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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Laravel development company

Innowise, a trusted Laravel development company, takes full advantage of Laravel — a PHP web application framework with elegant syntax. The advantages of Laravel include outstanding security, better performance, and faster time-to-market. Innowise provides top-tier Laravel web development services, be it building applications from scratch or joining clients’ ongoing projects at any stage with our special expertise.

Get groundbreaking solutions that define market edge with Laravel development services from Innowise


launched Laravel solutions


in-house Laravel developers


senior and middle specialists

Laravel allows the creation of reliable and secure applications for businesses capable of driving impressive conversions. Also, it helps to make testing easier and reduces the complexity of managing a site. Innowise’s professionals have strong expertise in Laravel development, building digital solutions that remediate businesses’ pain points.

Laravel app development

Innowise makes compatible user-friendly app solutions that help businesses achieve their strategic goals, with a decent focus on digital security and reliability to eliminate the risk of system errors and vulnerabilities.

Laravel website development

Our skilled Laravel developers specialize in crafting dynamic web resources, including online stores, designed to enhance digital sales and transform website visitors into loyal customers seamlessly.

Dedicated Laravel developers

Our commitment to excellence extends to our in-house professionals, comprising seasoned software developers and architects, each equipped with a specialized skill to meet the unique clients’ demands.

Laravel migration and upgrade

Leveraging the power of Laravel tools, Innowise ensures swift migration between previous versions and other frameworks, guaranteeing a hassle-free transition without compromising data integrity.

Laravel consulting

With years of dedicated experience in Laravel, Innowise has cultivated profound expertise, establishing us as the premier consultants for clients seeking insights and guidance on their intricate software initiatives.

Laravel support

Beyond the development phase, Innowise provides unwavering support during the post-deployment stage. We take pride in our commitment to maintaining and controlling the quality of our solutions.

Laravel development solutions for your business

Laravel development allows the building of custom products for the needs of both small and large businesses. The framework is quite popular in eCommerce, healthcare, public services, and media. Over the years, Innowise has successfully completed a range of Laravel development projects, and below, we share some interesting examples of the relevant solutions.

Innowise’s developers build applications for both SMEs and large enterprises. Our multifunctional enterprise-size solutions show stable performance and integrate into work processes organically.

B2C and B2B relations are unmanageable without designing an app or website to purchase products online. We assist in launching advanced Laravel-based software capable of generating higher conversions.

Innowise’s developers create efficient CRM solutions, helping businesses to collect and store information about customers, as well as manage and analyze customer interactions through multiple channels.

Innowise is a trustful guide to building quality web portals for a range of industries. Our expert Laravel developers make robust, secure, and easily maintainable web solutions which are optimized to get high user traffic.

Package or module development is the major way to add new functionality to Laravel. Those packages pretty much depend on a particular client’s need, for instance, to work with certain types of data. 

Innowise’s professionals make sure that a SaaS app or software has the proper data exchange with other apps, devices, or platforms. We develop APIs that ensure seamless integration with other IT systems.

Our skilled developers specialize in integrating secure payment gateways, enabling businesses across diverse industries to seamlessly process digital payments while ensuring the confidentiality of personal and payment information.

Due to the framework’s modular and extensible architecture, our specialists can easily integrate payment gateways, social media authentication, APIs, content management systems, and more into the Laravel apps.

We at Innowise create modular and reusable components or features within a Laravel application, encapsulating specific functionalities that make the codebase more maintainable, scalable, and easier to understand.

