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Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1600+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Patient monitoring software for healthcare staff: 3x faster patient monitoring with new features and fresh contracts

Innowise has significantly upgraded a platform for medical staff to document examinations, create permanent therapy plans, create medication orders, and track orders for patients with chronic conditions.


Client since

The client is a German company that provides home care services for sick patients. With existing branches and ongoing expansion, the company’s medical staff provides specialized therapy continuity following hospital discharge. They monitor the treatment course and serve as coordinators between hospitals, rehabilitation organizations, and insurance companies.

Detailed information about the client can not be disclosed under the terms of the NDA.

Challenge: Dealing with sensitive data loss and disclosure on the patient monitoring platform

The company’s employees provide essential daily care to patients in need of permanent medical attention. They gather and record vital data such as personal information, contact details of relatives or guardians, insurance coverage, medical examinations, and other relevant documentation. This information is then used to create an electronic medical record, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is readily available to healthcare providers.

The development and integration of an electronic medical record system have become a worldwide norm in the healthcare industry. Despite this, the implementation of a centralized information exchange platform in electronic form is often faced with challenges and can be a slow process.

One of the major hurdles encountered is the constant loss and unauthorized disclosure of sensitive patient data, including medication orders. This issue is often exacerbated by difficulties in accessing the system promptly, hindering the delivery of timely and effective care to patients with chronic illnesses or those recovering from surgery.

The primary objective, therefore, is to stabilize and enhance the system to ensure seamless access to patient information for timely and appropriate care.

By optimizing internal processes, settling interdisciplinary interaction between all involved actors, and ensuring the timely supply of all necessary medications and equipment, we were to help the customer improve the patients’ quality of life.

Solution: Improving existing and adding new features to the patient monitoring software

When the Innowise specialists were brought on board, the system was experiencing significant instability characterized by frequent server crashes and data synchronization errors. These issues significantly impeded the overall functionality of the system and could not be resolved by the company's internal IT department, which prompted the client to seek external help.

Our team has been dedicated to improving the system's functionality from the onset of the project. We have been actively introducing new features and implementing measures to stabilize the system, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Status assignment

One of the key features we have implemented is the ability to designate patient status, therapy plans, and orders as “primary care.” After three months of continuous care, the system automatically assigns the “follow-up care” status. It is important to note that orders created within the first three months of care retain their status and are not affected by the change in patient status.

Moreover, we have implemented an API that enables real-time tracking of the status of orders, including processing and delivery. This feature leverages DHL’s services and updates the order status up to four times daily, providing users with timely and accurate information.

Routing matrix

In addition, our team has developed a routing matrix feature that enables users to specify the preferred days of the week and delivery times for their orders. This enhances convenience for customers by allowing them to choose the most suitable delivery schedule based on their preferences and availability.

Patient account

Furthermore, we have also incorporated new features into the patient’s account, enhancing their overall experience. The caregiver specialist now has enhanced capabilities within the patient’s account. These include the ability to add new therapies and care plans for their wards, as well as specify the status of televisit (active or inactive) and remove caregiver and relative contacts from the patient’s record. Additionally, the system can assign more than one healthcare worker to a patient, each with unique specialties and responsibilities, including the assignment of a chief patient care specialist. This comprehensive approach ensures that patient care is precise, efficient, and effective.

Miscellaneous improvements

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, we have also introduced an option for the client to switch to IP telephony for fax transmissions. The new service utilizes sipgate, which enhances the speed and efficiency of the process, saving users valuable time and resources.

Furthermore, we have incorporated a feature that enables users to receive updates and notifications upon logging in, ensuring that they are aware of new features and enhancements added to the system. This helps users to better understand the purpose and functionality of new features, enabling them to utilize them effectively.


