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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Power BI consulting services company

Innowise provides full-fledged consultancy services related to business intelligence based on Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI services provide next-level data visualization, which enables you to make critical decisions and plan strategically using structured data.
Innowise employs all possible tools to deliver cutting-edge solutions that facilitate operational performance and strengthen your competitive advantages. As part of our Power BI services, we integrate and implement various types of business data analysis to help you make your business more agile.

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Microsoft Power BI is a software product designed to visualize information making business intelligence results more readable and understandable. This set of services and applications comprises a lot of features, including a data warehouse, which, in turn, contains data preparation and discovery tools. With Microsoft Power BI services data analytics becomes more transparent and comprehensive, turning raw information into actionable insights.

BI strategy and roadmapt

BI strategy and roadmap services provide businesses with a comprehensive plan for using the power of data visualization to improve decision-making and business operations.

Data analytics & reporting

Power BI allows users to access, explore, and understand findings from different sources, and create visualizations, dashboards, and insightful reports that can be shared with others.

Data acquisition

With Power BI, users can easily acquire statistics from a variety of sources, including external systems, and then clean and analyze them quickly, which helps them produce accurate and useful reports.

Data modeling

Power BI allows businesses to design and analyze data models for different scenarios, understand the relationships between variables and identify trends and patterns in findings that are otherwise difficult to detect.

Data visualization

In addition to allowing users to see business-critical information in a more organized way, Power BI can also reveal relationships between different pieces of information and make it easier for decision-makers to find trends.

Data mining & warehousing

Power BI offers a wide variety of data mining and warehousing tools to help organizations extract insights from their information. These tools can be used to find patterns in data, identify trends, and make better decisions.

Power BI services we provide

Innowise has years of experience in providing its customers with advanced business intelligence solutions. One of our priorities is to deliver clear and transparent figures for making data-driven decisions that simplify strategic planning on top management levels. We use Microsoft Power BI services to analyze all types of information and transform unstructured pieces of information into actionable insights, visual charts, and dashboards which companies leverage to improve their business outcomes.


Our Microsoft Power BI experts provide all the help you need to get started, improve your understanding of your findings and take your business to the next level. Whether you need planning, strategy elaborating, or receiving a personalized report, our Microsoft Power BI consulting services are at your disposal.


We help companies have a multifaceted view of their businesses. To provide a profound level of customization, we employ smart tools to create transparent data visuals that enable customer management to upgrade operational performance and attain high KPI.

Dashboard development

Dashboard development is a crucial step, which allows companies to monitor their business processes and make strategic data-driven decisions. Innowise uses such tools as customized dashboard development and interactive reports creation to foster mission-critical planning.

Microsoft Power BI support

Our experienced support team helps businesses get help with everything from getting started with the platform to more advanced use cases such as advanced graphs and model building. Whether you are just starting out or you need a little assistance to take your work to the next level, our support services are sure to help.


We provide Power BI Integration services to make data analysis and reporting easier. Our team has years of experience working with business intelligence, creating robust integrations that allow you to quickly identify trends and connect the dots between different pieces of information.

Managed services

We take on the responsibility of managing all aspects of Power BI for a business, from installation and configuration to regular maintenance and support. This ensures that the data is always accessible, reliable, and up-to-date while reducing the strain on the business' resources.

Microsoft Power BI implementation

Our experts use all the advantages of Microsoft’s Power BI solutions to conduct deep data analysis and turn unstructured information into actionable insights. Once Innowise’s specialists receive data analysis’ results, we move forward to the implementation stage.

How Power BI can transform your business

Power BI is a comprehensive platform that allows you to visualize and analyze data in a way that can help you make better decisions. It helps you see patterns and insights that you otherwise would not have been able to see, leading to improved decision-making. In addition, Power BI helps you quickly create charts and graphs that can be shared with others in your organization for feedback or analysis. Finally, it can be used to create dashboards and reports that provide ongoing overviews of your organization’s performance.
By hiring our experts, your business will receive all the necessary industry-specific expertise and knowledge that you can later integrate into your company’s structure. With our expertise, our customer’s employees execute any Microsoft power business intelligence tasks seamlessly to make data-driven decisions.

Invest in better data assessment and visualization tools to fuel your business growth.

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Some of the unique Power BI benefits

Microsoft Power BI software is considered one of the best solutions for data management. Apart from high functionality and flexibility, it offers powerful tools that help companies perform analysis tasks smoothly and improve business operations by making coherent decisions. Below are the key benefits of using Power BI tools.


All-in-one solution

With Microsoft Power BI, you receive a full-fledged solution that does not need third-party add-ons. Additionally, Power BI integrates with other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Azure cloud services, making it a powerful all-in-one solution for business analysis.


Raw information to structured data

Organizations constantly generate raw data, and it can be challenging to turn their findings into structured information to analyze it effectively. By transforming raw figures into an organized set of information, Power Bl allows organizations to make better decisions and improve performance.


Safe and secure solution

Safety is of huge importance when it comes to working with sensitive data. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that boasts a range of powerful tools that protect digital data. The software has several features that make it safe to work with sensitive data, such as encrypting it and restricting access to certain users.



Power BI lets you connect to data sources from Oracle, Snowflake, Salesforce, and Adobe Analytics. Furthermore, Power Bl can import data from other popular reporting platforms, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to consolidate their findings from various sources.


AI technologies

Power BI offers predictive analytics which helps businesses to identify future trends and make predictions about how they will affect their business. It incorporates a wide range of features, including intelligently guided reports, interactive dashboards, and custom visuals that can be tailored to specific needs by our artificial intelligence development company.


