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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Energy management platform: 60% improvement in utilities operations

Innowise has designed the back-end and front-end for a web-based gas management platform and developed an energy management app.


Energy & Utilities
Client since

Our client is a leader in the energy and utilities sector, providing gas services to consumers throughout Europe.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Building a gas software solution to improve productivity

Energy and utility companies are now up against the challenge of optimizing their efficiency and performance, especially when it comes to transporting and distributing energy resources. This work centers around several crucial vectors, including:

  • monitoring the condition of energy supply systems;
  • controlling energy supply under the contract;
  • enhancing the work of the operations and dispatch department;
  • improving supply balances to eliminate imbalances;
  • minimizing technological and commercial losses;
  • increasing the accuracy of resource consumption forecasting.

As organizations grow bigger, the complexity of their operations also increases. It is no longer possible to control distribution subsystems by relying on traditional systems: the number of users increases as does the number of specialized subsystems.

To address these challenges, our client had implemented a unified desktop information platform to effectively manage both the main and distribution subsystems while ensuring their efficient coordination.

The unified information platform provided automated data collection, processing, and presentation capabilities from low-level systems, and seamless integration with third-party systems and applications. However, the energy management system software was already outdated and did not meet the modern requirements for performance, reliability, and security, which are essential requirements for this type of software.

To resolve the issues with the platform, our client turned to Innowise for assistance in developing a web solution. As experts in web development, we ensured that the project received the special attention and experience required for successful execution. Additionally, we were tasked with developing a mobile application with similar functionality to the platform. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we successfully developed a comprehensive platform that met the client’s unique requirements.

Solution: Gas management platform development

The client was struggling with an outdated desktop platform and required a modern solution to efficiently manage their gas resources. The solution was expected to incorporate features such as accurate tracking, supply planning, transportation forecasts, and the reduction of gas balance losses. To ensure smooth operation of their gas resource management system, the client also requested an analytics subsystem, dispatching, and accounting object management.

To meet these challenging requirements, Innowise’s team of highly skilled developers took on the task of developing the back-end architecture for the system. The project was carefully divided into several subsystems, each specifically designed to address the client’s unique requirements. This approach allowed the team to focus on specific areas and to implement efficient solutions, ultimately leading to a successful project outcome

energy management app


The existing client’s desktop-based app was old, unable to meet the current requirements of the business, and lacked essential functionalities. To solve this problem, we developed a modern platform that allows the gas company to manage complex tasks with ease. Thanks to the vast experience of our back-end developers, we were able to implement a number of time-saving and cost-effective gas software solutions to manage the company’s operations, optimize its processes and ensure that efficiency and profitability are maintained.

Thus, the developed system is able to solve the following tasks:

  • enhancing operational and dispatch control tools of the grid system to improve its performance;
  • monitoring of the state of technological systems and power supply systems;
  • ensuring that gas supply is kept in accordance to the agreed-upon specifications;
  • improving the quality of supply balances by identifying imbalances;
  • accurate predicting of the dynamics of gas consumption.

Moreover, the web platform has the needed tools to respond flexibly to the needs of gas consumers, minimize technological and commercial losses, and quickly identify and localize emergency situations at gas supply facilities.


Our highly skilled developers have crafted a cutting-edge web gas management platform, extended its capabilities and integrated it with new subsystems.

Also, they have ensured that all the subsystems work together seamlessly and communicate with each other quickly, allowing for a highly effective workflow.

  • Gas accounting software is an essential subsystem that enables precise adjustments, forecasts, distributions, and supply planning of gas resources. This software plays a crucial role in optimizing transportation and conducting technical calculations to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • The administrative subsystem is responsible for the system components, user permissions, and roles. Additionally, it sets and monitors the system parameters to ensure smooth functioning.
  • The dispatching subsystem provides a streamlined way to register and process emergency requests and to track the progress of emergency works. Our developers successfully connected the subsystem with a third-party address directory to accurately record and track incoming requests. Thus, all addresses are displayed on the map, which contributes to a more coordinated work of dispatchers.
  • The accounting objects subsystem plays a key role in the automated accounting and maintenance of all objects of the information system (equipment, contracts, organizations, delivery schemes).
  • The portal subsystem allows viewing attachments, notifying the user of any events, and unloading pending reports.
  • The analytics subsystem is a powerful tool that allows users to visualize data in a variety of formats, build summary reports, and uncover insights that can be used to improve operations. Thus, it allows accessing and analyzing large data sets quickly and effectively.
  • The directory subsystem provides the ability to manage directories and categorize information for keeping track of essential data.

