases and management tools
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Redis
  • Hazelcast
  • Ehcache
  • Caffeine
Cloud solutions
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
Management, planning, and reporting tools
  • Redmine
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • MS Project
  • VersionOne
  • Mantis
  • Trac
  • Unit
  • TestNG
  • Mockito
  • PowerMock
  • Cucumber
  • TestContainers
  • iOS
  • Android
  • XBox
  • Playstation
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Web

Engaging with users on different platforms

One of the main advantages of Unity is that it allows Unity developers to create cross-platform solutions. Unity-based projects can be run without additional modifications on various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and game consoles. This helps efficiently promote your title across several platforms at once to reach a larger number of visitors. Here is the list of platforms Unity engine covers

You can participate in parallel testing and evaluation of new products in a high-quality 3D space using the cloud infrastructure.

You can publish your games on the web so that users can play directly in a web browser.

We create lightweight, high-performance games with outstanding graphics for Android and iOS devices.


We specialize in the development of traditional desktop games with rich graphics and exciting gameplay.

MS HoloLens

We provide development services for the MS HoloLens, creating non-trivial solutions for mixed reality.

Unity provides powerful tools for developing rich augmented reality applications with intelligent interaction with the real world.

Virtual reality

As a leading VR development company, we claim that Unity virtual reality system allows us to build applications, games, and narrow-specialized solutions for any VR headset.

You can create games based on non-fungible digital assets (NFTs) of the blockchain.

Internet of Thing

We create program solutions that can adapt to real-world conditions such as weather and light in real-time.

Would you like to benefit from all the above technologies?

Let’s implement your business idea together!

Hire Unity 3D developers

In case you want to kick off Unity game development of a 2D/3D game or any other business solution, Innovise Group is the right place to contact. We have plenty of top professionals with deep expertise in your business niche who can easily integrate with your team.

Available Unity developers for hire

John S.
Middle Unity Developer 4+ years experience
Middle Unity Developer with hands on skills, proven VR solutions development background and excellent knowledge of C#, Unity3D.
Request full CV
George M.
Middle Unity Developer 3+ years experience
Middle Unity Developer with successful experience in working with VR, AR and mobile projects. Good knowledge of algorithms and structures of data, architectural design patterns.
Request full CV
Tom L.
Middle Unity Developer 3+ years experience
Middle Unity Developer with solid experience in VR solutions development for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 2.
Request full CV
Andrew B.
Senior Unity Developer 5+ years experience
Senior Unity Developer with wide experience in coordinating development teams and solving cases in different technical spheres. Experience in designing and creating 3D-models based on Unity engine, projects with Mixed Reality for Microsoft HoloLens, VR, and AR.
Request full CV
Alex K.
Middle Unity Developer 4+ years of experience
Highly qualified Unity Developer with a professional focus on mobile (casual, hyper-casual, midcore) and desktop game development and good communication skills.
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The cost of Unity development

The cost of each project is formed by a number of underlying factors, including the complexity of the functionality, the scope of work, number of specialists in the team, their level of skill, the cooperation model, Unity developer hourly rates, deadlines, etc. As for the minimum budget for developing with Unity, it usually starts at $10,000.

Cooperation model
Project complexity
Project duration
Team size
Team composition
Level of specialists
Audio and video conferencing
Audio and video streaming
Voice assistant
Real-time chats
Real-time chats
Real-time chats

Unity app development benefits

With years’ worth of Unity development experience and expertise, we create both basic and advanced projects, including hi-tech solutions for dozens of business niches. If you are looking for guaranteed reliability of services, we are your Unity game development company. We offer the following advantages.


Since we are located in CEE and Baltic regions, our rates for Unity development services are much more affordable compared to the rates of other companies from North America and Western Europe.

Fast development

We work according to the most advanced software development methodologies, which help eliminate unnecessary repetitive tasks and speed up time-to-market.

Graphic components

Unity is probably the best digital graphics engine out there. The engine perfectly handles ordinary 2D models and complex 3D objects for augmented or virtual reality solutions alike.


Unity’s famous compatibility with 25 different platforms makes it a perfect one-stop tool for creating universally compatible digital solutions.

Receive all these benefits by partnering with us

Hire our Unity developers and get real results

Unity development process

Innowise provides a full range of software development services with Unity that captures the target audience’s attention, drives sales, and improves the way you do business in today’s market. To grant the smoothest results, we lead a well-adjusted Unity development process based on the following stages.

The collection of requirements
We collect all the technical and non-technical requirements and ideas of the client, analyze and discuss them to immerse deeply into the client’s vision, and not go beyond TA expectations.
Prototype development
We assemble a functional architecture prototype, present it to the client, make the final edits, and discuss amendments.
Front-end, back-end development, and unit testing.
We equip the approved architecture with engaging and intuitive interface elements, code its internal functions to make things work, and conduct a number of tests until we achieve exactly what we need.
Testing the final version of the product
Final test rounds combine a range of automated and manual testing techniques to polish out the solution and efficiently introduce it to the target audience.
Product launch on the market
With a finished and polished product in hand, we help you smoothly deploy it in the targeted operational environment (e.g., publish an app on App Store/Google Play with compliance to all policies in place).
Updates and support
To keep your solution smoothly performing after the release and satisfy the changing target audience’s demands, we also provide regular post-release updates and tech support.

Why choose Innowise as a Unity development company?

For many years, our company has been specializing in Unity 3D development for various business niches. This has enriched our portfolio with multiple products for entertainment, finance, travel, education, architecture, eCommerce, marketing, manufacturing, and healthcare. We have also in-depth experience in developing for Microsoft HoloLens with Unity. So whatever the features of your business idea are, be sure that we will bring them to life in the most efficient way possible.Contact us for Unity development to build Android and/or iOS solutions for your business!
“Nowadays, as the user experience begins to gradually move beyond the flat screens of personal devices, it’s very important to choose the right approach to its implementation. The Unity engine is a great tool for this. Our experts have been working with Unity almost since its first launch and know all its specifics. That's why we create only flagship products that embody the best practices of AR, VR, and other immersive technological concepts.”
Sergey Molchanov
Head of Design at Innowise


Unity, being an advanced engine for building 3D/2D graphics, provides a powerful cross-platform IDE for developers. If your business idea involves the creation of graphic models, you will not find a better solution than Unity mobile app development.

Unity app development involves all the usual stages of the web and desktop development process:

  • compiling a list of specifications of the product;

  • building a prototype;

  • creating an architecture;

  • programming and unit testing;

  • standard compliance;

  • launch;

  • maintenance and technical support.

Before choosing one or another company that specializes in Unity 3D app development, it’s important to carefully study its portfolio to make sure that the contractor you have chosen has experience in the business niche you need. If you want to hire a Unity 3D developer, contact us.

The outsourcing model of Unity game development  implies significant savings of the client’s money, primarily due to the ability to choose specialists from a location with lower rates than where the client lives. Also, this model significantly expands the pool of developers (you’ll easily find specialists in Unity Xbox development, PlayStation development, etc.).


Unity is the ideal solution for projects where it is important to create excellent animated graphics. It is an ideal engine for developing games and software with gamification. If you want to order Unity game app development services, write to us!

Need other services?

3D design and modeling
Our creative 3D designers will visualize and animate your ideas to help you achieve your business goals
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure the flawless product quality
We employ the best practices of DevOps to streamline the development process and expedite a release date
Mobile development
We design iOS app development company and Android mobile apps based on the global trends and technological advancements, specializing in Xamarin app development services.
Custom software development
Innowise develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process

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