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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

POS terminal software development: 15 new contracts a month after the update release

Innowise has leveraged POS terminal software development services to optimize the application, ensuring its seamless functionality, resolving any identified bugs, and seamlessly integrating new features.


Client since

Our client is a POS provider maintaining point of sale terminals across the whole Europe.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Aiming to maximize value for each client and further enhance the Android POS app's market position

The client approached Innowise with a request to address bug fixes and incorporate new functionality into their Android-based application designed for POS terminals. Upon their engagement with Innowise, the client recognized various issues with the codebase, including difficulties in writing code, presence of bugs in the business logic, and challenges in maintaining the application and implementing new features. Consequently, they sought the expertise of Android developers.The primary objective of the project was to resolve existing bugs and enhance the application. This was necessary due to the application’s high popularity and its possession of at least two distinctive features that set it apart from other competitors:
  • Universal terminal compatibility: the application enables the linking of terminals from any manufacturer, thanks to its Android-based architecture;
  • Comprehensive functionality: the application provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including cash register processing, cashless payments, and online fiscalization.
By addressing these concerns and improving the Android POS terminal app, the client aimed to overcome the codebase’s challenges, maximize value for each client and further enhance its market position.


Optimizing performance and enhancing efficiency for the best POS app for Android

As part of the project, Innowise has enhanced an Android POS app. Our involvement encompassed meticulous bug resolution, comprehensive refinement of code and business logic, and seamless integration of features. This concerted effort significantly heightened the productivity and efficiency of the final product.

App’s overview and its features

The Android POS app offers a comprehensive range of functions similar to a standard POS terminal, providing convenient features for various transactions and operations:

  • Card payment: the app facilitates seamless payment processing with a wide range of payment cards, allowing customers to easily complete their transactions.
  • Refund: enables cashless refunds to customers for previous transactions.
  • PIN-code management: allows to effortlessly set or change PIN-codes, providing users with flexibility and security when accessing their accounts or conducting transactions.
  • Balance check: empowers users to conveniently check their account balances, giving them real-time visibility into their financial status.
  • Preauthorization: commonly used during the check-in process at hotels to verify the customer’s ability to pay.

Additional features unavailable in standard POS terminals:

  • Receipt preview: the POS terminal presents the receipt on the screen for the user to review and ensure the accuracy of all the displayed data.
  • Barcode scanning: enables the scanning of product barcodes within the customer’s database, allowing for seamless product payment. In certain instances, manual entry of the amount may be required.

New features and improvements

Innowise has introduced a range of features to enhance the client’s application: 

  • Installment payments (request from a partner bank): we have implemented installment payments on the terminal, providing clients with a flexible payment option that enhances convenience and customer satisfaction.
  • Receipt access via QR code: convenient access to a digital version of the check on a mobile device by scanning the QR code generated by the POS terminal, which enables efficient record-keeping.
  • Key encryption key: enhances the security of key exchanges between devices within the client’s application.

Developing the fiscal module

We integrated the Android app with the fiscal module. Initially, we focused on revamping the UI layer, meticulously designing screens and creating intuitive user flows. Subsequently, we merged the UI with the existing business logic, ensuring a cohesive and efficient module.

Emphasizing security

When developing Android POS terminal app, we have extensively researched security considerations. Thus, we have ensured the integration of only those libraries recommended by Google to prevent any potential data breaches. Additionally, we have ensured secure communication with banks by implementing ISO standards. Another crucial aspect was ensuring strict adherence to the EMV standard for plastic cards, jointly developed by Europay, Mastercard, and Visa.

Technologies & tools


Kotlin, C, Android, Protocol Buffers, Compose, Room, Dagger, CameraX




After getting acquainted with the project and reviewing the documentation, we have started working on the application. We currently have a backlog of tasks that need to be completed, and the priority of these tasks has been determined by the client.

We maintain constant communication with the client through Microsoft Teams, providing updates on our progress and discussing potential improvements. As we proceed with refactoring, we identify areas within the application that could be improved to boost its efficiency. The client is fully aware of these issues and is open to considering our expertise and suggestions.



Android Developers


Android POS app enhancements have allowed to reach 3 new promising markets in Europe

Innowise has successfully improved an Android-based POS terminal app based on the client’s requirements. Through a focus on user experience, Innowise has not only fixed existing bugs but also introduced a range of features, elevating the functionality and performance of the application.

Our team has conducted thorough testing and debugging, ensuring that the Android app now operates seamlessly, providing users with a reliable and efficient POS experience. By addressing and rectifying issues, Innowise has significantly improved the app’s stability and reliability. The new functionality we have added contributes to a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.

By fixing bugs, introducing new features, and maintaining a proactive development cycle, Innowise has positioned the application as a reliable and innovative solution in the realm of point-of-sale technology.

Project duration
  • January 2023 - Ongoing


contracts signed a month after the update release


new European markets with new customers

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