Innowise developers implemented an advanced solution that allows the gas accounting subsystem to operate on the basis of telemetry data. By using this data, our client can better understand their energy usage patterns and make more informed decisions about how to use their resources efficiently.


Our experts decided to use multiple databases since it was necessary to store and access large amounts of data across different subsystems. This way, we were able to provide seamless and secure access to data while ensuring that all of the client’s system was functioning optimally.

  • PostgreSQL is an essential component since it offers reliable data storage and retrieval, scalability, and advanced security features that are critical for managing large amounts of data. By implementing PostgreSQL into the unified information platform, our client can ensure the safety and accuracy of their data while streamlining operations.
  • ClickHouse provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities that are essential for managing large datasets, as well as providing scalability, reliability, and high performance. With its ability to store data in columnar format and process it quickly with SQL queries, it is an ideal solution for gas companies who need a comprehensive yet efficient platform to deliver insights.
  • MongoDB has been used as a repository for reference business objects retrieved from external systems.


The main purpose of the mobile application is to notify users of various events or incidents and grant them access to the web platform with the help of a single-use code. Also, the designed app provides the following advantages:

  • Improved user experience: we have designed an easy-to-use interface that is fully optimized for mobile devices.
  • Increased efficiency: a mobile app allows users to track the data in real-time, which helps them react promptly to various problems.

Thus, Innowise provided exceptional assistance in energy app development, resulting in significant benefits for the client. With our expertise and innovative approach, the client was able to get a fully functioning energy management app that allowed for accurate adjustment, aggregation, forecasting, distribution, and supply planning of gas resources.


Java 17, Groovy; Spring Boot (2.7.x), Cloud, Actuator; Quartz Scheduler; Apache POI; ELK
Angular, RxJS, Leaflet, Nginx Python-MIP
Flutter, Dart, Flutter Async, Clean Architecture, BLoC, Web-Sockets
Amazon SQS, AWS, MinIO, EC2
Web, Mobile


When the client approached us, they had a comprehensive understanding of the system design and logic. We provided our expertise to support their vision by creating a solid back-end and front-end development plan that would bring it to life. Through our collective efforts, we were able to quickly create a fully functional system that fully met the client’s expectations.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we were able to quickly create the mobile app requested by the client. We took advantage of the API back-end and used it for the mobile app, and then proceeded with fine-tuning and necessary improvements.

The Agile software development methodology was selected as the best fit for our customer’s needs. Daily meetings and bi-weekly sprint reviews gave our team oversight of the project and enabled them to stay on track and make progress quickly.

We utilized Slack for communication with the client, Google Meet for team collaboration, Confluence for storing project documentation, and Jira for monitoring task progress. This streamlined process enabled us to effortlessly collaborate on the project and complete it within the estimated timeline.

Consequently, the customer got a perfectly functioning web platform and a mobile app that fully covered their needs.


Back-End Developers
Front-End Developers
Mobile Developers

Results: Increased profits and efficiency in energy and utility operations

Our development team has built a powerful web application with the fully functioning back-end and front-end for the client. As a result, they now have access to a comprehensive gas management platform, enabling them to manage their energy and utilities operations more efficiently. With the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, the application has provided the client with unparalleled control over their processes.

In addition to the web platform, we also created a mobile application that offers users the same features and functionalities, regardless of their location. This seamless experience ensures that users do not compromise on performance or quality.

The successful integration of third-party directories and databases was also on Innowise’s side. This integration allowed the client to be more efficient in their operations, leading to better user experience and improved profitability.

Project duration
  • 5 months for MVP
  • The project continues; at this stage we support the platform and implement new functionality

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