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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Employee mobile application My Innowise

Cross-platform mobile app for ensuring prompt notifying and seamless communication throughout the company


Information Technology
Client since

We have developed a mobile application for Innowise to unite all our employees to promptly provide valuable corporate information and enable ongoing communication.


All the corporate information was disseminated through local chats or email. As the company has grown and many new offices have been opened, there are more and more such chats, and finally, the communication process has become challenging. Moreover, the information valuable to employees was decentralized and was stored in different applications and tools.

It became vitally needed to create a mobile application for quick and easy access to information, seamless communication, and swift issue arrangement. The transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced this need.

The solution is supposed to enable:
  • employees get centralized access to the corporate information;
  • seamless communication between the company and employees;
  • a streamlined way to arrange all the company-related issues.


We developed a cross-platform application available for iOS and Android devices with functionality that offers quick access to the information helpful for employees. It also allows sending user requests to the company’s internal systems to resolve various issues swiftly.

App functionality: about the company

Due to remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the communication quality between employees worsened. Because of the impossibility of offline corporate events, team spirit declined.

For all that, we have filled the application with the company information helpful for employees with the options to filter the information by topic, subscribe, evaluate content using reactions (likes, shares), and view colleagues’ profiles.

Here is the functionality enabling all of the above:

  • Community tab (News, YouTube) with tags for filtering;
  • Notifications tab for quick access to the latest company news;
  • Company statistics tab (employee growth, management statistics, markets with which the company operates);
  • Search and view colleagues’ options (status, birthday with the ability to subscribe to a related notification);
  • Corporate events calendar tab;
  • Survey functionality.

App functionality: employee care

In the light of the lack of a mobile knowledge base with organizational information, as well as the ability to send related requests for their timely processing, we have added the features for quick access to the corporate task manager, a section with information on the company’s organizational processes:

  • Help tab with FAQ (helpful links, information on remote work, vacation, sick day, etc.);
  • Support service;
  • Checkout in Jira Service Desk on the Service Desk tab;
  • Complaints and suggestions;
  • Booking a workplace option.

App functionality: employee care (bonus program)

The employees were insufficiently informed about the corporate benefits and, as a result, they did not use them. We have filled the application with up-to-date employee loyalty programs, covering discounts and bonuses.

We have enabled employee profile that works as a virtual discount card, bonuses tab with discounts from partners by city, a list of available bonuses and conditions, the ability to sign up for corporate activities (English and yoga classes), and the option to send food to a specific office, floor, room.

App functionality: for potential employees

In order to cover the lack of a centralized service for informing candidates and collecting applications, we have added information on recruitment conditions and functionality for sending CVs directly from the application. Also, the application will provide the onboarding information in the long run.

We allow users to know the requirements for candidates for the referral program and send the request directly from the application via the Bonuses tab with the Referral section.

We plan to enrich the application with onboarding new employees’ information and enable the guest view option (general company information, available vacancies, and applying to internship or vacancy).

Technologies & tools

Java 17, WebFlux / Reactor, Lombok, MapStruct, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data R2DBC, Spring Data Mongo, WebSockets / gRPC / REST, Firebase, Kafka, Keycloak
Mobile development
Dart, Flutter, Bloc, Dio, http, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics, Firestore, Keycloak, Web Sockets / REST, SharedPreferences, Mocktail, Flutter Tests, WebView
iOS, Android
MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Seamless integration
Bitbucket pipelines, Helm
Configuration management
K8S configmaps
Container management
Server monitoring
Prometheus, Grafana
Event log management
Flutter enables more streamlined code development, has a near-native performance, and demonstrates huge UI customization potential thanks to Skia’s engine. As the app was built with a single cross-platform development tool, only one code base was created. It resulted in fewer resources being required for further application support and development.


We had a clear vision of how the application should work and solved the issues with everything else, considering the development process:

  • creating the design of the application and its architecture,
  • implementing the ideas on the application’s functionality,
  • maintaining the application after the release.

    At first, our team analyzed the employee pain points and figured out the best possible technological solutions. We designed the basic architecture of the application and created mock-ups to calculate the development cost. To get a more exact estimation, we created a detailed plan for the development of each module.

    Technology choice

    When choosing technologies, the focus is on developing and launching the application as soon as possible and making it easy to maintain and further refine. This is where it's needed to consider cross-platform development. As a result, there is no need to work on two app versions. Instead, only a single development cycle is needed to release Android and iOS.


    We have enabled IP device location monitoring when the application is in use (anti-fraud) and sending the related notifications to the user by email. Our team has set the limit of the app using only one device (at a given time). Also, we have enabled the request with full confirmation for personal/contact data (by phone, Telegram, WhatsApp) to prevent personal employee data leakage. The contact data export is not allowed. All those measures provide one-hundred percent application security.

    MVP development

    We delivered module by module every two weeks, discussed Slack tasks, and tracked tasks. Each development phase concluded with the unit and manual testing to detect and fix even the most minor bugs at the earliest possible stage.

    MVP development

    After agreement of the work breakdown structure with the client, we got down to developing the MVP.

    We delivered module by module every two weeks, discussed tasks in Slack and had tasks tracked in Jira.

    Each development phase concluded with the unit and manual testing, so we could detect and fix even the smallest bugs at the earliest possible stage, preventing them from turning into great issues.


    Project Manager
    Business Analyst
    UI/UX Designer
    Java developers
    Flutter developers
    QA specialist
    DevOps specialist


    The application is already used by company employees, which allows them to receive and share important corporate information easily.
    The solution has a rich set of options, including the integration and fast scaling of functionality; personalized features for different user groups are successfully implemented.
    Thanks to up-to-date information and quick access to the app’s services, the application traffic has increased by 209% over the past three months. Although the number of app users is growing, this does not affect its performance and security.

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