  • Laravel enterprise applications
  • Laravel eCommerce development
  • Laravel CRM development
  • Laravel web portals
  • Laravel package development
  • Laravel API development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Laravel module development
Laravel enterprise applications

Laravel enterprise applications

Laravel eCommerce development

Laravel eCommerce development

Laravel CRM development

Laravel CRM development

Laravel web portals

Laravel web portals

Laravel package development

Laravel package development

Laravel API development

Laravel API development

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration

Third-party integration

Third-party integration

Laravel module development

Laravel module development

Hire dedicated Laravel developers

Hiring Laravel developers from Innowise means taking your project to new heights. They excel in merging high-level app development with the powerful features of the Laravel framework, enhancing your project’s performance. Beyond development, their expertise extends to ensuring a seamless transition for projects adopting this cutting-edge platform. This collaborative approach allows your team to focus on key aspects, greatly improving productivity and efficiency. 

In addition, Innowise offers comprehensive support through tailor-made consultations and training sessions, designed to simplify the complexities of using Laravel. This ensures that your team is well-equipped to fully leverage the advantages of working with skilled Laravel developers.

Upgrade your web presence.

Trust our seasoned Laravel developers to future-proof your project.

Reasons to opt for Laravel development

There are plenty of PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, and CakePHP. Yet, Laravel retains the first place among them due to its ease of use and flexibility for web developers. Innowise has engaged in diverse Laravel-based projects over the years. Below, our experts share the most important benefits of choosing Laravel among other PHP frameworks.

High security

Laravel offers reliable protection of core PHP against third-party attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery. Laravel’s key security features include a strong authentication system and tokens. 


The framework has an out-of-the-box caching site technology to speed up the pages. That makes it more SEO-friendly for search engines. Laravel optimizes the URL structure and makes it more adaptable for search rankings and link sharing.

High adaptability

The platform is incredibly flexible and capable of expansion. Whether it is a dynamic one-page application or a standard e-commerce website, the Laravel framework is optimized for diverse expansion or modification tasks.

Excellent performance

As a rule, slowly loading apps or websites scare potential customers who are ready to make a purchase. Laravel possesses all the necessary tools to release a product with no freezes and glitches.

Affordable cost

Laravel’s elegant syntax and efficient development tools significantly reduce coding time and effort. This streamlined workflow translates into substantial cost savings for clients, making it a cost-effective choice.

Developer community

The great advantage of Laravel is that it is an open-source framework with vibrant community support. Our front-end and back-end developers conduct regular code revising to eliminate vulnerabilities and errors.

Innowise focuses on the pain points of the customers. So, why pay attention to Laravel? Firstly, it contains an innovative template engine to create dynamic websites. Secondly, due to the number of built-in modules and libraries that have advanced features like CSRF protection. Finally, Laravel is secure. Hence, it is a great tool to transfer business on several steps forward.

Dmitry Coolgun

Head of PHP Department at Innowise

Why choose Innowise as a Laravel web development company

We have worked with Laravel for a long time, since 2015, and our IT professionals are fully skilled in all aspects of Laravel development. Right now, Innowise’s in-house staff has a number of middle and senior Laravel developers with valuable expert knowledge. Below, we list the major benefits our clients get by cooperating with us.

Certified Laravel professionals

Innowise carefully selects the company’s in-house professionals. Every Laravel developer in our team possesses essential certifications, international project experience, and relevant soft skills crucial for success.

Enhanced security features

Security is our forte. Laravel is a powerful framework that makes building apps and websites virtually impenetrable. We employ cutting-edge security algorithms that seamlessly safeguard data without adding code complexity.

Attention to details

Creating a web product does not tolerate negligence. Our QA/QC team tests Laravel-developed products with ultimate attention and diligence. They notice every nuance and make appropriate corrections.


We always stay in touch with the client at the post-release stage of the project. Our team carefully maintains and supports the client’s app or website and makes relevant changes if needed.

Our Laravel development process

As a leading Laravel development company, Innowise is committed to crafting intelligent and impactful solutions aligned with our clients’ business objectives. Throughout the development journey, our in-house experts maintain continuous communication with clients. Here are the steps we follow in creating Laravel solutions.

