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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Enterprise resources management system

Our team has developed cloud-based mobile and web applications for tracking and managing equipment and machines’ states, location, and work schedule in real-time.


Client since

The client is a construction company possessing a large machinery and equipment fleet that is stored at several warehouses and used for multiple projects in different locations.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Our client has a wide range of materials and machinery geographically distributed over numerous warehouses and project sites. When planning a new project, it’s vital to operate the most up-to-date information about available resources.

Also, due to several agreements with partners, some rented machines cost our client less when unused and this should be tracked and documented for further price cuts.

The client came up with the idea of a solution that would allow managers to plan new projects, logistics specialists to find the most efficient way of reassigning the resources, and other workers to track specific states of each resource for more efficient and cost-effective work.



Innowise has built from scratch a resource management platform that provides workers with the most relevant information about materials and machinery. Our team has designed the solution in a way that allows workers in charge to update data in real time. This leads to more effective resource planning and reduced costs of projects and machinery rent.

Telematics data collector

The client’s machinery equipment as well as the equipment rented from partners has telematics sensors that track various conditions, from air pressure in tires to traversed mileage and fuel consumption. Innowise has designed a data-gathering module that automatically aggregates the data from such sources for further analysis and use. For instance, such information can show whether a particular machine consumes too much fuel and there’s a more efficient analog for replacement. Also, zero mileage over a certain period of time signals to lending partners that the machines have not been unused. Based on several agreements, our client pays fewer fees for unused vehicles on rent.

GSP tracker

Another part of the solution is a GPS tracker. When a machine is assigned to a certain project, managers can set the location borders for it. When a worker moves this equipment across the established border, they get a set of notifications via the mobile app (push notifications) and emails. Also, the personnel responsible for the project and vehicle assignment get notified about such events.

Equipment ID card

All the collected data is aggregated at the back-end and assigned to a particular resource it’s related to creating a unique ID card.

Through this ID card, employees and the client can gain access to the most valuable information in a prompt and conveniet way.

The equipment ID card consists of a number of separate sections providing users with the specific information.


This section provides general information about the item such as its inventory number, type, manufacturer, year of production, assigned warehouse or project, real-time location on the map, the total number of operating hours, personnel responsible for management or maintenance, etc.


This module allows project managers to check if the equipment is used at the moment and when it will become available, so they can reserve it for a necessary period of time. The history of assignments, responsible managers, and projects is stored in the system.



This is a module representing a set of data about the equipment for a certain period, e.g. total number of operating and idle hours as well as their ratio, fuel consumption, state of the engine, etc. Information is visualized with diagrams and charts that make it easy to understand and compare.




This section contains information about equipment inspections, repair works, changes of components, etc. Maintenance managers may set up notifications reminding them about the technical audit or oil change, and plan inspection processes in advance.




This module shows all expenses related to the equipment (fuel, components, maintenance, damage, etc.) that are accumulated in the system. A user needs to choose the type of performance, insert requested invoice details and attach an invoice, and the amount of money is charged to the correct cost center.

Interactive map

This module gives access to an interactive map showing all the ongoing projects. By choosing one of them, a user can see assigned equipment and materials and when the equipment is presumed to be free of work. Such illustrative information helps users to manage the logistics of equipment between different projects more efficiently.

Project management board

The system has also a project management board in form of a Gantt chart where users can see a list of all available or disposed equipment, find a required one, and assign it for the project dates.


The reports section allows users to see general real-time statistics at a dashboard or generate custom reports by projects or periods of time.


Java 11, Spring Framework (Spring Boot 2), Axon framework (event sourcing/CQRS/DDD), Gradle, Docker, Keycloak, AWS, Mailhog, Minio, Jasper Reports
Angular, Material Design, Keycloak, karma-jasmine
MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, MySql, InfluxDB, TimescaleDB
Mockito, Testcontainers
Cucumber, Kotlin, REST assured, Selenium


Before starting the development, our team has thoroughly analyzed all the project requirements and specifics. We have selected Kanban as a software development methodology, with monthly releases and retrospectives to share the progress with the client. We tracked task completion in Jira, used Confluence as our knowledge base, and held the meetings and overall communication with the client via Microsoft Teams.

Our team documented the client’s vision of the solution and developed the requirements according to them. During the development process, we were constantly analyzing, refining, and decomposing the requirements into tasks and subtasks for easier progress tracking. After several tasks were completed, our quality assurance engineers checked whether the solution was compliant with the outlined requirements, was bug-free, and our team was on the same page with the client’s vision and expected outcomes.


Data Engineers
Back-end Developers
Front-end Developers
Database Architect
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Manual QA Engineers
Automation QA Engineers
Solution Architect


Innowise has built a platform for easy and efficient management of various resources such as materials and machinery equipment. The solution allows users to have access to live data concerning equipment and materials and manage them in real time.

Also, by gathering data from various telematics sensors, the platform allows calculating the expenses needed for a particular machine, predicting maintenance needs, and reducing rent costs if the machine was lent.

Project duration
  • Since 2020
  • The project is still ongoing; at this stage, we support the platform and implement new features

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