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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Bank-centric mobile app optimization and integration with Google Maps

Innowise has enhanced the customer’s mobile banking ecosystem by developing software for card issuing machines, providing contactless deposits/withdrawals through QR codes, and ensuring ATMs’ integration with Google.


Client since
Our client is a large banking and financial provider with representative offices, subsidiaries, and associate banks scattered all over the UK. Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Our client is a major banking service provider in the UK that strived for more digitization to address their customers’ pain points more effectively. The client was committed to improving their mobile application, as profound business transformation often defines overall success.

Before Innowise joined the project, our client had already assembled a mixed team of in-house IT specialists and outsourced software developers. Five teams have already been working on over ten microservices, upgrading a mobile app and integrating it with third-party platforms when our engineers were assigned to the project.

Since the customer operates in the UK, our primary goal was not only to deliver software enhancements but also to guarantee top-notch security and compliance with DPA, as well as ensure immense agility and interoperability.


Our client commissioned Innowise to perform a set of optimization and integration tasks. The main goal was to enhance the existing mobile application without reducing its velocity and to integrate it with external services. Based on the client’s requirements and technical documentation, our project team enhanced the app with five new features.

Contactless deposits/withdrawals through QR codes

Innowise facilitated the interaction between the mobile application and ATMs, enabling customers to access cash without having to carry plastic cards with them.

From the user’s perspective, the basic flow looks understandable and transparent. To replenish or cash out, users should sign in and open the QR code tab on the main screen in the app and initiate the same operation via ATM. With their smartphones, users scan the QR code displayed on the cash machine’s screen and confirm the transaction by entering a code combination. Additionally, they may require printing a receipt to prove the transaction in case of claims.

On the server side, the process is more complex and involves data exchange within the plastic cards module, cash transactions unit, customers’ accounts data, ATM management service, and core and app gateways.

In essence, contactless QR code-based deposits/withdrawals allow users to access their funds without having plastic cards in their hands. The cardholder can scan QR codes for payments after authorization in the app – otherwise, the system abandons operations.

Displaying ATMs on the digital map

Furthermore, Innowise linked all the clients’ ATMs located across the city into one ecosystem. They were equipped with tracking systems that gather, process, and transmit data to the mobile app.

After opening the app, users can select the nearest ATM from a list. Moreover, users can choose a cash machine that matches their needs thanks to built-in filters (accessible currencies, working time, NFC support, availability for the visually impaired, etc.). The app’s map updates ATM statuses in real time so customers can ensure they’re approaching a serviceable ATM.

Navigation to self-service devices

This feature is closely connected with the previous one. Upon logging in, the app detects the user’s location. After choosing the ATM on the map, the app paves the most convenient route to the selected cash machine and calculates the approximate distance, considering traffic load, detours, road repairs, and other conditions. While users head toward the chosen ATM, the app tracks directions by geotags and allows rebuilding the route instantly if they decide to go to another ATM. In terms of functionality, it shares many similarities with Google Maps, whose integration will be discussed next.

Integration with Google Maps

Since Google is a third-party service, integration requires eliciting requirements and drawing up detailed specifications to ensure error-free functionality. By doing this, we were able to integrate Google Maps seamlessly. The flow resembles displaying ATMs on the app and navigation toward them within a proprietary solution we considered above. Our vetted team has chosen appropriate APIs for both Android and iOS to gain compatibility and trouble-free performance across both operating systems.

Software for card issuing machines

Last but not least, our multidisciplinary team has developed card issuing machine software from scratch. To do so, we evaluated software requirements specification (SRS) and then compiled a solution that issues plastic cards without bank employees as intermediaries.

These devices are also integrated with the mobile application. Users can apply for a plastic card online. As soon as their inquiry is approved, they are informed that they can obtain a plastic card themselves without having to visit a bank branch.


Android, iOS
Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, SnapKit, CoreAnimation, Modularization, GCD, RxSwift, Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics) REST, XCTest, Core Location, XCode
Kotlin, Java, Live Data, Data binding, Coroutines, Dagger 2, Glide, Retrofit, Navigation Component, Unit-Testing (Mockito)
Firebase, Room, CoreData
Software Architecture
Clean Swift, Clean Architecture, Feature modules, Feature toggles, Server Driven UI
Git, Bitbucket
TeamCity, Jenkins
Google Maps, Samsung and Apple payment services
Charles, Fiddler, Android Studio, Xcode, Postman


As Innowise participated in the software development process alongside other counterparts, it was crucial to ensure smooth communication among various teams and distribute tasks accordingly. Our client chose the Scrum methodology to manage the project as the scope was divided into streams with intermediate results and regular meetings. After every stream, the project manager demonstrated solutions’ demos to the customer, received feedback, and suggested changes based on the client’s requests and recommendations. As the scope was not tightly predefined, we assumed alterations freely to attain maximum efficiency.

The team communicated via Slack и MS Teams while using Jira to manage the project, track the progress, and execute tasks.

During the project, we successfully dealt with a wide array of challenges that included:

  • work with external coding standards and documentation rules;
  • ability to “pick up” and adjust to the customer’s work schemes;
  • skills and expertise to dig deep into the customer’s complex infrastructure.

Currently, the project is ongoing, and our specialists provide maintenance and support, eliminating minor bugs, refining features, and planning subsequent releases. With the features implemented by our team, the number of app downloads from the App Store and Google Play has increased significantly.


Product Owner
Project Manager
Team Lead
System Architect
Business Analysts
Android Developers
iOS Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineers


Our project team completed all tasks, achieving the customer’s goals. From now, people don’t have to stand in long queues to get plastic cards and can deposit/withdraw money without a physical intermediary. The client’s employees are now less swamped with paperwork and have the ability to monitor ATM performance and take immediate action if self-service devices fail.

Overall, we implemented the best mobile banking app features that matched our client’s desire to be closer to customers through digitalization.

Project duration
  • January 2021 - in progress

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