We collaborate with the client to define their objectives and conduct a thorough analysis, including understanding their goals.
UI/UX design
Our professionals then work on UI/UX design to make sure that the product’s main functions are visualized in the best way possible.
The development team starts its work based on the chosen OS with API creation, the integration of class libraries, etc.
Testing and QA
Step-by-step, Innowise’s teams check and fix possible vulnerabilities and bugs.
We always maintain the product in the post-release stage as well as make all the adjustments at a client’s request.

How much does it cost to create a Laravel project?

Estimating the cost of a Laravel project involves multiple considerations. Factors such as project scope, desired functionalities, and integration requirements all play a role. Additionally, the choice between in-house development or outsourcing can impact costs significantly. Our Laravel development company offers competitive pricing options customized to your project’s specific requirements. This approach ensures both affordability and the delivery of high-quality results.

Here are some key factors that can affect the cost of development:

Project complexity
Duration of the project
Team size
Team composition
Professional level of developers
Cooperation model

Stay ahead in technology.

Drive innovation within your business by harnessing the power of Laravel.

How can you hire dedicated Laravel developers from Innowise?

Our process begins with a comprehensive discussion to define project requirements. This enables us to tailor the team size to meet the specific demands of each project, aligning with the client’s needs and expectations.
Candidate screening
We promptly provide customers with comprehensive CVs about the best-fit candidates, detailing their skills, experience, and proficiency. Additionally, we send transparent rate information.
Once customers decide about the candidates they are primarily interested in, we immediately arrange interviews with the potential hires at their convenience, typically within a responsive 1-2 day timeframe.
When the future Laravel teammates are agreed upon, we establish clear and comprehensive cooperation terms, signing a contract, SLA, and NDA if necessary to ensure a transparent and legally binding framework.
Kick-off and onboarding
Once all the required documents are signed, our experienced Laravel developers start working on the project. Customers grant access to the project infrastructure and knowledge base and initiate a kick-off meeting.
Management and control
Our team of Laravel developers diligently monitors their working hours and consistently delivers detailed progress reports to maintain transparent communication and ensure project success.

What our customers think

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Innowise has built an amazing application from scratch in an amazingly short time of just about 3 weeks. Their seniority and in-depth experience in this field make them valuable partners.

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Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG
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We’re elated to be working with Innowise on this exciting project. Together we will build some of the most amazing play-to-earn sports games in VR and take players on an incredible adventure.

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Tom Peters Senior Director, Public Relations TNNS Pro
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Innowise is a reliable tech partner, working as a part of our team. They are hard-working professionals, bringing strong expertise and dedication to everything they develop.

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Jeff Mallett CEO NFT Pro


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed to help with complicated web sources and apps. It is advantageous for high performance, integration with different platforms and libraries, and features for interface design.

The time depends on the scope and complexity of the project. From our experience and common practice, it takes 3-4 months to finish the project.

Laravel is an open-source framework written in the PHP programming language. The major benefit of Laravel is that it is easy to learn, even for beginners, and very developer-friendly.

Compared to layered-structure Laravel, Core PHP files have a simpler structure. In case Core PHP scripts are clearly written, a web development process is a bit faster with them.

Yes, Laravel is a suitable and effective choice for eCommerce development. Laravel, as a PHP web application framework, offers a range of features and advantages that make it well-suited for building robust and scalable eCommerce platforms.

Need other services?

PHP development
Hire dedicated PHP developers or outsource your project to an experienced team of professionals.
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process.
Quality assurance
Our automation and manual quality assurance engineers ensure flawless product quality.
Web development
Our team of highly experienced web developers will design a custom solution suitable for your business.
Custom software development
Innowise develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries.
Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.
NopCommerce development services
For businesses looking to establish an online presence, we take full advantage of the nopCommerce platform.
Bigcommerce development
Innowise excels at creating, customizing, and optimizing online stores using the BigCommerce platform.
Drupal web development
With Drupal, a powerful and highly flexible CMS and framework, Innowise builds dynamic web apps.
Symfony development
We use Symfony, a popular PHP framework designed for building high-performance web applications.

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