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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

EV charging software: 50% faster charging time

Innowise created an efficient billing system and enhanced the EV charging software and platforms by incorporating additional functionalities.


Finance, Transportation
Client since

Our customer offers an energy supply network, connecting charging stations and providing a convenient solution for electric car owners to recharge their vehicles. As an energy supplier, our client supports the construction and procurement of stations and offers 360-degree services. 

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.

Challenge: Streamlining ad-hoc charging and billing through EV charging software development

A lack of EV charging stations and a centralized system providing information about them is a frustrating factor for drivers buying electric cars. Our client’s goal was to provide car owners with access to the complete public charging infrastructure of partners within the EV charging billing software solution. Through this project, the company aimed to expand the possibilities for recharging EVs across Europe and contribute to a greener future by promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

The system offers drivers access to information on station availability, charging rates, tariffs, and opening hours through either the web or mobile app. Car owners can enjoy the convenience of selecting a charging point without needing to register beforehand, and they can make payment for the service after the charging process is completed.

However, due to the network’s limitations, users were not able to establish long-term contracts with EV charging companies, making it impossible for them to choose appropriate tariffs with fixed rates. As a result, users could not select the charging plan that suits their needs and take advantage of the bonus systems offered by e-mobility service providers. Introducing the option to set flexible rates would attract more partners to join the network. 

Another issue was the absence of an option to save payment methods for all user types, leading to delays in the charging process for drivers. Moreover, the system lacked the capability to provide services without physical cards, which also hindered the convenience of services. Due to the incomplete payment reporting system, it was challenging to identify and resolve PAYONE errors if they arose.

Therefore, Innowise faced the challenge of enhancing the EV charging management software solution through new contract options, visualization of the nearby EV charging stations, payment processing, and contract invoice options.

Solution: Enhanced EV charging software with payment processing, contractual agreements, and automated features

Innowise has enhanced the EV charging software solution by incorporating contract payments and supervision, as well as several features to improve usability and tracking for contractors and drivers. These improvements have further enhanced the user experience, providing a more convenient and streamlined process for contract management and billing.

EV charging billing software for contractual agreements

Innowise has introduced a new functionality enabling e-charging companies and electric car owners to establish contracts for specific timeframes. In just a few minutes, drivers can subscribe to a particular offer by entering their information and tracking their subscriptions via the EV charging management software system.

Electric car owners now have the opportunity to select an offer from e-mobility service providers that suits their preferences, nearest stations, and car type, by subscribing to e-charging services. In addition to the base rates, users can select specific tariffs for certain operators, for example, a specific roaming partner, their charging points (the operator’s ID), or a charging point group. For each contract, users access transaction statuses, invoices, and refund files.

With this feature, users can now benefit from a wide range of bonus systems offered by electricity providers. By earning points after each recharge, drivers can use them to pay for electric charges in the future.

New payment and reporting options

In addition to refactoring and bug-fixing the existing functionality, we have added the following features:

  • The EV charging software now includes an option for creating invoices from PAYONE. This feature has made it possible to track and send charge billing reports more conveniently and efficiently.
  • The front-end part of the solution now includes a feature that enables system administrators to display highly detailed PAYONE payment information and notifications. The function is particularly useful when payment problems occur, providing administrators with the possibility to identify at which stage they encountered an error.
  • The advanced document management system allows our client to generate contract reports for certain periods. Moreover, it is possible to receive reports on charging processes and transactions sorted by provider companies and charging points. Now, car owners can check their transactions and their status. Organizations can also view transactions, their statuses, and all generated invoices.
  • The new cashback feature enables drivers to request a refund when they encounter charging problems. With this option, drivers can return their payment within 20 minutes after making a request.
  • We added a OneClick function with the ability to save preferred payment methods for users who choose ad hoc charging. This update eliminates the need for users to re-enter payment information for future demands, making the charging process much faster.
  • The EV charging management software solution now offers users the convenience of charging electric vehicles without the need for physical plastic cards. Instead, users can select a card registered in the application to automatically start the charging process.
  • There has been significant improvement in the accounting system for non-integrated providers offering one-time charging at their stations. The database now seamlessly incorporates these companies, streamlining partner IDs and locations, thereby facilitating our client’s expansion of their partner network.


React JS
Java 11, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data MongoDB), Maven, JUnit, Lombok, MapStruct
Azure DevOps
Revision control systems
Containerization and container management
docker, k8s


The process of improving the ad hoc charging and enhancing the EV charging billing software was based on the Scrum methodology. Our initial step was to examine the client’s existing ad hoc charging system and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the platform’s features and potential improvements.

After collecting and documenting the application’s features and issues, our team started debugging and refactoring the code and implementing additional functions. Simultaneously, we started integrating a new contract-based billing system. 

At the end of each bi-weekly sprint, Innowise delivered key features and updates to the client. We tracked the progress of the project using Azure Boards and Confluence. Providing status updates for each sprint through daily Microsoft Teams meetings was an effective way to keep in touch with the customer and deliver progress updates.

It took our team about six months to create the MVP version, fully capable of making contractual payments. Currently, we continue to work on the platform, provide full support, and add new functionalities for providers’ and drivers’ convenience.


Technical Lead
Back-End Developers
Front-End Developers

Results: Faster charging time and partner network expansion with EV charging software

Innowise has successfully enhanced the EV charging billing software by developing crucial features, including contract billing, payment processing, and reporting options. The new functionality enables e-cars owners to establish long-term contracts with any e-mobility service provider and select tariffs that suit their needs. As a result, users can now benefit from a range of bonus systems and convenient billing functionality.

The system now offers convenient charging without physical cards, OneClick functionality provides more time savings and convenient reporting for both drivers and providers. These improvements have enhanced user experience and made it easier for our client to expand their partner network and manage invoices and reports.

Project duration
  • May 2022 - Ongoing


faster charging time


partner network expansion

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