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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Secure ID scanner & digital wallet app: 65% less storage capacity required

Innowise has refined the digital ID wallet enabling a smooth identity verification process.






Client since


Our client is an industry-leading software development company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge identity services on a global scale.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Improve an existing digital wallet app to store documents and cards in one place

Our client had a vision: improving their existing digital wallet app to unify essential documents – from ID cards to credit cards. However, there were clear obstacles. Firstly, the app’s speed was noticeably sluggish, making real-time access to credentials tedious. Additionally, the app was consuming a large amount of device storage, causing many users to reconsider its convenience. 

Beyond these primary issues, the client’s ambition grew. They aimed to elevate the wallet from a mere storage solution to an influential tool capable of eliminating physical cards. Amidst these enhancements, there was a non-negotiable: top-tier security. The revamped application had to incorporate biometric protection, ensuring exclusive access for the rightful owner.


Refining a digital wallet for storing cards, documents, and IDs securely

With proven experience in digital wallet app development, we managed to roll out a robust application that stores all the data in one place, eliminating the need for physical documents.

Code optimization

Initially, we identified that wallet’s codebase, though comprehensive, was structured in a way that led to redundant processes and increased load times. Our development team tackled this by implementing advanced refactoring techniques, ensuring a cleaner, faster, and more maintainable code. 

More so, the software libraries used were several versions behind the current, which meant the wallet missed out on the advantages of many recently developed features and security updates. We transitioned to the most recent and secure versions, focusing especially on those that aligned with the digital identity management domain. 

Contemporary apps benefit from a myriad of third-party tools and services through Software Development Kits (SDKs). As a result of our analysis, we determined that several new SDKs could enhance the wallet’s capabilities. Through the incorporation of these SDKs, we ensured seamless integration with other digital platforms.

Implementing the aforementioned steps, Innowise optimized the wallet’s performance and also equipped it with the latest tools and features, ensuring it remains at the forefront of digital financial solutions.

Membership cards

To pave the way for a cardless future, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of businesses, including shops, restaurants, and sports clubs, with the goal of providing a streamlined membership management solution. Through our app, users can effortlessly digitize various membership proofs, from gym passes to loyalty cards, by simply scanning them. This transition from physical to digital membership cards not only offers convenience but also ensures quick access without the bulk of tangible cards.

Moreover, our app goes beyond just membership storage. It acts as a centralized hub where users can monitor and accumulate bonuses from their various memberships. This integrated approach ensures users can seamlessly track loyalty rewards, avail special discounts, and access exclusive offers from our partner establishments.

Building access control

Our team of experts has successfully incorporated building access control into the digital identity application, enhancing security and convenience for its users. To achieve this, we collaborated with a lock manufacturer and integrated their third-party library into our app. 

With integration in place, users can effortlessly unlock doors, gates, and various other entry points simply using their smartphones. This has been made possible due to the app’s ability to read a specific file and emulate NFC (Near Field Communication) from the said file. It establishes a secure and immediate connection between the user’s device and the access control system of the building, thereby simplifying the authentication procedure.

Moreover, NFC emulation replaces tangible keys, access cards, or other conventional modes of access. The digital wallet app also offers enhanced security layers including biometric authentication. This ensures that only validated individuals can unlock and access both the app and the related building access credentials. Such an intricate, multi-tiered security system ensures user data remains confined within the app, and deters unauthorized access.

Age verification

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, the digital wallet app now incorporates an enhanced age verification feature. Users are prompted to take a selfie directly within the app, ensuring they look straight at the camera for accuracy. This is key, as the system checks where the user is looking during the capture process. The live selfie is then matched against the government-issued photo ID stored in the wallet using sophisticated AI algorithms. 

This not only bolsters user security but also certifies that age-restricted products and content are only accessed by eligible individuals. With just a few simple steps, users can swiftly and confidently verify their age, granting them hassle-free access to the services and products they require.

Health credentials

With the health sector’s digitization in full swing, our company has integrated a health credentials feature into a digital wallet app. This integration provides users with a secure solution for storing their health credentials, effectively serving as a virtual vault that prioritizes the safety and protection of sensitive data. Access to these credentials is exclusively granted through biometric authentication, utilizing the individual’s selfie, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access their health information. Our app is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Health credentials can be effortlessly obtained and securely stored on a smartphone. Users can effortlessly create backups of their health credentials and securely store them on the cloud. This forward-looking feature eliminates the risk of accidental data loss associated with traditional paper documents, which are susceptible to damage, loss, or forgery. By embracing this digital approach, individuals can easily access their credentials from anywhere without the inconveniences associated with physical copies.

Our digital wallet solution incorporates a comprehensive verification process to further enhance trust and certainty in the authenticity of health credentials. Third-party officials are equipped to scan the embedded QR codes within the credentials, further bolstering the credibility and integrity of the information presented. This combined approach of in-person biometric identification and QR code verification solidifies the trustworthiness of the health credentials, instilling confidence in the validity of the provided health information.

User-centric customization

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, our digital identity app offers seamless integration and customization options to meet specific requirements. We understand that different organizations have unique needs when it comes to managing digital identities and authentication processes. In this way, the app serves as a robust digital identity wallet that can be customized to align with the goals and objectives of each business.



Java, Kotlin

Program Technologies

Android SDK, RxJava, Dagger 2, Google MlKit, CameraX, OpenCV


MVP, Clean Architecture, Multi-Module

Development Services

Firebase, Jenkins


Git, GitHub, Bitbucket


Bitbucket pipelines, Docker, Docker Compose



During the discovery phase, our team worked closely with stakeholders to understand the requirements and goals of the project. This involved gathering user feedback, analyzing market trends, and conducting research to identify areas of improvement.

Technology choice

Before diving into the development process, we evaluated and selected the appropriate technologies and frameworks for app refinement. Our experts have chosen CameraX for seamless image capture, GoogleMLKit for intelligent processing, NFC and Bluetooth for swift connectivity, and OpenCV for robust visual computations.

Development process

Embracing the Scrum methodology, the development was an iterative dance of feedback and refinement. Our team kept the communication channels buzzing, ensuring the client was in the loop at every stage.

Further maintenance & enhancement

Having launched the wallet, it still requires ongoing support to ensure hassle-free functionality, which is why we continue to provide enhancements based on user feedback.



Android Developers


iOS Developers




Project Manager


Product Owner


40 % faster and 65% less storage needed

Thanks to the successful code optimization, the digital identity wallet now operates seamlessly, delivering excellent speed performance and requiring minimal storage capacity. The app has been fine-tuned to provide a smooth user experience, ensuring fast and efficient functionality.

Furthermore, integrating various features has empowered users to conveniently store all their essential cards and documents within a single platform. With the digital wallet app, users can easily access and manage their membership cards, identification documents, and other essential credentials in one centralized location. This eliminates the need to carry physical copies or switch between multiple applications, streamlining the process of accessing and presenting necessary information.

Users can now enjoy the benefits of having all their essential information readily available in one place, improving convenience and efficiency in their daily lives.

Project duration
  • February 2021 - May 2022


speed performance increase


less storage capacity required

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