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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Hybrid app development company

Innowise stands as a leading hybrid app development company, expertly handling the complexities of multiple platform-specific codebases while ensuring a flawless user experience across all devices. Our team of hybrid app developers, backed by skilled UX and visual designers, craft robust hybrid apps for diverse mobile platforms. Rely on our expertise in hybrid app development for tailored solutions that guarantee a strong and consistent mobile presence.

Embrace hybrid app flexibility: streamlined code, seamless experience, boundless reach

We craft hybrid apps that fuse adaptability with performance, delivering a smooth user experience on all devices. Our hybrid app development services cater to diverse challenges, merging the versatility of web platforms with native app strength.

Hybrid development consulting

We assist businesses in navigating the landscape of hybrid development. Our insights help businesses maximize the potential of custom hybrid mobile apps and achieve peak app performance.

Hybrid app design

Beyond mere creation, we design experiences. Merging intuitive interfaces with compelling functionalities, we create hybrid layouts that ensure smooth user interactions across different platforms.

Hybrid application development

Our team develops hybrid apps that bridge the gap between web and native functionalities. We create products with widespread accessibility for a diverse range of users on multiple devices.

Application quality assurance

Dedicated to excellence, each hybrid mobile app undergoes rigorous testing. We maintain top-tier performance, unmatched security, and flawless operation across every platform.

Application migration services

We streamline app migration to hybrid platforms, retaining core features while amplifying adaptability and scalability, ensuring your solution thrives in new environments.

Support and maintenance

Beyond deployment, we stand by our clients. We offer consistent support and maintenance to ensure your hybrid app remains relevant, efficient, and constantly evolving.

Hybrid app development technologies we employ

In the evolving landscape of development frameworks, our hybrid mobile app developers delve deep into each technology’s core capabilities. With us, coding is only a part; we prioritize designing reliable and adaptive frameworks that meet expanding business requirements.
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Flutter development

Our Flutter experts utilize this potent toolkit to create natively compiled apps from a single codebase. We optimize its widget-rich environment for crafting fluid UIs that match native performance. Clients benefit from efficient hybrid app development cycles and consistent functionality.
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React Native development

React Native bridges the gap between performance and productivity. Our specialists leverage its JavaScript foundation to craft hybrid apps that feel native and respond rapidly. The modularity of React Native aids in quick iterations, resulting in faster time-to-market.
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KMM app development (Kotlin Multiplatform)

Embracing Kotlin’s power, our developers use KMM to create apps sharing business logic across platforms without compromising native features. This approach streamlines cross-platform development while retaining platform-specific UI.
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Low-code mobile development

Our team leverages visual development interfaces and pre-built modules in low-code mobile development, expediting the app-building process. This approach allows for integrating complex functionalities without deep coding, using drag-and-drop elements and model-driven logic.
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Xamarin development

Xamarin’s .NET foundation offers a unified approach to creating apps across devices. Our team taps into its rich libraries and shared code features, ensuring apps run smoothly on both Android and iOS. This means reduced development timelines and a harmonized user interface.
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.Net MAUI development

With .NET MAUI, we develop versatile applications using a singke project structure for multiple platforms. By integrating native capabilities, our skilled developers ensure that applications retain their authentic feel while benefiting from shared logic, fostering speed and uniformity.
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Ionic development

Ionic offers a rich library of front-end building blocks and UI components. Our team exploits its web technology core, producing apps that are platform-independent yet native in look and feel. With Ionic, we develop applications that truly shine across all types of devices.
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QT app development

We optimize for fluid interfaces and robust application architectures using QT’s advanced C++ framework and rich widget set. Our applications exploit QT’s modularized classes, ensuring high-speed rendering and robust event management, tailored to a wide range of requirements.

Unsure about managing apps across multiple operation systems?

Benefit from a singular hybrid app code and stay consistent.

