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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

WebRTC mobile app development: 60% user adoption

Innowise delivered a feature-rich mobile WebRTC solution for AI-powered video conferencing and call analyses.


Information Technology
Client since

Our client, a tech company based in North America, specializes in digital communication solutions. Operating in a competitive global market, they strive to enhance digital interactions for individuals and businesses.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Creating a mobile video conferencing solution with AI-features

The client reached out with a sophisticated video conferencing platform already in place, rich with AI-powered functionalities aimed at transforming online communications. Their platform had features like real-time call transcription, sentiment analysis during dialogues, in-depth conversation analytics, and real-time tracking of participant activity.

These features enhance communication by offering deeper insights into conversations, gauging emotional tones, and providing concise meeting summaries. By analyzing real-time activity, users can identify and address any engagement gaps, ensuring smooth and productive interactions throughout.

Despite having a robust web version of their platform, the client faced hurdles in addressing the mobile-centric audience. The lack of a dedicated mobile video conferencing solution constrained their growth in this segment.

The primary issues highlighted by the client were:

  • Feature parity: The need for the mobile app to offer the same comprehensive suite of features as the web version, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.


  • AI integration: Integration of AI algorithms to analyze mobile call records, extract insights, gauge the mood of conversations, and provide summary snapshots of discussions for mobile users.
  • Authentication flexibility: Incorporating secure login methods, especially integrating with popular platforms like Google and Apple, to boost user adoption.
  • Optimized video stream: Managing the video feed’s quality dynamically to ensure call fluidity, given the diversity of mobile devices and network conditions.

Given these requirements, the client approached Innowise to craft a mobile application that mirrored the web platform’s strengths but with the added agility and features tailored for mobile users.


Mobile video conferencing app with custom calendar, schedule management, and post-call analysis

Our video conferencing app development company embarked on designing a customized mobile application tailored for AI-powered video conferencing. Over 4 months, we have developed the mobile version and integrated real-time transcription, gesture recognition, meeting summaries, scheduling customization, call synchronization, and mobile-optimized meeting notes accessibility.

Custom calendar & schedule management

Addressing the requirements posed by the client, our development team created a custom calendar widget instead of relying on off-the-shelf solutions. Several factors influenced this decision:

  • Layout rules: The mobile app required intricate visual representation rules. Meetings should be depicted based on their durations, priorities, and topics for intuitive comprehension. Any overlaps or concurrent meetings needed to be distinctly visible to the user. Handling overlaps required us to develop algorithms to position each meeting accurately and avoid visual clutter. This granularity of control was hard to achieve with pre-built solutions.
  • Integration with existing solutions: Recognizing that users often rely on other platforms for their scheduling, our solution offers integrations with Google Calendar and other scheduling tools on demand.
  • Deep linking and instant meeting joining: The mobile app enables users to share a meeting link with anyone, even those without the application. Clicking on this link opens up the application, or if the recipient doesn’t have the app installed, it initializes the meeting in the optimized browser version.

Enriched call experience with AI integration

The application provides an interactive call experience tailored to the preferences and needs of each participant. Beyond the conventional offerings of video and sound, the app is notable for its AI-driven gesture and mood recognition. During calls, the system detects and interprets specific gestures and face expressions made by users. For instance, waving at the camera or giving a thumbs-up can be instantly recognized by the application, which then can translate these gestures into chat emojis, providing a visual cue to all participants about an individual’s reactions.

Our team implemented a preference-based adaptive video system. Depending on the user’s preferences and network conditions, the video quality dynamically adjusts. This ensures that, irrespective of bandwidth limitations, users have smooth call experience.

All incoming calls are recorded and stored on the system’s back-end. This data not only serves as a record but is also analyzed by AI to provide insights into the dynamics of the call. Whether it’s understanding the mood of the conversation through AI-analyzed transcriptions or recognizing the level of participant engagement, the system provides valuable feedback to users post-call.

Call recording & post-call analysis

With the importance of post-meeting analysis in mind, our solution incorporated call recording features. Not only can users record their sessions but they can also review them with varied playback speeds. AI further amplifies this experience by breaking down the call into distinct segments based on topics. 

For those who prefer a concise overview, the AI system generates a summary, highlighting the pivotal points of discussion, decisions made, and action items agreed upon. This feature is particularly advantageous for those who might have missed the meeting or need a quick refresher.

The app provides trend analysis over time. By accumulating data from consecutive meetings, users can track recurring themes, frequently discussed topics, or persistent issues. This is instrumental for long-term projects where tracking progress and identifying consistent pain points guide strategic decisions.

Another feature is speaker identification. The AI system can discern different voices and tag them, simplifying the process of tracking speakers’ contributions during a meeting for better clarity. This is particularly useful in larger meetings with multiple participants.

Moreover, to assist in the preparation for future meetings, the app offers predictive analysis. By examining past meetings, it can suggest potential topics or questions that might arise, helping participants to be better prepared.

All these analytical tools, once confined to desktop platforms, have been presented in the mobile application, ensuring that users can tap into insights anytime, without compromising on intuitiveness.

Technologies & tools

Dart, BloC, REST, GraphQL
Dart, Flutter, AutoRoute, Easy Localization
Communication Protocols
WebRTC, WebSockets
Routing and Navigation
Easy Localization
State Management


Our WebRTC mobile app development approach was in strict alignment with the Agile methodology, emphasizing iterative delivery, adaptability, and regular feedback cycles. The process was detailed as follows:
  • Discovery phase: We commenced by reviewing the list of features the client desired. After a thorough examination, our experts assessed the feasibility of each feature and subsequently created individual tickets for them. The absence of a concrete technical specification required our team to reference the web version, ensuring the mobile experience retained the core features.
  • UI/UX design: Although the client provided the web designs, our role was pivotal in translating those designs into a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Development: This phase was split into sprints, with each ending in a client demonstration. Since the backend was already in place, our developers had to liaise closely with the client’s backend team, ensuring compatibility between existing infrastructure and our mobile adaptations.
  • Testing & QA: Testing was an ongoing process conducted in parallel with development, ensuring any emerging bugs or glitches were promptly addressed.
  • Deployment & maintenance: With the application developed, our next step was its launch, followed by our commitment to its continuous support and refinement based on user feedback.
The hallmark of our collaboration was using the mobile WebRTC solution itself as a video conferencing tool to communicate with the client. Initially, we used its web version, and as our project progressed, our meetings transitioned to the mobile version we created. Jira facilitated our task tracking and sprint planning, ensuring transparency in our operations.


Project Manager
Flutter Developers
Mobile Team Lead
QA Engineer


After the launch of the mobile video conferencing app, we observed that over 60% of the existing user base readily embraced and downloaded the mobile version. The combination of a refined design and intuitive features resonated well with the users. This adaptability not only spoke of the application’s inherent appeal but was also mirrored in a significant 13-point surge in the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Users can now actively participate in meetings from virtually anywhere, thanks to the mobile-centric design. The quick-invite links ensured that bringing in participants was just a tap away. Additionally, having access to meeting notes and analysis right in their mobile devices eliminated the dependency on desktops.

Upon the completion of WebRTC mobile app development, the client saw a remarkable increase in new user registrations, a clear indicator of the app’s market resonance. The application’s distinction was also evident when it secured a position within the top 20 on Product Hunt for that month. This attention led to additional investments, highlighting the app’s potential in the market.

Project duration
  • May 2022 - September 2022


of existing users downloaded the mobile app


point rise in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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