Sharing access

With Power BI capabilities, Innowise forges the software architecture that enables stakeholders, managers, and employees to access information based on their roles and responsibilities. This, in turn, helps businesses share corporate data across departments so that useful information reaches all the parties involved.

Why choose Innowise as a Power BI consulting company?

We believe that Power BI should be a tool that you can use to improve your business, not a burden you have to carry. That’s why we’re dedicated to making it easy for you to use and maintain. Our experienced consultants have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you implement, optimize, and manage your Power BI data analysis. They also provide ongoing support so that you can keep your data analysis running smoothly. Having completed + projects for customers from + countries worldwide, Innowise boasts unmatched expertise in high-tech within IT and non-IT domains, as well as undeniable quality that makes clients get back to us with new projects in more than 90% of cases.
We leverage Microsoft Power BI as one of the best business analytics platforms as it covers the majority of data-related needs. This is a powerful tool with a set of built-in features that companies use to elaborate data-driven strategies and mitigate the level of uncertainty in decision-making. With Microsoft Power BI you will have access to data visualization where all business-critical information is managed and presented in an accessible way.

Alina Filatova

Head of BA Department at Innowise

Hire Power BI developers and consultants

As a business owner, you know that staying ahead of the competition is essential to success. That’s where Innowise comes in. Our analysts have years of experience in the industry, and they use the latest analytical tools and methods to provide thorough assessments. They provide clients with a full set of Microsoft Power BI customer services to help them understand their competitive environment and make strategic decisions accordingly. From designing custom reports and dashboards to developing advanced algorithms and models, we help companies take their business analysis processes to the next level.

Stop second-guessing your decisions and empower yourself with the right data.

Power BI interactive dashboards

With integration dashboards, top management gets a deep insight into the business findings in a matter of seconds. The dashboard is compatible with various data sources and is presented comprehensively so that all involved members could easily handle it. Users can easily navigate the platform and customize a variety of features to suit their needs thanks to its interactive nature. Using interactive dashboards is not just about explicit transparency, but also about being able to customize them based on the needs of the company and ensuring that access is segregated and tailored. This makes working with Microsoft products even more productive for both top management and employees.

Power BI integration services

We provide Power BI integration services that allow you to quickly and easily connect to your data sources and visualize your findings. We make data exploration simple, so you can find the insights you need to make better decisions.


Excel integration

Excel integration with Power BI gives users the ability to work with Excel data in a more intuitive and powerful way. Users can easily analyze and visualize their data, create charts and graphs, and share their findings with others - this integration enables them to gain insights from their data that they never could before.


Data warehouses integration

Data warehouses provide valuable insights for business analysts, but obtaining data from them can be difficult and time-consuming. This integration allows analysts to access data warehouse information in an easy-to-use format, simplifying the decision-making process.


CRM integration

By integrating CRM, companies have an opportunity to receive key information about their product sales in real-time. Such integration contributes to a better understanding of customers’ needs and, therefore, engages with the target audience in a more effective way.


Dynamics 365 integration

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM and business management software that was designed to streamline the process of managing customer interactions. By integrating Dynamics 365, businesses can quickly and easily create custom reports and dashboards that provide enhanced insights into their operations.


ERP integration

By connecting your ERP system, you can access all of the information stored in your accounting system, including accounts receivable, inventory levels, and customer information. This integration helps speed up the process of managing your business operations and helps you keep track of critical data.


HRMS integration

The two tools can work together to provide a comprehensive view of an organization's HR data. Managers can use HRMS to measure employee performance and identify areas for improvement, while Power BI can visualize that data and generate reports on individual and department performance.


Power Apps integration

Power Apps and Power BI are two integral parts of Microsoft business intelligence platform. They allow users to build custom applications and interactive reports, as well as analyze information more intuitively. This integration allows users to work together more easily and effectively, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Google Analytics integration

Integration of Google Analytics allows creating powerful visualizations. This way, analysts can see how their website is performing across different areas and compare it to previous years. Overall, integrating Google Analytics will give analysts a comprehensive view of their website’s performance.


PowerPoint integration

This integration can be useful for presenting complex data sets or for providing quick updates on current operations. In addition, it makes it easy to share and collaborate on reports with other team members and to create polished presentations that highlight key data.

Our customers on working with us

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Innowise’s work met all expectations. The team was efficient, prompt, and on top of their project deliverables. Customers can expect an experienced team that offers an array of business services.

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Alice Bodnar COO Atlas Guides
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Since 2019 we’ve been enjoying the services rendered by Innowise to implement a strategically important project on the modernization of a network of internal IT systems.

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Dr. Udo Richter Director N:aip
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The Innowise team is able to implement new features faster than our internal team would be able to. Their communication is effective and solution-oriented. They deliver high-quality results quickly.

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Kevin Day Founder and President Trumpet


It is a business analytics tool that allows users to create visual representations of
their findings. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as understanding
customer behavior, forecasting future outcomes, and optimizing business processes.

This is a special application that can be installed on a PC or laptop to access
information. With Power BI Desktop, you will be able to transform and visualize
information. The application allows connecting various sources of information and
combining them.

It is a pay-per-subscription service, which requires monthly or yearly payments for a
set of solutions that you employ. With Innowise's expertise, you have an
opportunity to reduce costs as we configure the software architecture that fits best
with no budget overrun.

Yes, we can. Innowise provides a full set of services and solutions related to
business intelligence to automate customers’ business performance.

No, it is a standalone solution. Nonetheless, some of it features are available in
Office 365 Excel. Moreover, we integrate Power BI with Office 365 services to make
the use of both even more effective.

Power BI consultants help clients understand their figures and statistics, find
insights, and make better decisions. They also help them with things like creating
dashboards and reports, training staff on how to use the tool, and more. This can be
a very valuable service for businesses of all sizes.

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