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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Wearable application development

Innowise develops wearable applications in line with the latest industry advancements and trends. Using smartwatches, fitness bands, augmented reality glasses, and other solutions, customers access incredible mobility and immersion in today's hectic, technologically-driven world. While engaged in fitness activities or on the move to work, our developers help users interact and communicate with wearables more easily and conveniently.

Turn your visionary concept into a tangible wearable solution.

Innowise specializes in app development for wearable devices, enabling businesses to streamline information exchange, manage data from diverse sensors, and provide intuitive data visualization. With our iOS & Android wearable app development services, businesses increase revenue while maintaining user engagement, boosting profits, and leading the pack.

Wearable device app development

From fitness trackers to smart glasses, Innowise develops applications that leverage the unique capabilities of each device, ensuring an immersive user experience and seamless functionality. Through robust backend infrastructure and API integration, we bring multiple features onto one platform, ensuring responsiveness and user-friendliness.

Wearable product design

When building sophisticated wearable solutions, we strive to make them stand out from the rest. With an eye for detail, our accomplished designers collaborate with engineers and product owners to create comprehensive wearable products that perform flawlessly and seamlessly integrate into users' lifestyles, simplifying daily routines and facilitating proactive problem-solving.

Wearable app testing

We at Innowise ensure that even the most sophisticated wearable app functions error-free across multiple devices and scenarios by conducting rigorous testing procedures. Our meticulous QA engineers leave no room for glitches, errors and vulnerabilities, giving users a smooth and reliable experience that reflects positively on their daily well-being and work responsibilities.

Multi-platform integration

Using our expertise in smooth multi-platform integration, Innowise helps businesses expand their global reach. Through exchange protocols and APIs, we ensure wearable apps are compatible with different operating systems and third-party services so users can access or transfer data to the cloud without restrictions.

App maintenance and updates

Our commitment doesn't end with the product launch, it spreads beyond deployment and quality assurance. In addition to unmatched wearable app development, we keep our applications functional and up-to-date with the latest features and technologies to ensure their relevance and longevity over a considerable period of time.

Dedicated wearable app developers

Our wearable app developers think out of the box to deliver solutions that resonate with our customers and draw tangible benefits. Whether we augment internal IT departments or assemble a dedicated team from scratch, our developers streamline the time-to-market process.

Innovative wearable app development solutions

Innowise excels at forging revolutionary solutions that eliminate boundaries between businesses and technologies. Our wearable app development goes beyond conventional, elevating performance excellence through advanced technology integration.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers

Our skilled developers build applications for monitoring sports-related metrics such as run distance, calorie consumption, or heartbeat. These apps enhance engagement, providing real-time insights into fitness progress and encouraging users to achieve their wellness goals.



Innowise crafts exclusive wearable computers with a touchscreen interface for daily use in the form of watches. From push notifications to app extensions, our powerful wearables enhance user convenience and global connectivity to handle various daily routines.

Wellness wearables

Wellness wearables

Our profound specialists help customers elevate mindfulness and self-care through wellness wearables aimed at monitoring overall well-being. They help users track and improve behaviors related to sleep, nutrition, activity, and stress, among other aspects of daily life.

Health wearables

Health wearables

Our company develops health-monitoring wearable devices that track vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns, manage chronic diseases, or notify users of medical emergencies through biosensors, helping individuals and clinicians with diagnosis and medical purposes.

Eyewear & smart glasses

Eyewear & smart glasses

Revolutionize vision with smart eyewear applications. From remote assistance in industrial settings and immersive training to navigating surroundings, we build disruptive solutions that combine augmented reality experiences, data visualization, and hands-free convenience.

Wearable cameras

Wearable cameras

Innowise equips customers with compact, hands-free devices designed to capture photos and videos from a first-person perspective. Across various industries, wearable cameras enable users to document their adventures, responsibilities, and achievements.

Cutting-edge technologies employed in wearable app development

Using novel technologies, Innowise provides industry-defining solutions. Through flawless wearable experiences that combine AR/VR, IoT, and others, our wearable app developers bring clients’ visions to life and grant unprecedented degrees of engagement and immersion.

IoT integration

We seamlessly integrate IoT technology into apps, allowing wearable devices to communicate and share data without human mediation. This facilitates real-time monitoring and remote control, empowering businesses with streamlined operations, continuous monitoring, and reduced risk of errors.

VR and AR applications

Our specialists tap into virtual and augmented reality, enriching wearable apps with enthralling experiences. From training simulations to interactive communications, we create virtual reality apps to engage users and offer unique, memorable adventures that bring unforgettable emotions.

Wearable NFC connectivity

Innowise employs Near Field Communication capabilities in apps, transforming wearable devices into secure payment tools and access keys. This enhances user convenience, enabling secure contactless payments, seamless access control, and efficient data sharing.

Discover the future of wearable technology.

Elevate user engagement with our top wearable app developers. Get started

How does wearable technology empower businesses?

