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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

How corporate web-based desk booking software has optimized 40% of workplaces

Innowise has built a desk booking system that allows employees to choose where and when to work, providing an uninterrupted working environment.


Information Technology
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Innowise is a global full-service software development company that delivers innovative digital solutions to customers worldwide. Over the past 16 years, the company has implemented about 600 projects in various industries and won the trust of dozens of customers. We take pleasure in delivering enterprise web application development services and witnessing the transformative impact it brings to entire organizations.

By 2023, Innowise has grown to over 1,500 top-notch IT professionals, several development centers, and representative offices across Europe and North America.

Challenge: Overcoming workplace reservation challenges with an office desk booking software

The problem with the traditional workplace environment is that it does not cater to the flexible needs of employees. Innowise is continuously growing and opening new offices all around the world so there was a growing need for a solution that would allow flexible workspace booking.

Our staff members were confined to designated workstations with limited options for finding alternative workspaces when necessary. This often resulted in interruptions and reduced productivity. Additionally, the manual process of booking a desk was time-consuming and could lead to double bookings, causing further issues.

Innowise aimed to address these problems by developing a desk booking system that would allow our employees to easily find and book a workplace that best suits their needs, resulting in an uninterrupted working environment.

If managed properly, such an alternative to fixed seating can bring the following benefits:

  • increased productivity and engagement due to the perfect work-life balance;
  • finding spaces to work together makes collaboration easier;
  • increased business resilience to any work disruptions;
  • a better use of office space;
  • optimization of office maintenance costs.

Therefore, we were challenged to create an effective reservation system that could be easy to use, quick to implement, and not interfere with ongoing operations.

Solution: Advanced workspace booking software to pave the way to workplace agility and increased productivity

By leveraging our enterprise web app development expertise, we have developed a web-based system for managing company offices, employee seating arrangements, and optimizing office maintenance costs. This workspace booking software allows our employees to view data on existing seats and see how many of them are available for booking. A wide range of reservation opportunities can accommodate any changes in business. Admins have an expanded pool of functionality: they can add and edit office desks and their placement on the architectural plan.

Clear statistics

The Offices tab displays a list of countries where Innowise has offices, as well as colorful charts with statistics on the seats and their status (free, booked, reserved, occupied, or remote) giving employees a quick overview of the office activity. 

Employees can use this data to determine when and where it is the busiest in the office to help them efficiently plan their schedules, particularly when traveling for business purposes. The HR department can use the desk-usage metrics to better and cost-efficiently manage workspaces.

This website provides intuitive navigation and interactive features that allow users to find more detailed information about a particular location, including an address, the number of floors and their occupancy, and even the names of office managers. A search feature also allows users to quickly locate their coworkers, making offline collaboration with their teammates much easier.

Enhanced admin tools

The desk booking software provides admins with a number of advanced features that allow them to customize the lists of offices. These include adding, editing, deleting new seats, uploading architectural plans, placing workstations, and assigning them to employees. In addition, our platform allows creating workspaces in new offices in new locations. 

Easy management of desk booking requests

Admins get requests on booking particular seats from users which they can either accept or decline. Such an approach ensures that there will be no problems with booking a workplace and the operation of the company will run smoothly. 

Integration with chatbot and HRM

To ensure that workplace statuses are always up-to-date, we have implemented a corporate chatbot that monitors the current status of employees (office, remotely, sick day, leave without pay, sick-list, self-isolation).

Also, our web app seamlessly integrates with our HRM system, retrieving reliable information on employees, including their departments and other relevant characteristics.

Fully customizable solution

We have created a platform that can be easily customized to any business needs. With our expertise in enterprise web application development and a strong emphasis on customizability, our platform is specifically designed to be adaptable to the diverse requirements of businesses across various industries, such as restaurants, airports, cinemas, and beyond. The platform is user-friendly, allowing organizations to manage their workspace in a simple and efficient manner, while still providing all the features they need to maintain employee productivity. Plus, its mobile-friendly nature allows users to conveniently book a desk directly from their phone.

Thus, the desk booking software solution offered by Innowise is the ideal solution for improving the management of reservations, optimizing seating arrangements and improving workplace efficiency.


React, TypeScript, RxJS, InversifyJS, React-Flow-Renderer,
Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Celery, Redis, Django-channels (Websockets), S3
Django, Django Rest, React
Continuous deployment
Bitbucket pipelines
Container management
Other integrations
Keycloack, InnowiseBot, ITS HRMS, G-suite


After analyzing all project requirements, we made a plan of what functions should be implemented into the future workspace reservation software.

We commenced by identifying the primary obstacles hindering the creation of an optimal workplace environment. Subsequently, we designed the basic architecture and determined the associated development costs. We dedicated special attention to each individual module of the platform, ensuring a thorough examination and consideration of its requirements.
Technology choice
We carefully selected the technologies to expedite the deployment of the application while ensuring easy maintenance and refinement of new functionalities in the future. Additionally, we considered the integration of the solution with HRM and chatbot, taking into account their seamless compatibility and interoperability.
MVP development
We used an iterative and incremental approach to develop the MVP. To ensure the highest quality, we conducted comprehensive testing, including unit tests and manual tests at the end of each development phase to detect and resolve even the most minor bugs. Communication and task discussions were facilitated through Slack, while task tracking was efficiently managed using Jira.
Maintenance & enhancement
After introducing the MVP, we conducted thorough testing of the system and actively sought feedback from our employees. Based on their valuable input, we made necessary adjustments and finalized the functionality of the desk booking software. As a result, our employees now have a convenient and efficient tool to effectively use the workspace.


Back-End Developers
Front-End Developers
QA Engineers

Results: Better teamwork and 22% reduction in office maintenance expenses through desk booking software solution

Today, more than 1500 Innowise employees use the office hoteling system on a daily basis, which allows them to enjoy a flexible work environment and easily collaborate with teammates. 

Moreover, the developed modular web-based system provides the necessary information about how the workspace is being used. This data will help the company to allocate resources more efficiently in the future. To date, the company’s costs have decreased by 22% since implementing the system.

Project duration
  • 4 months for MVP
  • The project is still ongoing. At this stage, we are actively supporting the platform while also working on introducing new features such as the ability for users to book meetings not just by days, but also by the hour.


decrease in office maintenance costs


boost in workflow efficiency

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