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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Dating mobile app development: 35% increase in app purchase

Since its foundation, Innowise has been at the forefront of mobile application development, creating engaging apps across multiple sectors. Our skilled team of developers, designers, and business analysts blend technical expertise with creativity to produce user-centric solutions.






Client since


The client is a leading organization in the entertainment sector catering to a youth-centric market in Australia. With a prominent focus on technology-driven services, they strive to connect people across diverse interests and lifestyles. Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the terms of the NDA.

Dating app development


Addressing the complexities of dating app development

The client’s vision was ambitious but came with its unique set of challenges. They were actively looking for a reliable dating app development company to bring their idea to fruition. The primary challenge lay not only in developing a dating app but also in creating an experience that would resonate with users in a highly competitive market. Further, the client aimed for a robust matching algorithm capable of suggesting meaningful connections between users, which would consider a variety of parameters to improve match success. A sub-optimal matching algorithm would hinder user satisfaction and subsequently affect user retention.

The client was also concerned about data security and wanted robust security measures to safeguard user information. The importance of this aspect cannot be overstated – any compromise on user security could have severe repercussions on the brand’s reputation and user trust.

Leveraging our experience and expertise, we accepted the challenge and embarked on the journey to bring this vision to life.


Pioneering AI-based dating mobile app development approach

To effectively meet our client’s needs, we, as a renowned dating app development company, developed a sophisticated, Tinder-like mobile application thoughtfully designed to streamline user experience and integrate robust functionalities, ready to scale to meet future demands.

We strived for smooth and engaging user interactions, facilitated through an intuitive interface and personalized features, as part of our dating app development services. In an effort to enhance the user-matching experience, we harnessed the power of state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced algorithms and geolocation capabilities. Complementing this, we integrated real-time messaging and calling features for seamless user communication. Recognizing the importance of user security and data privacy, we adopted stringent security protocols, including end-to-end encryption. Our commitment extended to continual app testing and refinement to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Dating app development: key features

We have expertly crafted a cutting-edge dating app, offering an integrated ecosystem of features to enhance the user experience in the realm of dating app development. This versatile platform includes a robust admin dashboard, an intuitive user interface, and interactive communication tools. Additionally, we’ve implemented advanced matchmaking algorithms, customizable user preferences, real-time chat, and a secure payment system, ensuring a rich and engaging dating experience for users.

Login and registration

Users can swiftly sign into their accounts, opt for social media login or use verified phone numbers. Ease of access promotes better user interaction, offering a seamless introduction to the app’s key features.

User detailing

Users can build their digital identity by elaborating on preferences, hobbies, and lifestyles. They can enrich their profile with personal or Instagram photos and integrate other platforms like Spotify for sharing music tastes.

Profile verification

Users can verify their profiles through email confirmation or other methods, increasing trust among other users.

Connection mechanics

The app integrates a variety of matching algorithms – whether based on mutual interests, geolocation, or advanced AI. Users can find potential matches aligned with their needs and the app’s intent.

Location-based search

Users can refine their match search based on their current city, region, or preferred distance range, optimizing the chances of local connections.

AI matching

Beyond the standard swipe mechanism, the app offers intelligent matching by evaluating factors like age, hobbies, and other personal details, giving users a refined search experience.

Compatibility quizzes

Users can take compatibility quizzes to help the app suggest more accurate matches based on personality traits and preferences.

Gesture-based interaction

Through the intuitive swipe feature, users can easily show interest or pass on profiles, adding a gamified element to the dating experience.

In-app communication

Upon finding a match, users can engage in rich conversations, sharing text, videos, stickers, and more to foster deeper connections.

Voice & video interaction

The app facilitates voice and video calls to foster trust and familiarity, allowing users to bond even before a physical meet-up.

App alerts

With push notifications, users stay updated about new matches, unread messages, or recent app updates, ensuring continuous engagement.

Block and report

Users can block or report other users for inappropriate behavior or content, ensuring a safe and respectful community.

Profile boosting

Users can pay to have their profiles promoted, increasing visibility to potential matches.

App analytics

Administrators can access in-depth analytics and reports on user behavior, helping to improve the app’s performance and user experience.

Content moderation

The admin panel includes tools for content moderation, allowing administrators to review and manage user-generated content for compliance with community guidelines.

Our focus was to create more than just a dating app; we envisioned a platform that truly facilitates meaningful connections. By leveraging innovative technology and adopting user-centric design principles, we’ve crafted an experience that is intuitive, engaging, and, most importantly, safe for our users. I am incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and expertise that made this vision a reality.
Eugene Shapovalov

Head of Mobile Development at Innowise

Dating app solution monetization strategy

A crucial aspect to consider in dating app development is its revenue model. Regardless of slight variations between iOS and Android, dating apps on both platforms commonly employ similar monetization strategies. The following are popular approaches for revenue generation that also contribute to user attraction, engagement, and retention:
Premium subscriptions

Premium subscriptions

Introducing premium subscriptions is another method to monetize dating apps. These subscriptions can provide users with benefits such as account boosts, unlimited likes, and access to additional features.


