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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

White-label crowdfunding platform: €50,000 invested in farming

Innowise has developed a platform for German farmers that aims to attract investments from donors. The savings go towards greening the land and supporting the environment.


Client since

Our client is a German company that specializes in creating blockchain-based solutions for various business sectors. Having previously collaborated on successful projects, the client approached us for a new solution.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Collecting donations for environmental initiatives with agriculture investment platform

Our client requested a white-label crowdfunding platform that would allow farmers to collect donations from companies and individuals. The purpose of this project is to support landscaping plots and promote environmental initiatives.Creating a service to attract investment in greening the environment through blockchain technology, besides regular donations, is an innovative solution that requires a thorough plan of action, a technology stack, and an adaptive design for a variety of devices. The main challenge for our team was the lack of a coherent product idea and the path for its further development. The service aimed at attracting investment in greening the environment through blockchain technology was an unparalleled concept with no direct competitors. Therefore, it required meticulous planning and thorough elaboration during the discovery phase.For our team, the challenge was to create a full-scale and feature-rich solution incorporating blockchain technology for token distribution to users. The peculiarity of this project was the creation of a white-label crowdfunding platform, easily adaptable for use in other industries and customizable for users. In general, the full development cycle of the agriculture investment platform included:
  • Initial discovery
  • Customer journey map development
  • Prototype preparation
  • Development phase
  • Testing
  • Product launch assistance
  • Further product support


Crowdfunding white-label platform for investments in local farming

Innowise developed a web-based crowdfunding white-label platform to invest in land plots of specific farmers. The platform offers users the flexibility to select specific plots for their investments and choose the type of crops they would like to support.

Users have the opportunity to receive freshly harvested vegetables from the plots they have invested in, ensuring a direct connection to their contributions. Moreover, the platform provides regular updates and news about the care and progress of the chosen plots, fostering a sense of engagement and transparency in the greening and environmental initiatives they support.

Investment and token distribution

Our team developed a multifunctional crowdfunding white-label platform that facilitated investments in specific parcels owned by farmers. The platform caters to two primary roles: farmers and investors. Through the built-in token payment function, investors can quickly transfer donations directly to specific growers. Donations to farmers are accurately reflected in their balances. Thanks to process automation and the utilization of blockchain technology, the platform ensures instant and secure transactions.

To initiate the investment process, the platform presents a list of available landscaping plots, each ripe for investment. First, a user connects their digital wallet to the platform. Users can explore these plots through an integrated map, enabling them to select the closest and most appealing site for their contributions.

Upon selecting a plot and its corresponding farmer, users are directed to an extensive product range. Here, they can choose the specific fruits or vegetables they wish to invest in. The product card not only facilitates payments but also provides valuable information on plot details, resources, and a timeline with photos showcasing the project’s progress.

Once the user makes their payment, the farmer receives the funds and reserves a set quantity of the chosen produce specifically for that investor. As the cultivation proceeds, the investor will receive timely updates about their product. These updates might include growth stages, potential harvest times, and any unforeseen challenges that might arise.

When the product is ready for harvest, the farmer ensures that it’s packed and shipped directly to the investor, providing a full-circle experience and deepening the connection between the consumer and the source of their food.

User interaction and customization

To ensure a seamless user experience, our team established close interaction with the client’s financial service. Through this integration, each user’s account features a blockchain address, enabling easy tracking of their balance, donation history, and contributions from specific users within defined periods. Moreover, the system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing users to link not only the proprietary wallet provided by the platform but also their own non-proprietary wallets, ensuring broader options.

Additionally, we developed a dedicated section to showcase materials emphasizing the opportunities and benefits of investing in environmental support and landscape gardening. This section serves to inform and encourage more users to participate in the platform’s noble cause.

The crowdfunding white-label platform is designed to offer both an intuitive user experience and a high degree of customization tailored for businesses in the agricultural sector. Those businesses wishing to partner with the platform can adapt its design to resonate with their branding and objectives, ensuring their investment assets align with their vision. This customization is particularly beneficial for farmers who, once onboarded, can provide personalized updates for their plots, giving investors unique insights and progress reports.

