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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

VOKA Anatomy Pro – 3D human anatomy app

The unique human anatomy app comprising a catalog of realistic 3D models of human anatomy for immersive learning and enhanced patient care.

Healthcare, Education
Client since

In 2015, Innowise initiated a collaboration with leading medical experts from hospitals and research institutions, aiming to leverage mixed reality technology and 3D modeling to advance healthcare. This collaboration led to creating a range of own MedTech products under the VOKA brand name. Our solutions help healthcare professionals worldwide provide patient care and educate medical students.


Navigating the intricate world of medicine, with its vast complexities in both pathology and normal anatomy, often presents a challenge. Traditional approaches, like sifting through numerous research papers, textbooks, and anatomical atlases, are often tedious and lack immersive visualization capabilities. 

Our team identified this issue and envisioned a solution. The idea was to create a human anatomy app combining detailed catalogs of pathologies and normal anatomy. The solution ought to act as an interactive and immersive educational tool, leveraging 3D anatomy models. In considering the difficulties faced in medical education, the team also recognized the untapped potential of Extended Reality (XR) for hands-on interaction, giving users the ability to explore organs as if they were right on their table.

Thus, our team focused on developing a solution tailored to meet the requirements of various healthcare stakeholders:

For institutions

Transitioning from traditional resources to advanced tools like 3D and XR anatomy models is a significant issue to ensure modernized learning.

For students

Traditional paper atlases limit the understanding of medical complexities, emphasizing the need for immersive models.

For educators

The ability to conduct lectures and practical sessions both online and offline is essential.

For clinics

Keeping staff updated with medical advances while ensuring access to detailed anatomical references is crucial for consistent patient care.

For doctors

Explaining intricate conditions is tough without visual aids, complicating both in-person and remote consultations and patient awareness.


Our team introduced VOKA Anatomy Pro, a comprehensive digital atlas of human anatomy and pathologies in 3D, tailored to web, iOS, and Android platforms. Building on this foundation, we are currently developing "XR Pathology 3D" for the Illumetry IO holographic display. Once completed, it will provide an immersive experience with interactive medical holograms and detailed anatomical exploration.

3D anatomy models

The primary facet of our solution is a comprehensive 3D atlas of anatomy showcasing high-fidelity models of normal anatomy and various pathologies.

For the anatomy aspect, our catalog boasts an extensive Normal Anatomy 3D atlas, allowing users to delve into thousands of anatomical structures. This spans across more than 220 3D anatomy models organized into specific groups, notably including normal male and female anatomical structures.

On the other hand, the Human Pathologies 3D catalog encompasses a wide range of medical conditions, from acquired heart diseases to issues within gastroenterology and dermatology, among others.

Key features of these 3D anatomy models include:

  • Engaging with detailed 3D depictions for a hands-on learning experience.
  • Ability to magnify, pivot, and delve into each representation for an in-depth exploration.
  • Facilities to spotlight or mask particular anatomical details for tailored viewing.
  • Complete directories of anatomical terminologies.
  • Facilities to curate favorite resources and disseminate key anatomy models and readings with colleagues.
  • Streamlined searching capabilities, complemented by an AR feature, placing 3D illustrations in tangible environments like over a mannequin.
  • A screenshot function for easy integration into presentations.
  • In the web version, tools to add images, text, and a pointer mode for instructional purposes.


All these 3D renderings are not just visually compelling but also medically accurate. They are formulated based on authentic clinical CT/MRI data and have received validation from leading surgeons in their respective fields. This ensures that our anatomy models are not only detailed and unique but also precisely align with current medical standards and classifications.