The advantages of hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid mobile app development seamlessly blends the strengths of web and native solutions, allowing a single codebase to operate on various platforms. This integration streamlines the deployment process and guarantees consistent functionality across mobile devices.
  • Cross-platform compatibility
With hybrid development, a unified codebase caters to both iOS and Android operating systems, guaranteeing consistent interface and functionalities irrespective of the device used.
  • Cost-efficiency
By consolidating resources into a singular development process, scalable hybrid mobile apps cut down expenses compared to separate native development and ensure optimal ROI.
  • Faster development
A single development cycle for hybrid apps leads to quicker market deployment, allowing businesses to remain competitive while ensuring a high-quality product.
  • Ease of maintenance
Given their shared codebase, hybrid apps streamline updates and maintenance tasks, leading to reduced downtime and ensuring a consistently optimal user experience.
  • Scalability
The scalable nature of hybrid apps allows for easy expansion and feature integration. This flexibility means you can introduce new functionalities without overhauling the entire application.
  • Access to device features
Scalable hybrid mobile apps bridge the gap between web and device hardware, enabling access to essential functionalities without platform-specific integrations.
In today’s mobile application market, going hybrid is a smart move, especially for businesses looking to expand their reach quickly. Our hybrid app development services are ideal for companies aiming to tap into diverse user bases on iOS and Android without the overhead of developing multiple native apps. Our team is well-equipped to make this move smoother, guiding clients through each step, from design to deployment

Eugene Shapovalov

Head of Mobile Development at Innowise

How much does hybrid mobile app development cost?

The pricing for hybrid app development services is determined by a combination of project’s needs and decisions made during the planning phase. Notably, hybrid development can offer cost savings compared to native approaches, thanks to a shared codebase that runs across several platforms. These savings depend on a number of factors, including:

App complexity and features

Design intricacies

Development team's expertise

Duration of the project

Back-end infrastructure requirements

Post-launch maintenance services

Platform-specific customizations

Integration with existing systems

Tired of platform-specific constraints?

Embrace the adaptability of hybrid app development and expand with ease.

Key features of a hybrid application

Hybrid applications combine the features of web and native apps, utilizing a single codebase to operate across different platforms. This approach provides businesses with a technical solution to address diverse user audiences while retaining essential functionalities.
Offline functionality
Offline functionality
Hybrid apps cache data locally, ensuring uninterrupted access to core features without needing an internet connection. This cached data can be synchronized later when connectivity is re-established, offering a fluid user journey.
Native-like user experience
Native-like user experience
These feature-rich applications harness device-specific capabilities, delivering an experience on par with native applications. Advanced rendering and API integrations contribute to smooth animations and enrich user interactions.
Cost-effective prototyping
Cost-effective prototyping
Prototyping in hybrid development is cost-optimized. Utilizing a single codebase facilitates swift design iterations, streamlining the testing phase and expediting the feedback loop for enhancements.
Wide range of plugins
Wide range of plugins
With plugins at their disposal, hybrid platforms bridge the divide between standard web functionalities and device-specific capabilities. The plugins can be tailored, ensuring a hybrid mobile app remains agile tech demands.

Hire hybrid app developers

Opting for outsourced hybrid app developers delivers exceptional technical expertise and strategic advantages that outperform traditional in-house teams. Hiring hybrid app developers offers a multitude of benefits over in-house recruitment, making it a forward-thinking choice for your business.
  • Years of experience
Our hybrid app developers, armed with over a decade of expertise, quickly adapt and apply their skills to new projects. This not only assures quality but also reduces the overhead of extensive in-house training and orientation.
  • Optimized budget and timeline
Outsourcing with us results in significant cost savings of up to 30%. By eliminating the challenges of in-house team formation and setup costs, you gain both financial and time efficiencies, propelling you ahead of competitors.
  • Tailored collaboration models
Recognizing the distinct nature of every enterprise, we tailor the models of our app development services according to your project’s demands. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose the most convenient collaboration format.
  • Fluidity in team composition
The dynamism of projects requires a flexible team structure. Opting for outsourced hybrid app development services lets you effortlessly expand or contract your team, easily adapting to the varying requirements of each project.
  • Diverse global insights
Tapping into the widespread talent pool introduces a variety of global perspectives into your projects. This amalgamation of multicultural proficiency ensures your hybrid app strikes a chord worldwide.
  • Efficient team acquisition
Our company, with its efficient hiring processes, can identify the perfect specialists for your project in just 1-2 weeks. Our thorough onboarding strategy ensures these experts seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Searching for a balance between performance and versatility?

Trust our experienced hybrid app developers to strike the perfect chord.

Hybrid app development for all organizations

Hybrid app development has cemented its reputation as a versatile solution in recent years, adapting across diverse industries. Our app development company takes pride in having collaborated with a wide spectrum of sectors, successfully navigating each unique challenge and demand.