In addition to its customization features, the platform’s flexible layout ensures flawless functionality across a myriad of devices, allowing users to contribute and engage with ease from their chosen gadgets. This blend of user-centric design and adaptability has made the crypto crowdfunding platform a magnet for both individual contributors and corporate entities, accelerating landscape gardening initiatives.

Technologies & tools






React UI

Tools and frameworks

CSS Tool, Redux, Redux-saga, Axios, NestJS


Node.js, Twilio, Nexmo




MongoDB, Mongoose


JWT; Bcrypt, Nodemailer


The development cycle of the white-label crowdfunding platform spanned approximately 18 months and comprised four main stages, each with a detailed schedule for our team.

Discovery stage. During this phase, Innowise closely collaborated with the client to comprehend their vision and gather insights into user interactions. We documented materials, rendered prototypes for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and created a top-level backlog. This process allowed us to align our understanding of the project’s concept and scope with all stakeholders. It also helped determine the necessary features and estimate workload and project cost to ensure budget adherence.

Development stage. In this step, we commenced work on the platform using JavaScript and React for the Frontend and Node.js for the Backend. Our team’s key activities during this stage included:

  • Creating user accounts with JWT and Passport.js for secure authorization.
  • Allowing farmers to register and create land cards with attributes, descriptions, and photos.
  • Enabling the import of plot locations via files or specifying them on the built-in map.
  • Implementing individual cards for farmers’ land plots, facilitating the production of user-generated content.
  • Integrating a post-writing feature to enable users to share their gardening experiences and attract sponsors.
  • Integrating PayPal service and creating user wallets for instant payments.
  • Utilizing the client’s blockchain service to facilitate token transfers to specific farmers’ accounts.
  • Prioritizing rigorous testing throughout. Every feature underwent thorough testing during its development phase and was then further tested in conjunction with existing features to ensure smooth and seamless integration into the overall product.

Final testing stage. After completing the development phase, we rigorously tested all the crowdfunding platform’s functionalities to identify and rectify any potential issues. Our QA specialists conducted comprehensive tests, including automated tests using Cypress, to ensure the platform’s stability and security, particularly in the payment process.

Launch and support stage. We continued to provide ongoing support and maintenance after the product’s successful launch, addressing user inquiries and ensuring the platform’s smooth operation. The system was regularly updated and improved in response to user feedback and evolving requirements.

To ensure efficient project management and transparency during the development process, our team followed the Scrum methodology, providing daily progress updates, frequent demonstrations of new functionalities, and the flexibility to adjust project requirements as needed. Tracking tasks was streamlined and aligned with the client’s existing projects using JIRA.


Front-end Developers
Back-end Developers
Project Manager
Business Analyst
QA engineer

Results: 50 land plots were greened after white-label crowdfunding platform launch

Thanks to our team’s efforts, the client received a fully functional and feature-rich white-label crowdfunding platform from scratch. Users can easily make and receive payments by card or through blockchain technology. One of the most distinctive features of the platform is its unique offering, enabling donors to make investments in landscape gardening while also enjoying the benefits of consuming organic food. 

By empowering farmers with financial support from donors and investors, the platform supports the adoption of sustainable farming practices. Thanks to the contributions and investments made through our platform, vast areas of land have been transformed into greener spaces through sponsored agricultural projects.

Within just a few months after the platform’s launch, substantial progress was witnessed: €50,000 was invested in projects, and 50 land plots were transformed and greened. Thanks to the contributions and investments made through our platform, vast areas of land have been transformed into greener spaces through sponsored agricultural projects.

The adaptability and flexibility of the platform have proven to be invaluable assets, not only in supporting the current eco-initiative but also in opening up new opportunities for our client to pursue other impactful projects. The solution we developed can be easily customized and tailored to cater to various industries and initiatives beyond greening and supporting agriculture.

Project duration
  • January 2020 - April 2021

€ 50,000

invested in first two months


land plots were greened

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