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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Hobby based social network: more than 130.000 registered users

Innowise has developed a hobby-based social network that allows people to chat and find places on the map based on their interests and hobbies.


Media & Entertainment
Client since

Our customer is an association of entrepreneurs seeking disruptive solutions for a next-gen social networking platform.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Building a social network from scratch

The client approached Innowise with the challenge of developing a social networking platform that would blend online communication with offline interactions. The primary goal was building a unified system to discover nearby events, organize meetups, and share experiences with like-minded individuals. In addition, the platform encouraged user interaction by integrating a unique virtual currency into the application.

For partner chains, the client sought targeted advertising, feedback collection, and client engagement. As for private users, they wanted to offer quick event searches, efficient communication with event organizers, and the opportunity to find companions for various activities in the local area. 

The hobby app was supposed to give a flexible subscription service to collaborate with business partners, offering promotional options. It was crucial to create customizable plans to accommodate different brands and events while ensuring a seamless setup process for businesses. This approach was expected to create a win-win scenario, enhancing business visibility and providing users with exciting events and promo discoveries.


Solution: Hobby-based social network with internal currency, AR-features, and location-based events

Innowise started building a social network application with an array of features tailored to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike. We created a unique hobby-based social network with AR features, ensuring offline and online activities and communication. For private users, the platform offers convenient event search, quick communication with event organizers, and the ability to find like-minded people to participate with. Users can enjoy live event broadcasts, access a built-in ticket purchase system, and benefit from partner discounts and rewards.Additionally, our team integrated gamification into the social network to improve user involvement, providing virtual currency for engaging in virtual activities and sharing content from business partners. Additionally, we implemented augmented reality tools, in-app chats, event publishing, recommendations, and loyalty programs.

VR Main scr

Event discovery and communication

The hobby-based social network prioritizes user experience by offering features that make event search and networking seamless and engaging. The app offers users exciting features, including finding new places for a pleasant pastime, interactive chats for communication and dating, and useful facts about places of interest. Users can create content and have the opportunity to earn tokens from it. Additionally, they can stay informed about the places and events their friends plan to visit.

The event search functionality incorporates location-based filtering. In real-time, users can discover exciting events nearby or plan their activities based on upcoming events displayed on the map.

The platform facilitates quick communication between users and event organizers through chat. We implemented secure messaging protocols and notification systems, ensuring safe and hassle-free communication.

Finding like-minded individuals for shared activities is possible through advanced algorithms that analyze user preferences and behavior. The app suggests relevant events for users based on location and interests, fostering a sense of community.

For an immersive event experience, the application provides live event broadcasts. Also, our team enabled real-time photo and comment sharing, making users feel engaged even from afar, while media streaming and content moderation provide seamless event live streams.

Chat SN VR

Optimized event management

The app empowers businesses with an array of optimized event management features. Our project team designed user-friendly interfaces and APIs to streamline event publishing. Businesses can showcase their events, activities, promotions, discounts, and more, ensuring visibility and engagement among nearby users. Promotion tools include highlighting events on the in-app map, SMS messaging, reviews, brand integrations, banner advertising, and loyalty programs. Particularly, brands can create private chat rooms that customers can access.

We implemented real-time chat functionalities, web sockets, and data synchronization to facilitate communication between event organizers and users. This feedback mechanism allows businesses to understand their audience better and improve their offerings.

The ticket sales system ensures hassle-free services for both businesses and users. We integrated secure payment gateways and APIs for seamless transaction processing. Additionally, our project team developed a robust online ticket system to purchase tickets for the events of interest.

Furthermore, the app’s local advertising options offer businesses targeted promotions. Ad placement algorithms and geolocation-based ad targeting ensure businesses reach their audience effectively. Ad analytics provide valuable insights, helping businesses measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. We integrated data visualization tools, reporting APIs, and user-friendly dashboards with comprehensive analytics into the solution. The admin panel, in turn, empowers partners to optimize their promotional efforts and monitor event performance.