Traditional advertising continues to be a reliable revenue source. However, to avoid user dissatisfaction, it’s essential to balance the number of ads shown, as excessive advertising can be intrusive and lead to higher uninstallation rates.


We’ve added functionality for collaboration with third-party companies, promoting their services within the client’s app. In-app promotions enhance user convenience during date planning, with pricing models based on clicks or impressions.

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The choice of technology stack is a critical aspect when creating an application, especially in the realm of dating app development. This decision impacts the app’s future performance, scalability, and potential for growth. Our team of dating app developers, keeping these aspects in mind, strategically chose a suite of technologies to address the project’s unique needs and challenges.

Flutter & Dart

We chose Flutter for its capabilities in building apps for mobile and web apps from a single codebase. Dart and Flutter’s widget-based architecture streamlined UI customization, unifying the front-end and back-end for an efficient development process.


GetIt was used as a service locator, providing an easy and convenient way to access the services and models throughout the app. This facilitated more manageable and decoupled code, leading to more efficient development and testing phases.

Node.js for the back end

We employed Node.js to create a robust, real-time infrastructure perfectly suited for handling the back end of the application. This choice ensured modular development and code reusability, enhancing our development efficiency.


To provide users with real-time updates, we integrated WebSockets. This technology ensures that users receive instantaneous notifications, messages, and match alerts, thereby enhancing user engagement and maintaining the app’s dynamism.

Clean Architecture principle

We employed the Clean Architecture principle to segment the application into layers. This approach enhances the app’s scalability and flexibility and prepares the development team for iterative client feedback and adjustments.

Auto Route

Auto Route was employed to handle in-app navigation. This library provided us with strongly typed arguments and complex routing functionalities, enhancing the usability of the app and improving the overall user journey.

BLoC (Business Logic Component)

We utilized the BLoC pattern for effective app state management. BLoC eases the separation of business logic from UI, enhancing code maintainability and scalability. This separation enabled concurrent work on different features without conflicts.


We used Dio for networking, a powerful library in Dart for making HTTP requests. It comes with many features like interceptors, global configuration, FormData, request cancellation, etc., which aided us in building a robust data layer.

Flutter Async

This tool was instrumental in dealing with asynchronous operations within the app. By managing potentially time-consuming tasks like network requests or database operations, Flutter Async helped us ensure a smooth, responsive user experience.


Lastly, Freezed was utilized for state management, providing us with immutable classes which helped improve the consistency and predictability of the app. It also reduced boilerplate code, streamlining our dating mobile app development process.


The project required a team composition that included a variety of skill sets. To guarantee the successful and efficient construction of the dating application from the ground up, we not only incorporated experienced dating app developers but also utilized technologies like Flutter for web development and React for specific components.


Project Manager


UI/UX Designers


Back-End Developers


Front-End Developers


QA Engineers


DevOps Engineer


Data Scientist


DevOps Specialist

Thus, a team of 13 specialists, each with their own unique expertise and responsibilities, would ensure a seamless and efficient process of building the application.

Benefits of dating app development

The dating app we’ve developed offers many benefits, including enriched user experiences, optimized operations, and elevated revenue opportunities. This holistic approach prioritizes nurturing meaningful connections.

Comprehensive dating experience

The dating app offers an immersive journey with advanced matchmaking, customizable profiles, real-time chat, and secure payments. Users enjoy a holistic dating experience with features that enhance connection and interaction.

Effortless registration

Users have the convenience of logging into the app through social media accounts or verified phone numbers. The streamlined onboarding process ensures swift and effortless engagement, enriching their dating experience.

Personalized profiles

Users can easily create digital identities by sharing preferences, hobbies, and photos and integrating content from platforms like Instagram and Spotify, fostering connections based on shared interests.

Enhanced trust

Users can verify their profiles through various methods, including email confirmation. This verification process adds an extra layer of authenticity and reliability, reassuring users that they engage with genuine individuals.

Intelligent matching

The app effectively utilizes diverse matching algorithms, such as geolocation and AI-based matching, ensuring users receive precise, accurate and customized match suggestions for rewarding, unique experience.

Local connections

Location-based search options optimize the chances of local connections, enhancing the possibility of meaningful interactions and boosting user engagement, trust, and satisfaction within their immediate vicinity.

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Dating app development process

Our development process was designed to be collaborative, transparent, and efficient, ensuring that our client was continuously involved and updated about the progress. We stuck firmly to the Agile methodology, which proved to be of immense benefit to the project in its entirety.



The first step in our journey was the discovery phase. This phase involved extensive discussions with the client to fully understand their requirements, expectations, and the challenges they were facing with their existing system. At the end of this phase, we provided the client with a ‘Vision and Scope’ document that outlined our understanding of the project’s objectives, the proposed solution, and the roadmap we envisioned.


UI/UX design

Once we established a shared understanding of the project’s vision and scope, we moved on to the UI/UX design phase. Our team crafted a customer journey map to depict user interactions and behavior within the app, and a clickable prototype was developed. This prototype helped visualize the app’s functionality and aesthetics and allowed the client to provide early feedback on the design and user experience.



