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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Mobile banking app development: 4.8 rating on App Store and Google Play

Innowise has developed a custom banking solution to conduct private money transfers, make e-payments, and manage personal accounts through mobile devices.


Client since
Our client is a leading retail and commercial bank with more than 100 branches all over the EU. Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Customers nowadays expect an exceptional quality of mobile banking app development, so banks are in constant search of new ways to improve customer experience and engagement. Digitization has made it easier for people to manage their finances online rather than going to bank branches. Therefore, our client was looking for a turnkey public-facing mobile application that would allow customers to conduct money transfers via their smartphones in a couple of clicks.

Before approaching Innowise, our customer failed in attempts to forge the app using available white-label solutions as they could not ensure a sufficient level of customization and decent user experience.

With our company’s extensive experience in banking app development, we created a Mendix-based low-code mobile application to streamline digital money transactions.


Innowise created a feature-rich banking web application containing two major touchpoints - a customer onboarding service and an account to manage private finances. After reviewing the client's previous experience with off-the-shelf solutions, we suggested building a bespoke low-code app that enhances the customer journey and experience.

Customer onboarding

This module serves as the welcome point for clients. As part of the KYC policy, after downloading the app, the user gets to the registration form and fills in personal information. After providing a valid email address and a safe password, the user fills out the forms, specifying:

  • personal information (first and last name, date of birth, gender, country, etc.);
  • occupation details (employment status, job details, etc.).

Having completed these stages, the user then verifies an account by providing an ID card, passport, or driving license and confirms solvency by uploading a bank statement to ensure conducting money transactions freely.

At the last stage, the user signs an electronic declaration embedded by DocuSign and agrees with the banking terms and conditions.

From that moment on, the user becomes a full-fledged banking system participant and accesses the solution to view all the information submitted (personal information and signed documents).

In addition, we have provided the possibility of delayed registration, when the user can save halfway progress and continue signing up later without losing data.

Mobile banking application

Leveraging the pre-built Mendix templates, our vetted team has developed an application with improved customer attractiveness and a user-friendly interface to maintain competitiveness in the market.

Once the user has passed the authentication, they are able to manage their financial streams. We implemented the capability to make quick money transactions with no boundaries. Thus, the following options became available.

  • adding credit/debit cards;

There is neither limit to the number of cards issued by the bank that can be linked, nor to the cards’ origin (regional or foreign). The only requirement is to specify the account number/card credentials and wait for verification.

  • instant money transactions (transfers and payments);

To eliminate the slightest risk of fraud, all transactions are encrypted. Besides transferring funds, users can conduct e-payments (rent, insurance, sports, tax bills, etc.) using recipients’ account numbers, phone numbers, or emails.

  • transaction requests through the link or QR code;

Users can send money to each other or pay for goods/services through payment links and QR codes.

  • revising card limits, transaction history, and spending categories.

Users can optimize their personal budget by reviewing the history of transactions.

Currently, the application has been successfully launched on App Store and Google Play with an average 4.8 rating based on 500+ reviews.

Technologies & tools

Mendix, JS, React Native, React Navigation, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-Persist, Redux-Offline, Redux-Thunk, RxJS
JUnit. Java 8/Scala, Cucumber, SBT, Gradle, GraphQL, Protobuf, HTTP, REST, Elastic Search


Our company started working on the project in November 2021. In ten months, we achieved all the goals and delivered a full-featured solution that meets all customer requirements.

We chose the Mendix platform as the core tool to build the app’s functionality. In addition to providing seamless integration, interoperability, and speed, it also supports low-code visual programming with pre-installed widgets, building blocks, and page templates for developing smartphone banking apps.

The team followed the Scrum methodology with 2-4-week sprints, intermediary progress reviews, Monday team calls in Google Meet, and regular one-on-one sessions with the team lead. All the tasks were distributed and assigned through Jira, with project documentation stored in Slack.

Lastly, our dedicated team conducted beta testing in a real environment to ensure an error-free release of the product and complete all the bug fixes.

Although the vendor’s Product Owner was open to workflow alterations and did not set strict timeframes and financial limitations, Innowise did not face missed deadlines and budget overruns and, eventually, achieved fast time-to-market.

Today, the application is deployed, and Innowise provides post-launch support and maintenance with regular updates.


Team lead
React Native developers
UI/UX Designer
QA engineer


As a result, Innowise compiled a mobile banking app to manage customers’ accounts using a low-code Mendix platform. Due to the platform’s flexibility, we successfully launched the IT solution for the banking industry even faster than planned. The implemented mobile application made it possible to digitize customer interactions, encouraging an enjoyable user experience to conduct rapid payments and money transfers.

To take full advantage of the extendable Mendix templates, our team streamlined the banking workflow significantly. Summing up, we launched a convenient, user-friendly mobile app to manage personal finances without having to visit banking branches.

Project duration
  • November 2021 - in progress

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