Medical articles & educational highlights

The human anatomy app comprises two main sections. The first is a concise anatomical atlas that offers detailed articles on every anatomical structure, from each bone, vessel, and nerve. The second section delves into pathologies, providing comprehensive articles on clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods, and treatment measures. Each piece of information, diligently curated, has undergone scrutiny by foremost medical specialists to ensure its accuracy and relevance.
Enhancing the user experience, the platform introduces personalized content libraries that allow users to efficiently organize and instantly access their frequently referenced pathology materials, be it 3D anatomy models or detailed articles. Complementing this is a streamlined global search feature, seamlessly integrated to offer rapid retrieval of the platform’s vast content from any section of the application.
In tandem with the core content, we integrated several educational augmentations, creating the best app to learn human anatomy:
  • Tailoring options that allow institutions to adapt the visual aesthetics of the VOKA Pathology 3D platform to resonate with their own branding.
  • A digital library that can host a myriad of educational resources, from articles and videos to specialized medical imaging like CT and MRI scans.
  • Capabilities to craft and introduce proprietary 3D models, utilizing authentic clinical CT/MRI data as their foundation.
  • Supplemental educational resources like quizzes and assessments, complete with tools to monitor student progress and outcomes.
  • Collaboration gateways, paving the way for partnerships with universities, research institutions, and clinics.
  • Interactive platforms, such as forums and chat rooms.
    Multilingual adaptability.
  • A robust medical advisory panel, safeguarding the qualit  and precision of the platform’s content.
Medical articles & educational highlights

XR-based human anatomy app & product kit

Innowise is now in the process of developing the XR Pathology 3D, specifically tailored for the Illumetry IO’s holographic display. This endeavor aims to merge digital technology with expert medical insights. Once completed, it will allow users to virtually interact with 3D anatomical representations, giving an impression of tangibility. When used with the lightweight 3D glasses we’re testing, users will anticipate a comfortable, high-definition viewing experience.

Our prototype kit for this project includes the Illumetry XR monitor, 3D glasses, a precision stylus, and the VOKA Anatomy Pro software we’re perfecting. The features under development range from immersive navigation and exploration of anatomical details to accessing dedicated articles for each anatomical structure. Moreover, we’re focusing on the compactness and portability of the XR monitors to ensure their adaptability across various educational settings.

Technologies & tools

Back end
Java, Microservices, JWT, Redis, Gateway, Spring boot, PostgreSQL
Front end
Angular 2+, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Kotlin, Clean Architecture, MVP, RxJava2, Cicerone, Single-Activity, Toothpick, Retrofit, Room, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, AppDistribution), JUnit
Swift, VIPER, MVP, GCD, Alamofire, CoreData, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, AppDistribution), XCTest
Unity3D, C#, webGL, Autodesk 3ds Max, 3D-Coat, ZBrush, Blender, ShaderMap, Adobe Photoshop
iOS, Android
VOKA anatomy


Developing our solution was a methodical endeavor, informed by user needs and the latest advancements in the field. We undertook a step-by-step approach to ensure a robust and user-friendly outcome. Here’s a glimpse into our process:

User analysis
Our team delved deep into the needs of surgeons, physicians, educators, and students.
Initial design
Following this, we drafted an intuitive preliminary application layout.
Technology selection
Based on user feedback, we opted for Unity 3D for superior 3D rendering.
Expert collaboration
Collaborating closely with medical professionals, we gathered data to shape accurate 3D anatomy models.
With a blueprint in hand, we embarked on the software creation journey.
The next phase was rigorous testing to iron out any glitches.
Expert review
We then sought expert opinions to ensure the software's medical precision.
Upon validation, we rolled out the polished human anatomy app to our audience.
Feedback loop
Actively listening to our users, we collected continuous feedback.
Updates & releases
To stay updated, we regularly introduce improvements based on user insights and add new categories into the catalog in consultation with the medical board.


Java Developer
Angular Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
DevOps Engineer
Unity Developer
3D Designers
UI/UX Designers
QA Engineer
Product analyst
Product manager
10 medical doctors


Since its inception in 2017, VOKA has steadily positioned itself at the forefront of MedTech software solutions as the best 3D human anatomy app, providing services to medical institutions, schools, and universities worldwide. With the VOKA Anatomy Pro, we have established an unparalleled catalog of 3D human pathology models, achieving a 100% crash-free application performance, and making a notable presence across 158 countries. This reach is complemented by a remarkable >60% user return rate, reflecting the trust associated with the brand.

As a result, the project has earned us prestigious accolades, including the Excellence in Strategic Partnerships with Innowise by IAOP in 2022. As we continually refine and expand our offerings, users can look forward to the introduction of a comprehensive 3D anatomy atlas of pathologies in 2024. Alongside this, we are actively developing solutions such as VR VOKA Anatomy Pro and VOKA Surgery Assistant. All these efforts reflect VOKA’s dedication to enhancing medical education through innovative approaches.

Project duration
  • 6 months for VOKA Anatomy Pro MVP
  • 1 month for XR Pathology 3D MVP


countries where the application is used


returning users

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