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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace development: 39% increase in partnership number

Innowise has delivered an all-in-one B2B marketplace focusing on business intelligence and business process automation.


Client since

Our client is a promising European e-commerce startup with a primary objective of developing an integrated business-to-business platform.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Creating b2b marketplace development with FlexPOS integration services

Innowise was approached by a client seeking to develop a robust B2B platform facilitating business relationships between retailers and suppliers. The goal of the multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace development was to create a feature-rich platform that would support both parties in their day-to-day operational workflows. For just-in-time production, the solution should provide real-time inventory and sales data, as well as a marketplace with intelligent product suggestions, and communication tools for wholesalers and retailers, including contract management and delivery tracking.

The client had an existing web platform that partly supported basic features. Its monolithic architecture and poorly written code, however, made adding new features difficult.To address this issue, our team embarked on a comprehensive refactoring process, completely reworking the existing codebase. Our main task before B2B marketplace development was to divide the monolithic architecture into microservices, enabling flexibility and independent deployment of new functionalities. Besides software reengineering, we integrated the platform with the latest point-of-sale (POS) terminals through Zettle and FlexPOS integration services, allowing for convenient and secure transactions.

Solution: Multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace development with smart recommendations and automated supply agreements

As a result of the multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace development, Innowise created a flexible B2B platform that caters to the needs of partner brands. The marketplace features real-time inventory and sales data, enabling businesses to access real-time product data. In addition, it provides automated reordering capabilities, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring smooth supply chain management.

The web-based application includes a user-friendly chat designed to facilitate communication between business partners. Chat rooms serve as centralized spaces for suppliers and retailers to interact, collaborate, and manage contracts.

Leveraging the power of big data, the platform features a smart recommendation system providing personalized suggestions for successful business partnerships. Besides automating standard B2B processes, the platform integrates with popular eCommerce services like Zettle and FlexPos.

B2B marketplace with smart recommendations software for contractual agreements

The marketplace offers a vast selection of products spanning multiple categories, providing information on availability and bulk purchasing options. Vendors and retailers across industries can connect to the platform and easily navigate the extensive product and supplier catalog. Leveraging the recommendation system based on big data, users can identify and select the most suitable partners and products for their ecommerce needs.

For retailers, the recommendation engine utilizes algorithms to analyze their preferences, including product types, quantities, sales performance, previous transactions, and interactions with the platform. By considering these factors, the Azure machine learning system suggests the best product options and identifies suitable suppliers.

Similarly, for suppliers, the system identifies the most relevant customers and potential contract partners. Parameters such as store type, product requirements, geolocation, and other key factors are taken into account to generate recommendations for successful collaborations.

Zettle and Flexpos integration services

With Zettle and FlexPos integrated into the platform, ecommerce data is transported, synchronized, and used in a unified manner. Integrations help exchange product and prices library, sales and transaction information. Zettle enables payment processing through terminals, allowing retailers to securely conduct customer transactions.

FlexPos provides up-to-date information on the remaining goods at the supplier’s warehouse. Thus, retailers gain real-time visibility into product availability to make purchasing decisions based on current stock levels. This integration streamlines inventory management processes and helps avoid potential stockouts, ensuring efficient supply chain operations.

Communication and automated supply agreements

The marketplace offers an automated system for managing agreements between suppliers and retailers. With this functionality, users can create and manage different types of contracts, including regular one-time contracts, commission agreements, and long-term contracts. Moreover, they can define agreement parameters such as delivery terms, pricing, minimum order quantities, payment terms, contract duration, etc. through form-based templates with agreement details.

After both parties agree on the terms, the platform automatically generates the supply agreement in a standardized format. The contract includes such relevant details as the parties involved, contract duration, product specifications, pricing, and other specific terms. We integrated the platform with the DocuSign service to facilitate the signing process. Once the supply agreement is executed, the platform’s automated system generates invoices based on the agreed-upon terms containing billing information, contract details, pricing, and other details.

Integration and order tracking

Ecommerce businesses can seamlessly integrate with the platform and access real-time sales data through the admin panel and the platform’s API.

For suppliers, the admin panel serves as a dedicated dashboard, where they can upload products, manage visibility for customers, and monitor stock levels. Through the interface, suppliers can monitor product availability and receive automated notifications when stock runs low or certain product types are in high demand. Aside from the admin panel, suppliers can use the platform’s APIs for deeper integration and extended functionality. The marketplace APIs provide access to continuous real-time monitoring and stock level updates by synchronizing with the existing inventory tracking systems. Users receive API keys and documentation, including a Swagger document outlining the API’s structure and usage.


JavaScript, TypeScript, React
Azure Cloud Services
Git, BitBucket
Docker, Azure.


Once we collected and documented the client’s requirements, our project team initiated the B2B marketplace development process. The team provided cloud support services by hosting the application on Azure. To address issues with pipelining, we implemented the necessary optimizations to ensure smooth data flow.

We deployed the application on Linux OS. Our team worked on resolving bugs, providing support, and undertaking web development tasks to upgrade the platform’s functionality and add new features. The existing monolithic architecture and poor code quality posed initial challenges, so we used Azure services to transition to a more scalable and flexible cloud ecosystem. 

We encountered a critical issue during the project in the lack of a clear roadmap and release schedule.To overcome this, Innowise’s project manager created a comprehensive delivery plan outlining major integrations and features to provide clear development milestones.

Throughout the multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace development, the team focused on web design, bug fixing, and Azure support, continuously iterating and improving the codebase. Currently, our team is focused on incorporating fresh features into the platform, expanding vendor capabilities, and introducing enhancements related to warehouse goods management.


Project Manager
Web Designer
System Analyst
Lead Developer
Back-End Developers
Front-End Developers
QA Engineer

Results: 15% reduction in order fulfillment time after B2B marketplace development

As a result of the B2B marketplace development, we delivered a comprehensive all-in-one platform focusing on business intelligence and automation. The solution enables retailers and brands to establish business relationships while supporting their everyday workflow.

The significant achievement is the consolidation of multiple ecommerce functionalities within a unified platform, providing suppliers and retailers with a centralized hub for managing their operations. 

The automation of common B2B processes, including order management, invoicing, and contract generation reduces repetitive tasks, attracting new clients to the platform. As a result of working with Innowise, the platform’s number of connected partners increased by 39%. The intelligent recommendation system improved partner selection for retailers. Furthermore, businesses experienced a 15% reduction in order fulfilment time, ensuring faster delivery and increased customer satisfaction. Leveraging big data and platform interactions, the system effectively matches retailers with suitable suppliers, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Project duration
  • January 2022 - January 2023


increase in partner user base


time reduction in order fulfilment

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