With wearable technology, businesses can address customers’ pain points in a unique way. As a leader in innovation, Innowise provides companies across various verticals wearable devices app development, increasing their efficiency and comfort and bringing the benefits as follows:

Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring
Through sensors, wearables gather and analyze data, monitoring the movements and activities of employees in various industries. This data can be analyzed to optimize workflow processes, improve task efficiency, and reduce bottlenecks in real-time, resulting in timely deliverables and predictable outcomes.
Enhanced productivity
Enhanced productivity
Wearables streamline workflows with real-time data access. Employees can access information on the go, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Field workers, for example, can receive instructions and updates hands-free without distracting on laptops or other portable devices.
Unique experiences
Unique experiences
Businesses can provide personalized services using feature-rich wearables. As an example, hotel guests can use smart wristbands for room access and concierge services, enhancing their overall experience and promoting an atmosphere of comprehensive and full-fledged digitalization that stands out.
Data-driven decision-making
Data-driven decision-making
Wearable sensors collect valuable data. Companies use this information for market research, product improvement, and workflow optimization. This data-driven approach helps refine strategies and improve customer satisfaction across digital touchpoints.

How much does wearable app development cost?

Wearable app development costs vary significantly as there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Innowise, as a wearable app development company, follows transparent cost calculations, applying pricing models that perfectly fit project requirements and business goals. Our consultants map out cost-effective delivery strategies, eliminating the slightest risks of scope creep and budget ballooning. For an accurate wearable app development estimate, several factors need to be determined.

Complexity of functionality
Platform compatibility
Design and user experience
Integration with hardware
Security and compliance
Maintenance and updates

Through the lens of wearables, we glimpse a future where our lives are seamlessly intertwined with devices that empower, educate, and elevate our human potential. As we stride forward, not the devices we wear but the dreams they unlock will shape the future.

Eugeny Shapovalov

Head of Mobile Development at Innowise

Hire wearable app developers

Outsourcing in custom software development has become a strategic move for businesses worldwide since they strive to escape the burden of hiring full-time developers in-house. Among the most significant benefits of outsourced services are:


Instead of investing in training or expanding an in-house team, companies can tap into deep expertise based on well-established cooperation models and predefined hourly rates.


Businesses can flexibly adjust the size of their development team based on project needs, ensuring they are not overstaffed during downtimes or understaffed during peaks.

Talent reach

By partnering with firms from diverse tech hubs, businesses can access a rich talent pipeline, ensuring best-in-class solutions. Diverse teams bring varied perspectives that drive innovation.

Why choose Innowise as a wearable app development company?

When you partner with Innowise, you gain access to a wealth of technical knowledge built over 16 years. As one of the best wearable app development companies, we invest heavily in continuous improvement, following industry best practices, and keeping up with the latest methodologies. With our commitment to seamless collaboration and passion for innovation, customers can rely on us to deliver their wearable app development initiatives on time, within budget, and to the highest standard.


We deliver wearable app development services without breaking the bank, ensuring clients get the most value for their investment.

Elite talent pool

Our seasoned developers are among the industry's best, providing unmatched expertise in wearable technology development.

Flexible collaboration

Clients have the freedom to hand-pick their extended team members, gaining a perfect fit for their project's unique needs.

Long-term partnerships

Innowise cultivates long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, treating every project as professionals for professionals.

Our wearable app development process

With years of refinement and enhancements, Innowise has built a well-established wearable app development process with measurable targets and deliverables.

Requirement elicitation
Initially, our business analysts collect project-related information to define and estimate the project scope and costs.
Design and prototyping
As soon as requirements are defined, our experienced specialists sketch the product's UI/UX and killer features.
Wearable app development
In the core stage, we build the solution while continuously testing its functionality and usability.
Solution deployment
Our expert DevOps engineers cover continuous integration, deployment, and delivery processes to ensure a smooth release.
Maintenance and support
Finally, Innowise guarantees operation quality, as well as regular updates to keep the app up-to-date.

Innovation at your fingertips.

Embrace the wearable revolution with Innowise. Choose us

What our customers think

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We’re elated to be working with Innowise on this exciting project. Together we will build some of the most amazing play-to earn sports games in VR and take players on an incredible adventure.

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Tom Peters Senior Director, Public Relations TNNS Pro
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Innowise has a strong understanding of the task at hand, enabling them to offer the most suitable development approach. The team exceeded our expectations and is responsive when we request changes.

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Ilya Radniany CEO
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Innowise has built an amazing application from scratch in an amazingly short time of just about 3 weeks. Their seniority and in-depth experience in this field make them valuable partners.

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Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG


The timeline for developing a wearable app varies widely based on complexity. Simple apps may take a few months, while more intricate projects can extend to a year or more.

Yes, existing mobile applications can be adapted for wearables, although it depends on factors like functionality and device compatibility. Sometimes, it’s more practical to develop a separate wearable app.

Absolutely. Wearable apps can integrate with various systems and platforms, such as IoT devices, cloud services, or third-party APIs, to expand functionality and data sharing.

Yes, Innowise provides app maintenance and support services post-project completion. This includes bug fixes, updates, and ensuring your app remains compatible with evolving technologies and platforms.

Need other services?

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We design iOS and Android mobile apps based on the global trends and technological advancements.
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IoT development
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