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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Food delivery app development: achieving 25% revenue growth

Innowise has developed user-friendly Android and iOS apps and a full-fledged website to deliver food straight to the house or office’s doorstep.


HoReCa, Food & Diet, Delivery
Client since

Our client is a restaurant chain in one of the European countries that sought more opportunities to grow through digitization.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


In today’s fast-paced world, time is more important than ever. Food delivery services are becoming more popular than purchasing groceries and standing behind the kitchen counter for hours. Most people prefer to spend their evenings snacking and chatting with friends at home instead of cooking dinner.

Our customer operates a chain of cafes and restaurants popular with locals and tourists. However, to retain more clients and increase profits, they wanted to build a full-fledged mobile delivery app and a proprietary website to view menus, book tables, and place orders.


Despite the multitude of off-the-shelf solutions available, our customer commissioned Innowise to build a fully customizable and scalable food delivery solution.

Mobile food delivery app development

Our main objective was to present a restaurant app development solution that differentiated our client from the competition. Ultimately, by combining beautiful UX/UI design with eye-catching layouts, we ensured a positive customer experience.

This app has two user roles – customers who order food and couriers who deliver it. Upon downloading the app, users must complete the registration process and fill in their email or phone number. Afterward, they can access the menu and add their favorite dishes to the cart. Once the server gets a notification about a new order, it estimates the time needed to prepare meals and sets a reasonable delivery time. Every 30 seconds, the app informs restaurant employees about new orders, which are automatically registered on the server.

Through an interactive map integrated into a mobile app, customers can track the progress of their orders, and couriers can plan their routes efficiently. Additionally, we integrated an AI-powered voice assistant that provides human-like responses and notifies couriers about traffic jams, road repairs, or other events based on data from interactive maps. With these advanced features, the application increases delivery speed, reduces fuel expenses, and builds customer trust.

Furthermore, our specialists powered the app with the following features:

  • Multiple payments

Our project team ensured the capability to pay for delivery services through cash, plastic cards, and digital wallets. To conduct quick payments, we integrated safe payment gateways and eliminated the risk of security breaches.

  • ETA updates

A modern built-in GPS module allows users and delivery staff to track the orders’ progress and estimate the arrival time.

  • Live order tracking

Besides tracking the delivery live, customers can check the progress of food preparation in the restaurant before the order is sent to the courier.

  • Online chat

Whenever there is something wrong with an order, or if the customer wants to query any issue, they can contact the support team that responds quickly and comprehensively.

  • Smart suggestions

The app can recommend new dishes based on the customer’s order history and favorite flavors.

  • In-app push notifications

The app sends useful and up-to-date information (special instructions, changes in the working procedures, terms of bonuses and promotions, etc.) to customers on a regular basis.

Food ordering website development

As part of our efforts to increase the client’s online presence, our project team developed a website. Visitors can view menus, make reservations, participate in promotions, and learn more about corporate events and brand stories.

We ensured a beautiful design and comprehensive navigation of the website.

  • Secure instant payments

The feature links the customer’s website, the payment processor, and banks that operate transactions. Users are directed to the payment page when they place an online order. The data is then automatically encrypted and sent between the customer’s website and the internet browser. The issuing bank conducts settlement after the payment system, and the bank acquirer approves the transaction.

  • Online reservations and ordering

By indicating the day, time, and number of personas, customers can easily book a table. When there are seats available, they receive notifications that their reservations have been approved. Furthermore, customers can place orders for pick-up or delivery through the website.

  • Contact form

Our project team implemented a “Contact us” form that includes restaurants’ addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and hours of operation.

  • Illustrated menu

Since people eat with their eyes, our team added high-resolution mouth-watering photos of dishes. We provided descriptions of the food items with ingredients, preparation details, and dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) to make browsing through the menu interesting and informative.

  • Brand story

There is an exciting story behind every successful venture. Aside from information about the client’s major milestones, we also created sections with information about the recognition from the restaurant community, awards, and photos with celebrity guests.

Loyalty card

Several months ago, Innowise has already partnered with the client to update their mPOS terminals and facilitate settlement speed.

Thereby, in addition to food delivery app development, our team built a loyalty card for regular customers integrated with Android-based PAX terminals. Thus, anyone who visits the restaurant chain regularly may pay with a loyalty UltraLight C card. It allows bonus points collection and balances replenishment through the official website and mobile application to conduct payments within the restaurant chain. The process is straightforward: each loyalty card is registered in the customer database, which contains the credentials of the cardholders. Although the loyalty card resembles a standard debit or credit card, it can only be used for purchases at the customer’s restaurants and cannot be used to withdraw cash or transfer funds.

Technologies & tools

iOS, Android; Web; PAX-terminal
Kotlin, Android SDK, Moxy, RxJava, Toothpick, Cicerone, Retrofit
Swift, iOS SDK, MVVM, GCD, Swinject, Alamofire
TypeScript, Node.js, Nest, TypeORM
TypeScript, React, Next.JS, MobX, MUI
AQA, Manual


Since Innowise has previously collaborated with the client, we already had a well-established relationship and a similar vision by the start of the project. Initially, we elicited project requirements, chose a suitable tech stack, and set reasonable timeframes for custom food delivery application development.

The most challenging task was developing the server-side logic for the web application since it required stable and secure integrations with payment gateways. Therefore, we used TypeScript, Node.js, Nest, and TypeORM as back-end tools.

We started the project in October 2022, simultaneously developing a mobile app, website, and loyalty card in three concurrent sprints. We adhered to an agile software development approach using the Scrum methodology. The team used Google ecosystem tools for document management and communication.

Currently, Innowise maintains the released solutions for the project.


Project Manager
Business Analyst
Android Developers
iOS Developers
Front-End Developers
Back-End Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineer


Innowise provided top-tier food delivery app services as well as designed proprietary loyalty cards for regular customers. Ultimately, our dedicated team identified opportunities for further expansion through digitalization.
As a result, we equipped our customer with software that brings such benefits as:

  • easy ordering/booking/delivery processes;
  • exposure to new clients;
  • greater reach;
  • better customer data;
  • new business opportunities.
Project duration
  • October 2022 - Ongoing
  • The project is still ongoing, at this stage we support the app and implement new functionality

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