Following the approval of the prototype, we initiated the development phase. Our adherence to the Agile methodology meant that the development process was divided into several “sprints” or stages, each concluding with a tangible deliverable. The client was actively involved in reviewing and providing feedback at the end of each sprint, ensuring that the result remained aligned with their expectations.



After we put it to the test, our quality assurance team meticulously tested the application for any bugs, errors, or performance issues. We ensured the app met all quality standards and the client’s specifications. At the end of this phase, we delivered a test report and the final version of the application for client review and approval.



Upon receiving client approval, we moved to the launch phase. We successfully deployed the application on the respective app stores and handed over all the project artefacts to the client.
Throughout the process, communication channels were kept open and active with regular video calls. For task tracking and project management, we utilized JIRA. It ensured that every team member was aligned with their roles and every task was systematically organized and tracked. The Agile methodology and tools like JIRA helped us maintain a steady pace, flexibility, and transparency throughout the dating app development process. Our client was consistently involved, providing valuable insights and feedback, making them an integral part of the journey from start to finish.

How does the dating app work?

In a nutshell, the swiping and matching mechanism stands at the heart of our dating app, enabling a simple yet effective method for users to find and connect with potential partners.
  • Download and sign up
To start their journey, users download the app from the app store and undergo a streamlined registration process. The option to register with social media accounts is also provided for quicker access.
  • Profile setup
Post registration, users are prompted to set up their profile, entering details about themselves and their preferred match. This includes personality traits, interests, and physical preferences. Profile photos are added to provide a visual introduction.
  • Exploring potential matches
Once the profiles are set up, the exploration begins. Users are shown profiles of potential matches within their specified geographical area. The profiles are displayed one at a time, and users can view each profile’s details to make a decision.
  • Swiping
The decision-making process involves swiping – a right swipe indicates interest and a left swipe signifies passing on that profile. This swiping mechanism is straightforward and quick, keeping the user experience light and enjoyable.
  • Match confirmation
When two users mutually swipe right on each other’s profiles, it’s considered a match. This mutual interest triggers a notification, informing both users of the successful match.
  • Starting the conversation
The match unlocks a private chat window, enabling the matched pair to initiate a conversation, share more about themselves, or plan to meet up.

Dating app development cost estimation

Estimating the cost of developing your custom dating app hinges on several key factors and features tailored to your unique needs and priorities. Remember that the final cost will depend on your specific requirements, priorities, and the dating mobile app development team you choose to work with. It’s essential to work closely with your development partner to define your project scope and get an accurate cost estimate of dating app development services tailored to your unique dating app vision.
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Adapting the app to your specific dating niche and preferences ensures it resonates with your target audience and aligns with your business objectives. A tailored approach enhances user engagement and satisfaction.
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Streamlining your app’s functionality often requires integration with external systems and APIs. Whether it’s social media login, payment gateways, or data analytics tools, these integrations enhance user experience and expand your app’s capabilities.
Matching algorithms

Matching algorithms

The complexity and sophistication of your matchmaking algorithms play a pivotal role in the app’s functionality. Advanced AI-driven matching and compatibility quizzes demand more extensive development efforts.
mob app

UI design

Crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface is essential for user engagement. The complexity of the design, including interactive features and user profiles, influences development costs.
Real-time communication

Real-time communication

Enabling real-time chat, voice, and video interaction between users requires robust back-end infrastructure and API integration. These features enhance user engagement but can add development complexities.

Security measures

Building trust and ensuring data security are paramount in dating apps. Implementing encryption, user data protection, and robust fraud prevention measures significantly contributes to dating app development services costs.

Results we achieved


increase in user retention in the first quarter post-launch

User retention significantly improved, indicating the app's effectiveness in keeping users engaged.


rise in successful matches

The newly implemented matching algorithm greatly enhanced user satisfaction through a substantial increase in successful matches.


increase in purchases

Introducing premium features led to a 35% rise in in-app purchases, contributing to enhanced monetization.


growth in new user registrations

Enhanced security and privacy measures led to a considerable surge in new user registrations, reflecting increased user trust and app popularity.


The cost to develop a dating app varies significantly based on several factors, such as features, complexity, and the platform it’s built for. As a premier dating app development company, our prices are competitive yet reflective of the expertise and services we offer. Typically, a basic dating app development project starts from a specific price range but can escalate depending on customization and additional features. Engaging with experienced dating app developers can be an investment, but it ensures quality and professionalism.
User privacy and data security are paramount in dating app development. Our dating app development services prioritize this by implementing stringent security protocols. We utilize advanced encryption methods, secure data storage solutions, and regular security audits to ensure user data is always protected. Furthermore, we comply with all relevant data protection regulations and best practices to safeguard user information.
The timeline for dating mobile app development depends on the complexity, features, and specific client requirements. Generally, a basic dating app can take a few weeks to a few months, while a more intricate platform with multiple features might extend the development time. Collaborating with a dedicated dating app development company like ours ensures that the process is efficient and meets the stipulated timeline.
Absolutely. Our dating app developers are skilled in integrating third-party services, ensuring seamless user experiences. Whether it’s payment gateways for premium features or social media logins for easier user registration and authentication, our dating app development services cater to these needs, providing a comprehensive solution for clients.

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