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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

15% sales increase per square foot and 20% reduction in labor cost after implementing checkout-free technology

Innowise has built a powerful platform to buy groceries without queues, payment counters, or cashiers.


FinTech, Banking, Retail
Client since

The customer is one of the largest commercial banks in the Persian Gulf, providing a wide range of business, investment, government, and international services.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Streamlining purchasing process to make the shopping experience more convenient and swift

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are essential to meet the demands of daily life. One area where this is particularly important is in the grocery purchasing experience, with the growing demand for online shopping app development services to engage new customers and drive sales. 

Our client partners with a large grocery store chain with high throughput and solid daily revenues. The project’s primary goal was to streamline the purchasing process, making the shopping experience more pleasant and swift for the customers. The challenge required an innovative approach to developing a checkout-free payment system that would be reliable, accurate, and user-friendly. The system should be able to handle high volumes of transactions while ensuring the security of customer data and financial transactions.

Solution: Building the middleware for the checkout-free shopping platform to make secure purchases

The checkout-free workflow is simple and straightforward. To ensure they have adequate funds, buyers must first top up their accounts before shopping. Upon reaching the store, they scan the app or swipe a credit card on the point-of-sale terminal that records their payment data to open the turnstiles.

With smart “just walk-out” technology, sensors and cameras track every item a shopper picks app and adds to the cart. Additionally, the platform’s shelf sensors detect when a customer loads or unloads certain groceries, thereby ensuring checkout accuracy and precision. After the buyer leaves the store, the virtual cart is automatically charged for the purchases made. The invoice is covered with the payment information provided while entering the store, with a receipt sent to the payment app holder.

Technically, Innowise was primarily tasked with the development of the platform’s middleware, which linked POS terminals, Zippin Cloud, and Cybersource to process digital payments within a single ecosystem. Our project team was challenged with ensuring a remarkable shopping experience and enhancing customer satisfaction through secure digital payments from the moment customers enter the cashierless store until they pay for their purchases.

Token generation

Once a buyer enters the store, the middleware scans cardholder details (card number, expiration date, terminal type, data TBD) from the pre-installed POS terminals and sends a request to Cybersource for token generation. Buyers can enter the store and pay for groceries legitimately if the token is valid. If the card’s status changes, Cybersource notifies the user by assigning active, suspended, or deleted token statuses.

Checkout-free charging

When the buyer leaves the shop, the app generates the virtual cart receipt and invokes charging, transmitting data to the payment processor. If the buyer does not make any purchases, the payment request is still sent to the payment system with a zero total amount. Also, our project team ensured the opportunity to store transaction information, providing resubmissions and refunding in case of customer claims and purchasing issues. Thus, shoppers can return goods if they are not satisfied with their purchase and request partial or full refunds against a single order. Lastly, if the user fails to pay for their goods due to system malfunctions, attempted theft, or other reasons, the checkout-free app will initiate resubmission attempts until either successful completion or blocking of the transaction.


Java, Spring, Swagger, Micrometer, Jacoco, REST API
PostgreSQL, FlyWay
Zippin Cloud, Cybersource


Based on the customer’s requirements, we have divided the scope of work into four weekly sprints with regular meetings and follow-ups to track intermediate progress. Since Qatar expected many tourists and football fans to purchase in its stores during the FIFA World Cup, our main goal was to launch a market-ready solution before the tournament. 

During the preparation and investigation stage, our project team proceeded through detailed onboarding, eliciting technical and business requirements, and designing the application’s architecture and database scheme. Upon completing the first sprint, we had a clear understanding of the customer’s needs, scope, and API integrations.

During the development phase, our dedicated specialists ensured seamless Cybersource integration, providing trouble-free user authentification, charging, resubmitting, and refunding. Within the sprint, we successfully met all the stated deliverables, conducting testing on fundamental functionalities with a unit test coverage of no less than 80%.

Innowise successfully completed the deployment phase, presenting a customized solution that was ready for user acceptance testing (UAT) and penetration testing. Upon completion of the final sprint, and following comprehensive checks and minor adjustments, the solution was approved by the customer.


Business Analyst
Project Manager
Back-End Developers

Results: Increased throughput, sales boost, and workforce savings after implementing the checkout-free payment platform

Innowise has developed a middleware that united customer’s POS terminals, Zippin Cloud, and Cybersource payment processing capabilities into one ecosystem. Our project team has delivered a seamless solution for grocery payment without the need for cashiers, queues, and registers. We have ensured secure payments powered by verification and token validation, eliminating the need for cash and changes.

After all, our project team launched a solution that brings such benefits as:

  • Checkout-free payments

Checkout-free payments allow customers to pick up what they want and leave the store without having to wait for the cashier to scan their groceries. This saves time and provides a seamless shopping experience, building loyalty and stimulating recurring purchases.

  • Increased throughput

By utilizing precise shelf sensor technology, we enhanced retailers’ throughput and reduced wait times. The elimination of queues allowed more customers to purchase more products.

  • Workforce savings

The checkout-free technology relieves staff of the monotonous task of checking out, allowing them to spend more time assisting customers.

  • Sales boost

The platform we have developed provides the customer with the necessary tools to maximize profits and retain satisfied customers. With the implementation of cashierless technology, the customer has gained a better understanding of their buyers’ needs to identify areas for growth, foster customer loyalty, and maintain high throughput while minimizing costs.

Project duration
  • September 2022 - October 2022


sales increase per square foot


reduction in labor cost


minutes waiting in lines


Using the checkout-free payment system has numerous advantages for both customers and retailers, including improved operational efficiency, reduced staffing costs, and an enhanced customer experience.
By utilizing data encryption, authentication, authorization, fraud detection, and more, the checkout-free payment system emphasizes a high level of cybersecurity.
Yes, a checkout-free payment system can be integrated with existing retail management systems to ensure seamless operations and data synchronization, enabling efficient inventory management, sales reporting, and customer relationship management.
The customer scans the card on the POS terminal and enters the cashier-free shop, where shelf sensors automatically add groceries to their virtual cart. No physical checkout is required when they leave the store, as the money is charred automatically.
When developing a feature-rich online shopping app like Amazon, you should go through the entire software development lifecycle, from setting business and technical requirements to launching and maintaining the application. If you are seeking a trustworthy service provider to build a bespoke Amazon-like solution, opt for Innowise.

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