Why choose Innowise as a hybrid app development company?

Creating hybrid apps that set industry benchmarks requires a well-versed partner. At Innowise, we combine our technical know-how with a deep understanding of diverse business needs. Our hybrid app development services prioritize both the functionality of your hybrid app and its alignment with your business goals.
  • Refined development practices
Drawing from years in hybrid app development, our methodologies are sharpened through regular testing. We provide top-notch app development services and solutions based on leading technologies.
  • Highest level of data security
In today’s digital landscape filled with threats, we adhere to strict global data security standards. This diligence guarantees your app remains shielded, safeguarding your enterprise and the users within it.
  • Transparent budgeting, rapid launch
Clear timelines, financial expectations, and predictability are paramount. We provide a detailed budget outline and secure a timely project kick-off, maintaining transparency and foresight at every step.
  • Globally-informed expertise
Our technical prowess is complemented by a worldwide perspective. We at Innowise craft apps that are both technically superior and culturally aligned, engaging users from diverse backgrounds.

Maximize your app development budget without compromising on quality.

We’re here to ensure a high return on investment by striking the right balance between cost and value.

Process of hybrid mobile app development

Leveraging years of steadfast performance in the industry, our mobile app development company has meticulously refined its process for hybrid mobile app development, a strategy that guarantees unmatched efficiency and quality in every project. In line with this commitment, we provide our clients with clear, step-by-step explanations of our established methods, ensuring transparency and excellence in delivering top-tier app development services.

Project conception

Initial interactions revolve around a thorough assessment of the idea, setting out goals, and pinpointing requirements. Our team, deeply entrenched in market dynamics, identifies key competitors and market niches, providing a strong conceptual foundation for the app.

Blueprinting and planning

At this stage, we craft an exhaustive project specification. This document delineates the scope of work, acting as a roadmap for the subsequent steps. Our planning paves the way for a fluid hybrid mobile application development cycle and implementation.

Team assembly

Based on the project scope, we assemble a team of hybrid app developers and other specialists according to the project needs. Selection considers technical skills, past projects, domain knowledge, and role requirements.

Development and design collaboration

With the project plan in place, our software engineers spring into action, cohesively working alongside our qualified UX designers. The project manager facilitates regular meetings, encouraging client involvement and transparency throughout the process.

Rigorous testing

To ensure top performance, our QA professionals rigorously test the app across genuine devices and real-world scenarios. Their feedback not only aims for a bug-free experience but also optimizes performance, ensuring the app stands up to the user’s demands.

Continued support

Post-deployment, our commitment doesn’t end. As user feedback surfaces and market dynamics shift, we stand by you. Our continuous support focuses on refining and evolving the app, aligning it with ever-changing user preferences and current industry trends.

Hybrid app development: our recent case studies

What our customers think

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Innowise is one of the best partners the client works with. They always fulfill our requests by providing developers that meet the client’s specific language and experience-level requirements.

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Polina Shuruba Partner Manager XPRT MINDS
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Innowise has built an amazing application from scratch in an amazingly short time of just about 3 weeks. Their seniority and in-depth experience in this field make them valuable partners.

company's logo
Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG
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Innowise’s work met all expectations. The team was efficient, prompt, and on top of their project deliverables. Customers can expect an experienced team that offers an array of business services.

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Alice Bodnar COO Atlas Guides
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Innowise has a strong understanding of the task at hand, enabling them to offer the most suitable development approach. The team exceeded our expectations and is responsive when we request changes.

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Ilya Radniany CEO
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Since our collaboration is successful, Innowise’s resources have stayed engaged in our projects for a long time. The reliability and vast expertise of their frontend, backend, and QA engineers are impressive.

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George Fironov CEO Talmatic


Yes, modern and scalable hybrid mobile apps can rival native app performance, especially when using frameworks like React Native or Flutter. The performance largely depends on the cross-platform app’s complexity. For many standard applications, the difference in responsiveness between a hybrid application and a native one is minimal.
Hybrid mobile app development time varies based on complexity and advanced features. Generally, hybrid applications are faster to develop due to a single codebase. Basic apps may take a few weeks, while complex ones could require more time. Consulting our team will give a more precise estimate.
Certainly! The apps built on a hybrid framework are known for their update flexibility. With a singular codebase, updates are streamlined across all platforms. Our development company guarantees your app remains updated post-launch, catering to evolving user needs.

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