SN Wallet VR

Gamification and virtual currency 

The gamified system of the social hobby network app elevates user engagement, rewarding them with unique virtual currency. Our talented specialists designed a captivating gamification architecture where users can participate in challenges like discovering new routes, ordering food, visiting masterclasses, creating content, or engaging socially to earn tokens. Besides earning tokens from virtual activities, users can also earn in-app currency by attending real-life events organized by partners.

In addition, we integrated the app with the Stellar platform for exchanging tokens for different currencies or making money transfers to other users. Moreover, tokens can be converted into fiat money, which increases user’s interest.

The blockchain integration ensures secure token generation, distribution, and management. We implemented smart contracts to guarantee transparency and reliability in transactions. Our team designed user wallets to make token storage easy and convenient.

Our project team worked diligently to track user actions within the platform, determining their eligibility for token rewards. The backend logic and data processing enabled efficient monitoring of user interactions, content creation, and social activities.

AR s network

AR-features and immersive experiences

The hobby-based social network stands out with its innovative AR integration, creating immersive opportunities for users to participate in AR events and advertising promotions. 

We incorporated advanced AR functionalities like object recognition and geolocation-based engagements, adding interactivity to AR journeys. Integration of AR frameworks further enhanced user involvement and immersion.

AR content discovery and rewards on the hobby app offer unique gameplay experiences. Through the use of on-screen augmented reality elements, participants and visitors of diverse venues can gain a deeper understanding of specific locations. These elements may include informative instructions and coupons that can be redeemed for rewards. We also designed AR-based challenges like collecting virtual coins and implemented token acquisition through AR interactions, making the platform stand out in the social networking landscape.

Technologies & tools

Swift, Alamofire, ObjectMapper, SDWebImage, Starscream, FloatingPanel, Google maps, Firebase
MVVM, Kotlin, Coroutines, Coroutines Flow, Retrofit, Room, Navigation Component, Dagger 2, MapBox, Firebase Crashlytics, Firebase Analytics, Unit tests - Mockito, MockK
PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Radis
Admin panel
Node, JQuery, Vue


Throughout building a social network from scratch, we adhered to the Agile methodology. This approach allowed us to break down the development into several stages, ensuring transparency and client involvement at every step.

  • Discovery phase. We conducted extensive research and discussions with the client to understand their requirements and objectives before the social network building. For this phase, a Vision and Scope document outlined the project’s objectives and features.
  • UI/UX design. During this phase, our designers created customer journey maps and clickable prototypes. These deliverables allowed the client to visualize the app’s look and ensure immersiveness while accessing the app.
  • Development. Leveraging the chosen technologies, we proceeded with building a social network app, integrating various features and functionalities into the platform.
  • Testing. After the development phase, we conducted thorough testing to identify and rectify any bugs or issues. 
  • Deployment. Once the app passed all the rigorous tests, we submitted it to Google Play and the App Store, providing free downloads in a few clicks.

To facilitate effective communication during social network building, we employed various communication channels, including Google Chat,  emails, and Jira as a collaborative project management tool.


Back-End Developers
iOS Developerss
Project manager
Android Developers
QA engineer

Results: Custom development of hobby-based social network with >130.000 registered users

The implementation of the hobby-based social network brought remarkable results, transforming the social networking landscape and redefining how people connect and interact.

For businesses, the hobby app became a powerful lead generation tool, enabling them to expand their market reach. The optimized event publishing feature and targeted advertising options significantly increased event attendance and customer engagement. Businesses received real-time feedback and user recommendations, resulting in improved offerings and enhanced customer loyalty. As a result, more than 50 business partners joined the app, leveraging its potential for greater accessibility.

For individuals, the  hobby-based social network delivers a seamless and captivating networking experience. With quick event searches and effortless communication with event organizers, users now find it easy to explore nearby events and participate in exciting activities. Incorporating tokens and gamification elements encourages active participation and fosters community interaction. This led to an impressive user registration of over 130,000 accounts, proving the app’s vast popularity and positive impact on social networking.

Moreover, the AR integration introduced an innovative dimension to the user journey. The immersive AR interactions captivate users, driving impeccable results.  As guests search for tokens and unlock rewards, they create an engaging experience unlike any other networking platform.

Project duration
  • January 2022 - July 2022


registered users


conversion rate on advertised events

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