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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Telemedicine app development: 5-7% increase in economic outcomes

Innowise has developed iOS and Android mobile apps with telemedicine features.


Healthcare IT
Client since

Our customer is a telemedicine software provider specializing in delivering custom and platform-based digital healthcare solutions. They have an extensive portfolio of white-label healthcare IT apps.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


Our customer was looking for a reliable telemedicine app development company who could develop native iOS and Android apps to complement the existing telemedicine web platform and become an integral part of the SaaS healthcare software ecosystem. The mobile telehealth application was expected to provide state-of-the-art user experience and videoconferencing features enabling physicians to provide remote medical care.

The telemedicine app development project was supposed to target the US market, so it was crucial to ensure HIPAA compliance and seamless integration capabilities (i.e. EHR/EMR systems, third-party apps, practice management software, etc.).


Innowise’s team has built and implemented a top-notch mobile telemedicine application, both iOS and Android versions. The apps are integrated with the customer’s SaaS ecosystem.

The application is designed to provide remote medical care. The app’s functionality covers all major stages of the health care provision process, from scheduling an appointment to getting a reimbursement. The telehealth solution has 2 modules with different user interfaces for physicians and patients.

Patient module

Patients get access to the functionality of the telemedicine application for healthare after passing through multi-factor authorization. The telemedicine app development solution enables users to choose the available doctors in the list with filters. Also, patients can indicate their symptoms in the chatbot tab and the system will help find relevant physicians. All healthcare workers have their profiles, where users can schedule a consultation and view all professional information: experience, education, timetable, competencies, etc. After requesting a consultation, the patient has to wait for confirmation from the doctor. When the appointment is confirmed, the system sends a push notification.The telemed app has videoconferencing features that enable video doctor-patient appointments. All e-visits are recorded and stored in the secure HIPAA-compliant cloud. Video appointment participants can also send text messages and media files if needed. After the end of an e-visit, patients are suggested to leave their feedback and rate the doctor’s performance. Then, a doctor sends a treatment plan, appoints laboratory tests, prescribes needed medications, and arranges the next appointment.
During the treatment process, patients can add their vitals into the app manually so that doctors and the system can track them. Moreover, the mobile health app allows users to monitor medication intake. Patients are offered to attach their insurance information or select a self-pay option.

Medical staff module

The module is designed for physicians and administrators. Within the app, doctors can view their schedule, confirm appointments, conduct e-visits, prescribe medications, and create treatment plans. They have access to the patient’s profiles to track vitals, control medication intake, view appointment history and study medical records.As for administrative staff, they can manage reimbursement and medical billing procedures. The app can be integrated with internal telemedicine software solutions to synchronize data flows.

Technologies & tools

Objective-C, Swift
Android Studio 4.1.0+, Kotlin, MVP, Clean Architecture, Dagger, RxJava2, Google Play Services & Billing, Firebase, Hiya SDK, MParticle SDK, Multi-Modules
Java 11, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Reactor, Netty, Kafka, Angular, ElasticSearch, Redis, Kurento, BitBucket CI/CD, Apache Benchmark, JMeter, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes


Before the project started, the customer had a clear idea of the way this solution had to be implemented. Our IT specialists elicited the client’s requirements and suggested the optimal technology stack to cover project’s scope and the apps’ functionalities. Due to the specifics of the project, we decided on the Scrum software development life-cycle methodology.

Our IT professionals worked with the customer’s in-house development team. Major challenges were to ensure stable real-time communication to provide flawless connection during video appointments. Another vital objective was to make the solution compliant with HIPAA regulations. To avoid security breaches, we opted for the reliable cloud computing services and conducted cybersecurity measures, including user roles set up, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, etc.


iOS developers
Android developers
Project manager
Business analyst
UI/UX designer
QA engineer


In cooperation with the client’s team, Innowise has successfully developed the telemedicine mobile app (both iOS and Android) and integrated it with the client’s healthcare software ecosystem. The solution is compliant with HIPAA regulations and reimbursement policies. The app can significantly reduce healthcare delivery costs, improve patient’s access to medical care, and save medical staff’s time. According to the approximate calculations, the app can increase economic outcomes by 5-7%.

After the app’s launch, our team continues to work on the solution maintenance and develop new features aiming to add more automation capabilities and integrations with pharmacies.

Project duration
  • 2021 - Ongoing
  • The project is still ongoing, at this stage we support the app and implement new functionality

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