.NET 6, MS SQL, MongoDB, Python, Microservices, OAuth2
Client cabinet
Angular, RxJs, TypeScript, Material UI, .NET Framework, WPF
NET 6, MS SQL, Blazor
Azure App Service, Azure Functions, App Configuration, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Table Storage, Azure ActiveDirectory Domain Services, Azure AD B2C, Azure API Management, Azure Service Bus, Azure Service Health, Azure Load Balancer, Azure VPN Gateway, Azure Bastion, Azure Key Vault, Azure Backup, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue Storage, Bicep


At the moment when the cooperation started, the company’s software was 8 years old, and there was no longer any contact with the initial software development team. Therefore, the first phase of the project required the Innowise team to apply reverse engineering methods, including the use of German-speaking business analysts for processing the accumulated software documentation.

The result of the first month of work of Innowise specialists was stabilizing the system by means of improving the code and completing the following technical stages:

  • migrating to the 64-bit version of the application;
  • improving the logging system;
  • integrating a log analysis tool, which allows for monitoring the system’s behavior, tracking errors, and collecting statistics for detection of bottlenecks;
  • detecting and fixing issues related to the creation of temporary files in the implementation of the communication mechanism;
  • increasing the level of security of the storage of “sensitive data” in the configuration files.

It is worth noting that this approach did not require the system to be stopped and was carried out seamlessly without causing any inconvenience and financial losses to the customer.

Further stages of work were focused on a significant modernization of the system. Our efforts resulted in ensuring the system’s reliability, including the safety of the data stored in it, such as patients’ personal information.

To address the aforementioned issues, we took the following measures:

  • identified and corrected any incorrectly entered patient data;
  • implemented a clinic hierarchy, allowing physicians to access patient data from different branches within the same clinic;
  • added order identification to streamline order management;
  • introduced a new method for creating orders;
  • added new values to the directories;
  • improved the filtering system;
  • fixed defects across various forms;
  • enhanced forms and document templates to align with the customer’s current requirements;
  • updated field validation to meet the customer’s current needs.

Currently, the partnership between Innowise and the customer’s company is flourishing, and we are continuously receiving new assignments from the customer. These assignments include enhancing and expanding the features of desktop and web applications, revamping the application’s user experience and interface, developing a new mobile version from scratch, and upgrading the company’s existing website.

Thanks to Scrum’s flexibility, the client has the ability to monitor the work progress on a daily basis. We also provided frequent demonstrations of new functionality and enabled the client to make adjustments to the terms of reference, as well as having more flexible control over the budget.

We used JIRA as a tracker, which the customer was already familiar with from previous projects.


Front-End Developers
Back-End Developers
Mobile Developer
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Manual QA Engineer
QA Automation Engineer

Results: 3 times faster platform and new contracts signed thanks to platform's new features

The Innowise team’s efforts have resulted in an updated system that enables rapid recording of a patient’s examination plan, thereby reducing the time spent by medical staff. This significantly reduces the time spent by medical staff, and specialists can devote the minutes they save to other patients.

The results of examinations and tests are always at their fingertips, with an electronic chart that is always available by simply logging in. This kind of electronic chart cannot be lost or erased because the database keeps the history of all changes.

The information stored in the card can be downloaded, printed, archived, and retrieved whenever necessary. The rapid access to accurate data has reduced medical errors and provided more accurate patient care. Having accurate and comprehensive medical information about the patient’s health also reduces the risk of inappropriate medication use.

The system allows treating physicians to access a patient’s complete medical history, examination, and test results in real-time, enabling them to evaluate and adjust the treatment process promptly. The system provides automatic reminders for patients’ medical tests and shows the progress of their condition. Just as quickly, medical professionals can arrange the necessary medications and have them delivered to the patient.

The Innowise team provides ongoing support and bug fixes to ensure that errors in medication, equipment ordering, delivery, and billing are prevented. The team continually updates and improves the user interface of the application.

Patients can now obtain statements or prescriptions for medications without visiting the clinic. They can sign the necessary documents in an electronic format and print them out, saving time and effort.

Project duration
  • 3 months for MVP
  • The project continues, at this stage we support the platform and implement new functionality


increase in speed after .NET version migration and architecture recycling

new contracts were signed with medical institutions, expanding the customer’s reach to new clients

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